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IMFormation October 2014

Annual Christmas Event

Christmas Lectures, Institute Awards and Christmas Luncheon followed by the
Annual General Meeting for the year July 2013 to June 2014.

Wednesday 3rd December 2014
Birmingham Medical Institute
36 Harborne Road, Edgbaston
Birmingham B15 3AF

Order of Events
10.30 Registration, Coffee & Biscuits

11.00 Presentation by Professor Denis Dowling, University of Dublin entitled:
Metal finishing using cold atmosphere plasma polymerised coatings.
Atmosphere plasmas have been widely used for the activation and cleaning of polymeric materials prior to adhesive bonding. More recently these cold plasmas have been successfully used to deposit plasma polymerised layers. These nm thick layers can be deposited onto ceramic, metallic and polymer substrates. The chemistry of the deposited layers can be tailored to produce surfaces which yield fully wetting (superhydrophilic), to non wetting (superhydrophobic) properties. This presentation will introduce this plasma processing technology and detail examples of its potential applications. These include the deposition of anti-fouling coatings for use in ship engines, to coatings on carbon fibres used in aerospace composites, to drug delivery control coatings on polymeric and metallic medical device implants.

11.45 Presentation of the Institute’s Award
  • Gold Medal
  • Samuel Field Medal
  • Hothersall Memorial Award
  • Canning Bicentenary Medal
  • Westinghouse Prize
  • Connie Sieff Award
  • Pexa Award
  • Foundation Student Achievement
  • Technician Student Achievement
  • Eddie Marlow Memorial Medal

12.45 Christmas Luncheon

14.15 Annual General Meeting

15.30 Event Concludes

Environment, Health & Safety

UN Environment Programme (UNEP)
UNEP announce a new strategic partnership designed to assist the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) hosted by UNEP to improve access to climate change mitigation and adaptation technologies in developing countries. The Norwegian Government will support the CTCN financially in 2015.

Packaging Regulations
The CLP - classification, labelling and packaging regulations are understood to be having a new ‘Owner’ which will take effect in June 2015.
The Dangerous Substances and the Dangerous Preparations Directives are being replaced by the direct acting EU CLP regulations. Both the existing regulations under will be fully withdrawn and will no longer have any legal effect. As a result the CHIP regulation will also be repealed.
Transitional arrangements are in place to help suppliers make the move to the new system.


Have REACH and the EU gone crackers by the banning the production of lavender oil?
Known as blue gold in southern France, the gentle lure and sweet smell beloved by visitors from GB and elsewhere appears to smell foul to the EU where REACH has classified the essential oils made from it as a toxic chemical and thus requires registration and authorisation Nothing to do with surface finishing? – Wrong it has – platinising of titanium anodes

Company News & Products

Surface Technology
The company, part of Norman Hay plc, has launched a new website and corporate identity to support the company’s strategic vision for growth and expansion over the next decade and beyond.
They have grown both organically and through acquisition to offer a comprehensive range of surface treatment processes to a wide range of industries both in the UK and internationally.
The new website offers a clean, modern design, easy-tonavigate functionally, and a content-rich site experience, allowing the company to bring more than 60 years technical knowledge together.
To view the new website go to:

Elga Process Water–Name Change
Having traded with the above name for over a decade with Viola as a parent, the company now feels that is in a strong position to re-brand as Viola Water technologies. This is part of an overall re-branding of Viola Environment, which will be known simply as Viola and represent the business activities of water, waste and energy. Viola Water Technologies covers the water cycle from abstraction and treatment of water from potable supply through high purity water for industry and healthcare to wastewater recovery.

Walsall Chemical Company Ltd
This company developed the Black Diamond NF blacking solution for the Scandinavian market over 10 years ago, and it is now exported all over Europe. It is a room temperature process which is completely free of nickel. Further information can be obtained from Jim McCartney telephone: 01902 632 617 or by fax: 01902 635 089 or look on the website:

Riley Surface World
From a site clearance from Parker Hannifin, Sweden - Propal AB 3m, 28 stage anodising line with Teijo cleaning system and effluent water treatment plant. Further information from Helen Wilkinson, Tel: 01922 749284

Layton Technologies
A particle and streak free drying process for all types of materials have been perfected by Layton that meets the rigorous submicron testing criteria for all types of products. This is claimed to require a smaller footprint, is faster than current methods, can eradicate the use of some other types of materials and is less costly than some traditional methods. For more information Tel +44 (0) 1782 370400 or via the website

Fischer Instrumentation (GB) Ltd
The company, with its UK Headquarters in Lymington, Hampshire, has increased its capacity with the establishment during the summer of a purpose built Applications Laboratory. This can be used for developing measurement techniques and solutions using the latest Fischer equipment for its broad customer base. Further, it can be used for demonstrations and training. To celebrate this development, they are opening its door to an Open Day on 2nd October in order to show new techniques and processes as well as new equipment. Please contact Claire Cave Tel: 01590 684100 for further details or email

Hart Materials Limited
Revised Nickel Sulphamate Manual
In 1990 Dr. Tony Hart’s company – then known as Hart Coating Technology – published a Nickel Sulphamate Working Manual giving practical details of procedures for operating this nickel deposition process.
The publication was well received by industry and distributed to companies in many parts of the industrial world. The Manual is currently being revised to bring it up to date with changes that have place in the last 24 years.
Tony, who is carrying out the revision comments, “This has been a much bigger job than I had anticipated. There have been a lot of changes in relation to nickel sulphamate deposition since the original version was published. Many of these related to environmental and health and safety issues and the revised Manual covers this situation in considerable detail.”
“As a consequence,” he continued, “the work has taken longer than anticipated. However we are now reaching the stage that publication is only a few weeks away.” The manual will be published in electronic and printed form. Further information regarding price or to reserve a copy contact Hart Materials Limited at

IMF News

New Professional Members

Hammond, Kirsty Indestructible Paint Ltd
Rathod, Anil Mahle Engine System
Dietrich, Mike Oerlikon Balzers Coating, Germany

Senior Members Meeting-September

This meeting was the best attended for some time. The speaker was Dr. Peter Crouch on the subject The Discovery of Stainless Steel.
Peter traced the work carried out during the 1700’s into the1900’s where various combinations of iron, chromium and nickel were tried and tested Where it was used on well known installations around the world were shown.
Many people believe that stainless steel is a basicsteel with the addition of 8% nickel and 18% chromium – think again! There are over 200 compositions with varying amounts of chromium, nickel and other elements. The audience gave Peter well deserved applause and congratulations for an excellent presentation. The subject of further presentations was discussed and offers received from two the present audience, so watch this space in early 2015.

IMFair 2015

Evolutions in Materials Finishing
Following the success of the Institute’s previous IMFair and Transfair events, IMFair 2015 is scheduled for June 2015 at the popular and prestigious Heritage Motor centre at Gaydon.
Previous events in this series focused on the Aerospace and Transportation sectors. Reflecting the Institute’s change from “Metal Finishing” to “Materials Finishing”, the theme of IMFair 2015 will be more general and inclusive in terms of materials and processes, and the sectors in which these are applied. Therefore suitable subjects can include:
• Novel, innovative or compliant coatings or the treatments for metals, plastics, ceramics, fabrics, natural products, etc or composites based on these.
• Surface preparation processes.
• Materials application techniques.
• Advances in testing for quality and performance.
Sectors for their use can include:
Aerospace, Defence, Transportation, Architectural, Hardware, Medical, Off-shore and any other industrial activity where materials finishing techniques are adding value in terms of decoration, function and durability within the regulatory framework of materials and energy conservation.
Papers are invited from all interested parties in academia, consulting and industry.
Offers of presentations should have title and a 100 to 150 word synopsis and should be sent Helen Wood at Exeter House marked IMFair.

Situations Vacant

The company requires a Manager for the day to day duties in their electroplating department, based in Sandy Bedfordshire. Salary will be dependent on experience, and we will consider costs of relocation. The company is an expanding business looking for key personnel to take it forward. Please send CV to Kushi Kypoor at:-
Kypol Electroplating Ltd
55 Gosforth Close
Middlefield Industrial Estate
Sandy Bedfordshire SG 1RB
More information see website:

Treatments Manager required for a busy and expanding aerospace company based in Chelmsford.
Minimum requirements for this position are:
* Management/supervisory experience in a surface treatments company
* Hands on approach a must
* Ability to schedule work in a fast moving environment
* Ability to deal with a high volume turnover
* Meeting tight customer deadlines
* Develop and increase profitability
* Customer focused
* An experienced NDT level 2 would be a distinct advantage
A competitive salary package is offered for the right person. In the first instance please forward CV to

There was a printing error in the August edition of IMFormation. On page 2 under the Chestech article an extra line had been inserted which has nothing to do with the article.
We apologise to Chestech Ltd and Indestructible Paint Ltd on behalf of the printer.

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