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IMFormation October 2010

2011 IMFair
The Surface Finishing Event for Aerospace & Defence Industries
14-16 June 2011

Call for Papers
submission deadline announced

IMFAIR 2011; the event for aerospace and defence industries returns to the RAF Museum Cosford June 2011. This popular conference & exhibition provides an excellent international forum for sharing surface finishing knowledge and best practise techniques for sustainable aviation and defence materials technology.

The aim of IMFAIR 2011 is to connect surface finishing researchers and practitioners from both academia and industry, to meet and share cutting-edge developments. Organisations and individuals are invited to submit presentations/papers for the conference; a supporting exhibition allows major suppliers to showcase their latest products and services.

Anyone wishing to make a formal submission needs to provide a fifty word synopsis, proposed title and full contact details of the author(s). Submissions can be emailed or sent in writing to the Institute office, deadline is 1 November 2010 and authors will be notified of acceptance during December 2010.

Please email submissions to: or in writing to: The Institute of Materials Finishing, Exeter House, 48 Holloway Head, Birmingham, September United Kingdom B1 1NQ

Health,Safety & Environment

Waste Disposal – Are you paying more than you need to for waste disposal?
From April this year, landfill tax has been levied at £48 per tonne. After questioning many of those involved in the Surface Finishing Industry it is apparent that the vast majority of waste producers are being taxed at the full rate on material that is being sent to landfill. In the majority of cases, however, water-based paint sludge or metal hydroxides will contain more water than solids and the water content is exempt from tax. Such sludge often contain 60 – 70% water, so, in a typical 4 tonne waste sent to landfill there is over £100 paid in tax which could be potentially reclaimed.
If a company wishes to claim exemption, it will typically need to prove the solid content of its sludge four times a year, complete a simple form available from HMRC and use a landfill site that participates in the scheme. If a slip of sludge is removed once a month, these simple steps are well worth taking; and those interested should speak to their waste contractors.
Thanks are appreciated by this newsletter author to an IMF member for bringing this information to his attention.

Help for small businesses

Occupational health advice line pilots have been launched throughout Great Britain to help employees in small businesses stay healthy.
Until March 2011, employers can use the service to get free advice from occupational health nurses. The main aim is to reduce the risk of health-related job loss, which in its self presents a further risk to health. The project follows Dame Carol Black’s review of the health of Britain’ working-age population. The review noted the particular challenges small businesses face in relation to tackling health and well-being issues These included the impact that illhealth absence has upon them and the fact that line managers have a key role to play. Lack of information and poor access to occupational health advice emerged as the most common barriers for action.
Where to get advice:
England – 0800 0 77 88 44
Scotland – 0800 019 2211
Wales – 0800 107 0900

Company News and Products

Core-Chem Limited
Core-Chem has been appointed sole agent to represent Italian equipment manufacturer MEG in Europe. MEG supply a range of degreasing equipment incorporating advanced sealed solvent systems, co-solvent systems and water based ones specific to a customers needs.
Core-Chem’s MD, Bernard Pye commented, ‘It is pleasing that our team has been recognised by MEG as understanding and fulfilling market needs in the UK’
Users of equipment using Trichloroethylene should find the MEG solutions of special interest. To visit the Core-Chem Demonstration Centre – Email:

AEM Yorkshire
Advanced Engineering and Materials network was formed to help companies in the Yorkshire and Humber region to innovate, grow and compete, through the provision of training, research, access to the knowledge base, networking and collaboration.
They will be holding a half-day event on the 26 October specifically for those companies in the electroplating and associated processes sectors. The Director of AEM Yorkshire, Alan McLelland, will be describing the scheme and how it can assist companies to obtain funding sources of funding for business development.
Attendance at the event is free and open to all: however, only companies in the Yorkshire and Humber region will be eligible for their support. Details contact

IMF News

Christmas Lecture, Institute Awards & Christmas Lunch followed by the AGM.
Wednesday 8 December 2010
Birmingham Medical Institute 36 Harborne Road, Edgbaston Birmingham B15 3AF

Order of the Day

10.30 Coffee & Biscuits
11.00 Invitation Lecture by Professor Felix Schmid entitled ‘An Era of Greatness’
11.50 Presentation of Institute Awards
12.30 Christmas Lunch
14.00 Annual General Meeting which will conclude with the investiture of the New President Dr Paul Lansdell and his Presidential Address.
See insert with this newsletter for further details and booking arrangements.

Grades for Institute Membership

At a recent Management Board meeting regulations appropriate to today’s scientific and technical environment were approved for the IMF’s professional grades of membership. The most significant change is to regulations governing entry to the Professional Grade of Graduate, GradIMF, as shown below:

Candidates for election to the grade of Graduate must produce documentary evidence to the satisfaction of the IMF’s Examination and Qualifications Board that they are able to fulfil the requirements of one of the following regulations:

G1 possess a degree from a course approved by the Examination and Qualifications Board (e.g. a science or engineering course, but others will be considered for eligibility) and have successfully completed and passed at least one of the IMF’s Foundation or Technician education and training modules.

G2 possess a degree from a course approved by the Examination and Qualifications Board (e.g. a science or engineering course, but others will be considered for eligibility) and have a minimum of two years industrial experience in the field of surface finishing technology. If the applicant has an enhanced first degree (e.g. MEng, MSci.) or a postgraduate degree (e.g. MSc or PhD), this study period may count towards their period of industrial experience.

G3 possess the IMF’s Licentiate qualification.

1. Candidates may be requested to attend for interview at the discretion of the Examination and Qualification Board.
2. A person granted this grade of membership is entitled to use the letters GradIMF.
The Licentiate grade of membership is no longer offered but the Licentiate qualification is retained and persons who possess the Licentiate qualification will be eligible to apply for the Graduate grade. The changes to the regulations for other grades are minor, the full ‘Grades of Membership’ and the requirements for entry can be seen on the IMF’s Web Pages or by request to Ken Hoare at Exeter House.
The list of professional Grades of Institute Membership together with their respective insignia are:
Associate - AssocIMF
Technician - TechIMF
Graduate - GradIMF
Member - MIMF
Fellow - FIMF

New members & transfers

Arnett, Patrick Crumley, Martin
Friel, John Gillespie, Bridgeen
Hughes, Gareth Irvine, Colm
Keenan, John Lynch, Jonathan
McClean, Sean McCann, Ruairi
McCarney, Colin McCaul, Ciaran
McCourt, Peter McDonald, Jim
McGlinchey, Kevin McGuigan, Bernard
McKeegan, Trevor McLaughlin, Mickey
Pollock, Alastair Pyne, Kevin
Radcliffe, Brian Spratt, Jonathan
Street, Hugh White, Gary
All Seagate Technology, Northern Ireland

Member (MIMF)
McConnell, James Precision Aircraft
Transfer from Affiliate to Member
Lewis, Oliver Sheffield University
Transfer from Licentiate to Member

Fellow (FIMF)
Weller, Tim Ripley Engineering Ltd
Transfer from Affiliate to Fellow

Sustaining Member name change

Manitowoc Beverage Systems Ltd
Halesowen Industrial Estate, Halesowen West Midlands B62 8SE
Tel: 0121 501 2566, Fax: 0121 585 6658
Contact: Nigel Mobbs
Manitowoc Beverage System are one of Europe’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of drink dispensing equipment. We supply cooling and dispensing equipment to the brewery and soft drinks industries.

Residents tested for Chromium VI
42 residents living in Jersey City USA near a former PPG Industries plant where hexavalent chromium (a known carcinogen), a by-product of chromite ore processing, have been tested for levels of chromium in their blood.
With trucks hauling away the chromium laced soil from a 16.6 acre site, residents have been tested to make sure that the hexavalent chromium isn’t getting into their blood streams.
The first test results were good, showing no detectable levels of chromium in their blood, confirming that there is no current exposure risk. This sampling will be used as a baseline.
The Court appointed Site Administrator overseeing the cleanup of 20 chromium sites in Hudson County, including the former PPG plant site said ‘It is essential that the individuals living around the site have a exposure level that is no different than any other urban area’.
Residents will be tested again around December when the most contaminated soils are expected to be removed.

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