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IMFormation October 2006


Wednesday 6 December 2006
Birmingham Medical Institute
36 Harborne Road, Edgbaston
Birmingham B15 3AF

Commencing at 11.00, this year’s lectures will be:
Hothersall Memorial Lecture by J.I.Onate Ind.Eng., MSc, PhD, FIMF
(INASMET, San Sebastian, Spain)
Entitled: Lubricant coating produced by PVD technologies.
Christmas Lecture by G.D.Wilcox BSc, MPhil, MICorr, AIMMM, FIMF
(IPTME, University of Loughborough, UK)
Entitled: Electrodeposition – a versatile tool for the surface engineer.

(The synopsis of the above lectures will be included in the December edition of IMFormation) The conclusion of the lectures will be followed by the now traditional Christmas Lunch. Member’s guests are welcome to attend at a charge of £25 each.
Please advise Exeter House by telephone, facsimile or E-mail if you will be attending the AGM, and (with any guests) the Christmas Lunch.
The formal notice of the AGM is below, and a map showing the location of the Medical Institute is available on request to IMF at Exeter House.


Notice is hereby given that the Annual General meeting of The Institute of Metal Finishing for the year ended 30 June 2006 will commence at 14.00.

1. To approve the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held 7 December 2005
2. To receive the Report of Council for the year ended 30 June 2006
3. To receive and adopt the Statement of Accounts for the year ended 30 June 2006
4. To receive the Report of the Election of Honorary Officers and Members of Council for the current session
5. To appoint an Auditor for the current session
6. Any other business – Change of wording to Articles of Association No. 62 to bring it into line with the recommendation of the Charity Commission on the use of electronic communications in sending notices to members.

By Order of B.Gay
Honorary Secretary General

IMPORTANT NOTICE – Votes of members
Only Professional Members, Affiliates and Sustaining Members (who shall each have one vote), and shall have paid their current subscription, are entitled to vote. The instrument appointing a proxy shall be in writing on the official form, available from the Institute’s office at Exeter House, on request.

Notice is hereby given that nominations are required for a minimum of 4 Council vacancies that will arise for the session commencing 1 July 2007. Nominations are required supported by six paid up members of the Institute (Student and Retired Life members are not eligible to nominate or support a nomination) which should reach Exeter House by first post on Tuesday 1 March 2007.

Health, Safety and Environment

REACH– Financial burden to hit SMEs
British Chemical Distributors and Traders Association (BCDTA) has concerns over the financial implications of REACG, the new European legislation governing registration, evaluation and authorisation of chemicals. Prompted by the release of the draft budget for the European Chemical Agency (ECA), BCDTA said that the “industry’s worst fears about the financial burden that REACH will impose on SMEs appears to be justified”.
Melvyn Whyte, chairman of BCDTA’s REACH task force, said “Though the (European) Commission is at pains to point out that the draft budget is ‘only one hypothesis and is therefore only provisional’, the order of magnitude of the numbers involved will be a major concern to SMEs” One area of concern is the location of the ECA in Helsinki and admin costs. The Commission admits that Helsinki represents a ‘green field’ site and that no synergies are possible with existing institutions. Budget costs for the Agency have risen by 829 million Euro to a current estimate of 1189 million Euro. Whyte feels the chemical industry is being asked to pick up the tab for political decisions “which will only serve to erode the competitiveness of the sector and damage SMEs.” The BCDTA included an analysis of the fees payable to the Agency under REACH and highlighted what it believed to be major increases.
Whyte concluded that the increases were “indefensible” and that they made a nonsense of the “pious noises” made by politicians and Commission officials over preserving the competitiveness of one of Europe’s most successful industries.
Editor’s comment
Plactically implement REACH - Explore the Impact of REACH on a Global Scale – One day conference at the Crowne Plaza, Brussels. Cost ONLY E1084.80 which does not include accommodation or travel. ‘Is this another EC example of ‘it’s only industry – they can afford it – let them pay’

European Commission proposal on the Classification & Labelling of Chemicals
The European Commission has set a consultation period of two months ending 21 October 2006 on the proposed regulation on a globally harmonised system of classification and labelling of chemicals (GHS). HSE, as the lead in UK Government on GHS matter will also be providing UK’s response to what is being proposed and is welcoming comments on how the UK will be affected. The regulatory package, together with the EC’s online questionnaire, can be found on the web site for DG Enterprise and Industry at:
The GHS web pages on the HSE web site will alert people to the EC’s proposal, see: HSE requires your views on the following areas:
  • The GHS interface with REACH
  • The proposed ‘scenarios’ for the length of the transition from the existing system to GHS
  • The effect of downstream legislation (as transposed by UK)
  • The impact assessment – the cost and benefits set down in the impact study
  • What is being ‘picked up’ from GHS and what is being omitted
  • Any unintended consequences that have not already been identified
If you respond to the EC online questionnaire direct, HSE asks you send them a copy of your comments to:

Environment Agency
A new initiative is planned to encourage a better ‘greener’ waste management industry including waste treatment plants and landfill operators to improve their environmental performance has been announced. Part of the plan is to reduce the number of incidents when handling waste and to tackle the increasing number of illegal operators who undermine legitimate waste management organisations. Some objectives of the plan are:
  • lesson the impact of climate changes by reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • reduce the consumption of raw materials by promoting the use of waste as a resource
  • tackle waste crime and illegal operators
  • improve data on waste production & management
  • improve health & safety by reducing accidents and injuries

Company News and Products

Guyson International Ltd
Guyson have release a brand new Finishing Guide – an eight page brochure seeking to inform the market of the vast potential usage for its blast finishing, spray washing and ultrasonic cleaning equipment. The new brochure also acts as a quick guide to the wide range of finishing products offered by Guyson and gives all important dimensions and capacities for all standard products. To obtain a copy – tel: 01756 7999911, fax : 01756 790213 or e-mail:
Pugh & Co International
Actane GS®Primer from this speciality chemical group is an innovative water borne surface treatment/primer system for galvanised steel. It has been used since its trial use in 2002 for coating onto new and weathered galvanised steelwork for TV camera columns, sign supports and street furniture etc. It is 100% water based with a VOC content of less than 0.1% and is compliant with both EC Directives and US environmental legislation. Actane GS can be overcoated with a wide variety of Solvent based paints including acrylics, chlorinated rubbers, epoxies, polyurethanes and vinyls. Further information can be obtained direct from the manufacturer based in Brussels - tel: 0032 2732 2777 or from the Marketing Office at Taylor Alden Ltd – tel: 0208 543 3866

KMTWaterjet Systems

KMT have acquired Aqua-Dyne LP, a US based company that manufactures high-pressure waterjetting systems and accessories. The acquisition gives access to new growing market segments and this is complimentary to KMT’s existing operations. Aqua-Dyne LP has been making pressure systems for 30 years which typically operate at 10,00 to 24,000 psi and are used for surface preparation as environmentally friendly alternatives to sand blasting or grinding. The process can be used for the internal cleaning of pipes and heat exchangers, as well as for concrete removal in a process known as hydo-demolition. More information can be obtained from – tel: 01902 340140, Fax: 01902 340544,E-mail:

Engineering Utilities
Leeds based supplier of specialist equipment for the stainless steel industry celebrates 30 years of trading as a successful and expanding business. The company provides machinery and consumables for all aspects of stainless steel finishing, weld cleaning, etch marking and maintenance, for customers ranging from large scale catering suppliers to construction companies. Engineering Utilities complements its service by providing repairs and servicing for clients delivered by a team of experienced engineers. For further information – Tel: 0113 255 8887

Keronite PLC
Keronite PLC, the Cambridge based high technology surface engineering company has announced the completion of £10.2 million private placing (sources). A Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO) company, it has been developing its technology successfully since 2000 in enhancing the surface characteristics of aluminium and magnesium through the chrome-free Keronite process, enabling the replacement of heavier materials such as steel and impacting favourably on design, fuel economy, emissions and recyclability. The company sells its technology to a wide range of OEMs tier 1 suppliers and the new £10.2 million placing will secure both the short-term position and provide a platform for longer-term business plans. Further information – 07860 635191 or visit the website at:

Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials
The company has introduced three environmentally friendly electroless nickel processes. Niposit PM 988 heralds the dawn of a new era in metallisation for ‘plating-on-plastics’ applications. The process is designed to deposit Ni/P 4-7% alloy from a non-ammoniacal alkaline solution. It contains NO lead or cadmium, Free from ammonia and chloride and operates at 30oC Duraposit MF-0818 is a lead, cadmium free mildly acidic Ni/P 7-10% process, formulated to produce bright and corrosion resistant deposits with deposition rates of up to 30 micron/hour.
Duraposit MF-1110 is a lead and cadmium free, semibright process containing between 10.5-13.5% P and having excellent corrosion resistance with low internal stress.
For more information in UK contact Jonathon Sellers on 07887 544 509 and in Europe +41 41 259 4444

IMF News


Our apologies go to Richard Woodward FIMF of the Schloetter Company Limited. In the recent edition of the IMF Transactions he was referred to as being appointed to the role of Commercial Director. He is, in fact, now Schloetter’s Managing Director.

News members and transfers

Antoshina, Evgeniya - Northumbria Uni.
Mangolini, Filippo - Milano Polytec.
Nouraei, Samaneh - Newcastle Uni.
Churchill, James - Messier Services
Hills, Maurice - Kohler Mira Ltd
Reynolds, Mandy - BMW
Talaat, Ahmed - Al-Fath Cem.Egypt
Cobley, Andrew - Coventry Uni.
Kapoor, Rishi - Kypol Ltd
Fellow Woodward, Richard - Schloetter Co.

New Sustaining Members

Pilot IMS Ltd
91 Charles Henry Street
Birmingham B12 0SJ
Tel: 0845 3002264, Fax: 0800 3002263
Pilot IMS Ltd is a Birmingham based Training Centre specialising in workforce development and offers nationally accredited and tailor made courses for all levels of responsibility within the surface finishing industry.

South African Metal Finishing Association
PO Box 30382 Mayville
Department of Chemical Engineering
Durban University of Technology
South Africa 4058
Tel: 0027 31 204 2681, Fax: 0027 31 204 2285
SAMFA is an association for metal finishing companies in South Africa. Their mission is “To provide a forum for the promotion and advancement of the metal finishing industry in South Africa”.

Envirowise - Platewise
A ‘pre-launch’ of Platewise, the computerised system to enable surface finishing companies to work out costs, chemical usage’s, effluent drag-outs and wastes etc more accurately was held at IMF Exeter House.
The purpose of the event was to ‘test the waters’ prior to the full-scale launch. Comments received to-date by Envirowise are positive thus encouraging them to hold further workshops. Watch this space for details of when and where.

Midland Branch

Energy Reductions Seminar - Tuesday 10 October at the Birmingham Medical Institute, commencing at 2 pm.

Power Saving in Electroplating Solutions–Trevor Pearson (MacDermid plc)
Chemical Processes to improve Energy Efficiency- Neil Taylor (Atotech UK Ltd)
Low Temperature Cleaners–Sarsche Wegner (Enthone Cookson Electronics)
Low Temperature High Performance Trivalent Passivation–Steve Sheffield (MacDermid plc)
See enclosed leaflet for presentation synopsi or contact secretary, Ron Read, tel: 0121 308 0777

Southern Branch

RoHS Seminar – Friday 19 October at BAE Systems, Portsmouth commencing at 2pm with a tour of the Laboratory and Effluent System, followed by the seminar at 4pm concluding with buffet & bar at 6pm.

RoHS-A challenge to the Defence & Aerospace Industry and its Supply Chain – David Andrews
(BAE Systems Shared Services)
Zinc Alloys as an alternative to Cadmium – Maurice Pye (MacDermid plc)
Cadmium Free Electroless Nickel – Roger Lawson (Schloetter Company Ltd)
Fasteners–A cautionary tale – Clive Arnold (BAE Systems Insyte, Portsmouth)
For further details contact Nick Sawyer at ITT Cannon – Tel: 01256 311383, Fax: 01256 311387 or E-mail: Return to Top

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