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IMFormation October 2004

Annual General Meeting, Christmas Lectures & Luncheon

Wednesday 15 December 2004 at the

Birmingham Medical Institute

36 Harborne Road, Edgbaston

Birmingham B15 3AF

The order of the day for this event will be:

10:30 Coffee and biscuits

11.00  Investiture of the New President – Dr Trevor Pearson

 Hothersall Memorial Lecture

The Perception of Colour by Dr Peter Farr  

This lecture marks the 300 th anniversary of the publication of the first edition of Newton’s Opticks. In this work Newton first presented the physical nature of light and its relation to colour. The colours which enrich our life depend on the objects we see, on the light illuminating them, on our human eyes and on the “mind’s eye”. What we see is not what we get; in the end seeing is believing. Members are requested not to wear red, for this lecture. Red colours may excite a mixture of fear, rage and lust in the lecturer; furthermore they are likely to clash and could lead to an unflattering photographic record.

11.45 Invitation Lecture

Electrochemistry in Conservation by Dr Sheelagh Campbell

An effective conservation programme for composite structures of wood and iron from the s.v.Cutty Sark was established whereby electrochemistry was used to remove aggressive chloride ions from the wood/iron matrix. The presence of these species is a major problem associated with the conservation of marine artefacts and although studies had proven the usefulness of the technique for the conservation of large metal structures e.g. the World War I gunboat M33, its effects on chloride-ion contaminated wood/iron composites had not been evaluated. This lecture will describe how the technique was successfully employed and confirmed the feasibility of using electrolysis to remove chloride ions from the matrix.

12.30 Christmas Lunch 

14.00 Presidential Address followed by the AGM for year ended 30 June 2004

The Future of the Electroplating Industry in Europe by Dr Trevor Pearson  

The European Electroplating industry is currently facing considerable pressure from legislation. This presentation will give an update on the latest position with regard to REACH, IPPC, restrictions on the use of PFOS, the ban on NPEs and the changes in the toxicity ratings of Chromic acid and Nickel salts. These changes will have a considerable influence in shaping the future of electroplating within Europe.

Following the AGM there will be the presentation of the Institute Awards comprising:

The Westinghouse Prize (Riley Industries)                    The Johnson Matthey Silver Medal

The Canning Bi-centenary Medal                                 The Jim Kape Medal

The Eddie Marlow Memorial Award                           The Connie Sieff Memorial Award

Non-members and guests are welcome to attend this event. Why not use this occasion to entertain your business partners, clients and customers, or why not host your own company table. The cost for non-members is £23.50 each (£20.00 + £3.50 VAT) inclusive of coffee on arrival and full Christmas lunch with wine.

Book your places NOW by contacting Exeter House

Tel: 0121 622 7387, Fax: 0121 666 6316 E-mail:

Health, Safety and Environment

Disposing of hazardous waste by Landfill

All waste producers, site operators and intermediaries should already be aware that they have a legal duty to ensure that waste is properly consigned to authorised management facilities capable of dealing with the waste. The ban of co-disposal came into force on 16 July 2004.

           sites classified as landfills for hazardous wastes will only be able to accept such waste; and

  • sites not classified as landfills for hazardous wastes will only be able to accept non-hazardous waste or stable,
    non-reactive hazardous waste deposited in separate cells.

Failure to comply with the ban is an offence under the Landfill (England and Wales) Regulations 2002 as amended, and carries a maximum sentence of an unlimited fine and up to 5 years imprisonment.

Companies should ensure that the person they are giving their waste to is properly authorised. If in doubt check with the Environment Agency on 08708 506 506

Vehicle Refinishing – Impact of the new EU ‘Paints’ Directive

A new European Directive was published in the Official Journal on 30 April 2004, part of which tackles volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from coatings sold for vehicle refinishing activities by specifying maximum VOC limits for individual product categories. The new limits will come into effect from 1 January 2007, from which date it will no longer be possible to sell to vehicle refinishing shops, whatever their solvent usage, coatings which do not comply with the new Directive limits. The Directive must be transposed into UK law by 30 October 2005.

HSE – Accident Book

Are you using the new-style accident book? Many companies appear not to know that it has changed. It has been completely re-designed, making it easier to be filled in. The individual record sheets allow for the confidential keeping of workers’ personal details to be kept and meet the privacy requirements of the Data Protection Act. The book, which costs £4.75 + VAT, comes with a complimentary copy of the new leaflet, An introduction to health and safety (INDG259). Contact HSE Books, PO Box 1999, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 2WA. Tel: 10787 881165, Fax: 01787 313995

Waste Prosecutions on the increase

Courts in all jurisdictions are seeing an increase in cases involving waste. Recent cases have covered waste oils, packaging wastes, fridges, construction waste and soils. In the case of oils, the UK has found itself in the European Court of Justice who held that the UK was in breach of the EU Directive on Waste Oils by failing to give priority to oil recycling.

A Birmingham company was fined £9000 with £1325 costs for breaking regulations designed to cut the amount of packaging waste being incinerated or going to landfill.

12,000 litres of concentrated sulphuric acid was released to a trade effluent system from a bulk storage tank. On investigation it was found that the storage tank was empty as the drain valve was damaged as a result of corrosion. The Environment Agency issues an enforcement notice requiring the company to complete an inspection of all bulk storage tanks, identify other bulk systems with the potential to pollute, and to plan and prioritise remedial work.

Food for thought – Did you know?

Simple and inexpensive measures can typically reduce water consumption by up to 50%.

Each year UK industry uses c.3,000 million m 3 of water, most of which needs to be treated before and after use.


Company News and Products


E C Williams Ltd

Congratulations to E C Williams Ltd, an IMF Sustaining Member, who has had its environmental credentials boosted by the award of ISO 14001, the International Environmental Management Standard. They selected a radical fast-track approach around a concept known as Evolve 14k1 with guidance from E9 Ltd. Accreditation was achieved in less than six months from each project start date.

Henrik Skouby MD calculated that that gaining ISO 14001 would deliver immediate benefits to the company, part of which is a reduction in the cost of gaining an IPPC permit. E C Williams specialises in two main areas of expertise – extended corrosion resistant finishes primarily to the automotive industries, who have a preference for suppliers with ISO 14001 accreditation, and coatings for the electrical and electronic industries.

Further information – Tel: 0121 236 2524

Poeton Industries Ltd

Poeton Industries, a Sustaining Member of the IMF, who have a long history of engineering apprenticeships and craft skills training, has featured in an ‘Apprenticeship Challenge’ launched by Gloucester’s evening paper The Citizen. This is a Government initiative to urge companies to take on more young apprentices. The article promoting the challenge featured two employees who had both been former Poeton apprentices. The Citizen’s editor Ian Mean says ‘Poeton provide a positive model for businesses in the region and we hope it will encourage others to take up the Apprenticeship Challenge in order to create more highly skilled and effective employees’

Further information – Tel: 01452 300500

Tecan Components Ltd

Tecan, the Weymouth based high-tech and high-spec company, and an IMF Sustaining Member, announces the appointment of Seamus Bourke as Business Manager of its metal finishing facility. Seamus has been in the electroplating and finishing world for 25 years and his appointment is designed to augment and reinforce Tecan’s market-leading position whilst pursuing next generation solutions for high performance OEM applications across a wide range of industries.

Most precision electroplated/electroless finishes as well as anodisng of aluminium and titanium, stainless steel passivation, chromating and chemical blacking are obtainable from Tecan.

Further information – Tel: 01305 765432

Winplus Europe

Winplus Europe have secured the Worx distribution for Europe. MD John Kegg says ‘ It is not often that one can claim to be bringing something revolutionary to the market, but with Worx, I am proud to think that here is something that truly fits that description’.

Worx is a new, eco-friendly, biodegradable and incredibly effective, natural hand cleaner that has the potential to make existing, chemical-based cleanings ranges obsolete. When it comes into contact with water, it begins the process of biogradation breaking down most types of dirt – oils, greases, printers inks, paints etc – and encapsulates them Since it contains no pumice or sand abrasive materials it can never clog or adversely affect drains and has the same effect on drains as it does on hands.

Further details contact Winplus on 01223 837629

Serfilco Europe Ltd

Serfilco have introduced Sealless Magnetic Coupled Pumps with new design features. Manufactured in the UK in robust polypropylene & PVDF corrosion resistant plastics (stainless steel pumps are also available) to provide heavy duty performance and leak free operation in even the most demanding applications, such as the transfer and recirculation of acids, alkalis and solvents.

  • Flow rates up to 50 m 3/h and 37 m head
  • Run dry capability for periods up to 1 hour
  • Male BSP connections up to 2” & 3” flanged
High strength, thermally stable polyphenylene sulphide (PPS) rear spindle housing and Graflon® (graphite filed PTFE) bearings enable these pumps to run dry.

For more information – Tel: 0161 872 1317


IMF News

.Visit of Engineering Council (EC UK )

The IMF was recently visited by EC UK for re-approval as a Professional Affiliate. The team of Keith Dennis, Trevor Pearson and Ron Read adequately answered all EC UK questions with supporting documentation. They were particularly impressed with how the IMF provided education and training opportunities and independent accreditation by the examination and qualification board. We look forwards to receiving EC UK re-approval as a Professional Affiliate in due course.

New members and transfers


Affiliate        Cromwell P Sheffield
                      Melaku M London
                      Mitchell M London
                      Kush R Birmingham

Member        Beer G.R *. Taddiport, Devon
                      Ford S * Lichfield

* transferred from Affiliate

New Sustaining Member Companies

Giles Insurance Brokers Ltd
20 Stourbridge Road,
West Midland B63 3US
Tel: 0121 550 7631, Fax: 0121 585 5083
Contact: Duncan Simpson – Accounts Executive

Giles Insurance Broakers provide Insurance Broking and Risk Management solution to commercial, corporate & private clients.


Lord Corporation (Europe) Ltd
Stretford Motorway Estate,
M32 0ZH
Tel: 0161 865 8058, Fax: 0161 865 0096
Contact: Elizabeth Henderson – Techical Services Manager

Lord Corporation have developed Metal Jacket TM coating technology for ferrous substrates which is an auto-depositing corrosion resistant primer for rubber-to-metal adhesives.



Rapra Technology Ltd
Shropshire SY4 4NR
Tel: 01939 252463, Fax: 01939 251118
Contact: Richard Walton – Marketing & Membership Manager

Rapra is a leading independent plastics and rubber specialist organisation providing consultancy, technology, and information services for the polymer industry and for industries using polymers in their products or processes.

-------------------------------------------------------------- .

The Royal Mint
Cynon Taf
CF72 8YT
Tel: 01443 222111, Fax: 01443 623499
Contact: Matthew James – Process Manager

The Mint is responsible for the production of coins for the UK and overseas customers. It also produces military and civilian decorations, commemoratives medal and Royal and Offical Seals


The IMFormation Newsletter

The IMFormation newsletter is published bi-monthly to inform the IMF’s International membership of over 800 key decision-makers within the Surface Engineering and Finishing community of current trends and views.

Members can be kept informed on all up-to-date issues that affect them, including: .

  • Health, Safety and Environment legislation
  • Company and research news
  • New product and process developments
  • Company vacancies
  • Plant and equipment sales/want
  • Technical innovations
  • BSI. CEN AND ISO Standard
  • Events, conferences and exhibition

.In order for your company to take advantage of this prestigious publication you can Advertise in it at very reasonable cost (i.e. 4.5cm x 5.5 cm size for £40 - with 10% discount for 6 issues – larger advertisements costs can be negotiated!)

So telephone on 0121 308 0777 to book your space!!



The Institute regrets to announce the death of William MacLeod Ross FIQA, FIMF.
A full obituary will be printed in a future edition of the Transactions. .

Out and About .

POLLUTEC 2004 – 30 November-3 December
Lyon Eurexpo, France.
Details from Michèle Jackson, Tel: 020 8216 3100

IWEX 2004 – 7-8 December, NEC, Birmingham
Details Tel: 01895 454448,

Nano and Hybrid Coatings Conference.
25/26 January 2005, Manchester Conference Centre.
Details from PRA, Tel: 020 8614 4811

Surface Technology + Powder Coating Europe
11 – 15 April 2005, Hannover Fair, Germany
Details from Mark Decker, Tel: +49 511 89 31127


3 rd ALUMEX Conference 2005. 27/28 March 2005 together with the International exhibition at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Conference for the Professional Updating in Aluminium Technologies. Send 200 word abstract to the Technical Secretariat at INTERALL Sri-Via Marinuzzi 38 – 41100 Modena, Italy


16 th International Corrosion Congress, 19-24 September 2005. Beijing, China.

The official language for the congress is English.

The organisation is soliciting papers for presentation either orally or at poster sessions. A 300 – 500 word abstract is required by 30 November 2004, and should be sent to the Congress Secretariat at:

Chinese Society for Corrosion and Protection
30 Xue Yuan Lu (Rd)
Beijing 100083, China

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