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IMFormation June 2014

Innovation in Action

The Institute was pleased to sponsor and promote the Surface Finishing Pavilion held at the NEC, Birmingham, within the recent MACH 14 exhibition.
Over the five days we were very pleased to welcome both old and new friends to the Pavilion.
Seven of the Institute’s Sustaining Member Companies were exhibitors and we trust they were happy with the outcome of the event in supporting our Pavilion.
Several of our Members reported receiving interesting and innovative enquiries which we know they are pursuing.
Members of the Institute visiting our stand had the opportunity of meeting our new Administration Manager, Helen Wood, and also wishing a happy retirement to Ken Hoare who finished his career with the Institute at the show. Friday was a special day as we wished him well and celebrated his successful time over a glass of champagne.

Environment, Health & Safety

In March, a working breakfast was held in the European Parliament on “Surface Engineering – for a Global Sustainable Future” hosted by MEP Paul Rübig and organised by CETS and SME Europe. Speakers included David Elliott, President of CETS, Malcohm Harbour, MEP, Joanna Drake, Director, SME and Rosalinde van der Viles, Deputy Head, Janez Potocnik, European Commissioner for Environment.
The event attracted a near-capacity audience which was attended by stakeholders for the EC, the EP, the EESC, industry and relevant European Associations and SMEs and members of Permanent Representative in Brussels. The full report is too long to reprint here in this newsletter but can be obtained on request to the IMF office.

1. HSE have amended the need to approve First Aid training and qualifications, to make it easier for businesses to understand how to comply with Health and Safety Law, whilst maintaining standards. It is aimed at all industries and takes account of amendments to regulation 3/2 of L74 which removes the need for HSE to approve the training and qualifications of first-aid personnel.
Advance copies of the regulations are available on the HSE website.
2. Request in respect of the proposal to lower thr WEL and STEL for hydrogen, potassium and sodium cyanide from 5mg/m3 to 1mg/m3.
3 Notification of formal consultation on a number of Approved Codes of Practice.
4. 61st, 62nd and 63rd REACH updates.
For further information look on the HSE Website

1. LAPPC and LAIPPC fees and charges frozen for 2014/14.
2.Notification of publication of DEFRA’s better for business strategic reforms plan for DEFRA’s regulations.

Company News & Products

Indestructible Paint Ltd
The company are pleased to announce the appointment of John Bourke as their Technical Sales Manager taking over from Graham Armstrong.
After 14 years in the role, Graham is reducing his working week as he looks towards retirement, but will still be available to support John in his new role. For any enquiries regarding high performance surface coatings please contact John Bourke on 0121 702 2485

Hart Coating Technology
Stainless Steel Flake in Barrier Coatings
Effective barrier coatings can be produced by incorporating stainless steel flake pigments into twin pack epoxy resin systems. This type of finish provides excellent resistance to corrosion when used on metallic substrates in aggressive environments. These flakes are manufactured from corrosion resistant AISI type 3161 (UNS-S 31603) powder.
Formulations for typical coatings have included corrosion test results available from been published in a leaflet by Hart Materials which allow design engineers and product specifiers to identify their needs.
For further information contact Dr Tony Hart, Tel:01902 896446 or Fax: 01902 097469

Pre-Treatment Technologies Limited
Corrosion Resistance testing
• Independent Accelerated Corrosion Testing
• Very Competitive Pricing
• Results, Advice & Consultancy
Used to check the performance of coatings and a variety of other substrates and surfaces: protective coating, cosmetic surface finishes, circuit boards and material compatibilities.
The company operates a simple pricing policy: based on per panel or component per hour of duration i.e. if a component fails after 48 hours, the cost is only £12.00.
Tests include:
Neutral Salt Spray Test ASTM B-117 BS3800 F4, Acetic Acid Salt Spray Test to ASTM D3620-04, Copper Accelerated Salt Spray Test to ASTM B368-97 For further information contact Helen Bridge on 01422 847671, or

HMG Paints Ltd
HMG have a long history of supporting the British Coating Federation are pleased to announce that John Folder their Managing Director has been appointed as their President.
BCF’s CEO Tom Bowtell said “I am delighted to have John bring his passion and enthusiasm to his role as President which I’m sure will help the Federation’s course in the coming years”
Further information email:

Riley Surface World – Latest news
Surface Treatment equipment due to closure of Lufthansa Technik Airmotive, Dublin.
Selection of shot blasting, heat treatment, cleaning and other ancillary equipment.
Electroplating, raw and waste water treatment plants. Equipment includes DC rectifiers, filter pumps,transporters and waste treatment facilities.
Further information please contact Helen Wilkinson on: +44 (0) 1922 749284 or by email

MPI Group
Atlas 2 of Coating Defects
Due to the success of the first atlas, an updated and much expanded version has been produced which covers 9 categories of defects covering welding faults, surface coatings, microscopy and marine fouling conditions with illustrated photographs.
Further information contact Amy Beth West on 01252 732220 or email:


New Sustaining Member

Thomas Keating Limited
Daux Road, Billinghurst
West Sussex RH14 9SH
Tel: 01403 782045. Fax: 01403 785464
Contact: Mr Simon Paul Croucher
A Queen’s Award winner company, they provide an electroforming service for copper and nickel for the microwave and physics industry, making microwave and RF screening devices from 2 to 100GHz. Support services include gold and silver plating, full CNC machining facilities and HFSS analysis to ISO9001 Part 1 standard.

Name Change
Kraft CPS Ltd now Kraft CON UK Ltd

New Members/Grade Change
Saunders. Lee – BMW Oxford
Borghasini. Paolo – Kalynan Lighting, China

Education & Training (E & T)

It is good to report that the first enrolment for 2014 was very successful. Our E & T Manager David Meecham enrolled over 30 students for Distance Learning courses complementing the students already currently receiving tutored education at companies with IMF approved Tutors.
A unit on Nanotechnology is now included for the Foundation Certificate making a total of 30 from which 15 can be selected for study.
The E & T Committee with its new Chairman, Mike Smith, is currently working on the introduction of a Functional Plating Course comprising selected units supplemented with new in-depth unit contents on electroless nickel and hard chromium process technology, planned for introduction later this year.
Work is also underway to review some of the modules for the Technician Certificate.


Senior Members Meeting – 21 May This was one of the best we have held. The subject was Gunpowder Technology. The speaker was Geoff Smith, who is a member of the IMF’s Southern Branch. The talk commenced with information on the 3 constituents – Potassium Nitrate (Nitre), Sulphur and Charcoal (note not carbon) and the specific type of these and where they are obtained.
It was generally accepted that it originated in the east, China, but how it came about has long been a subject of speculation, given that only a limited range of proportion result in noteworthy reactions. Images of monks blowing up their mortars were shown, but do not stand critical examination given that the materials were both rare and expensive. How gunpowder ignites well below the melting point of any of its constituents is another question. The development of the technology was traced from sourcing the ingredients and early crude mixtures to developed industry of the 19 century still in use today. The talk concluded with an overview of some less well known applications of gunpowder. Various articles were circulated around which utilise the use of gunpowder.
The speaker was thanked and applauded.
The next meeting will be in the Autumn 2014

Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC)
AMRC in partnership with Manufacturing Technology Association (MTA) is running a free one-day event at the AMRC Centre in Rotherham during the Machining
Festival 24-25 June
Further details from Chloe Lidster by email

Surface World Exhibition
29th September – 1st October 2015
Reservation are now being taken for this show in 2015. Book your stand now, no payment required until early in 2015.
Contact Nigel Bean Tel : +44 (0) 1442 826826

Lucy Switchgear Ltd
Howland Road, Oxfordshire, OX9 3UJ
Tel: 01844 267267 Fax: 01844 267225
Contact: Mr Ian Hodgson – Snr Operations Manager
A leader in power distribution solutions with over 100 year’s industrial experience. Specialising in high performance medium voltage switchgear for utility, industrial and commercial applications

Russell Laboratories Ltd
Austin House Units A-c
Wotton Road, Kingsnorth Ind Est
Ashford, Kent, TN23 6LN
Contact: Mr John Tolliday – Works Manager
Technical surface engineering including electroless nickel, sulphamate nickel, zinc-nickel, zinc cobalt, cadmium, silver, gold, rhodium and copper. ISO 9001 2008, AS9100revC.

Exeter House • 48 Holloway Head • Birmingham • B1 1NQ
Tel: 0121 622 7387 • Please refer to contact list for email addresses
Registered in England No 498619 A

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