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IMFormation June 2010

IMFair 11

The event for the Aerospace and Defence
Surface Finishing Industries
Royal Air Force Museum Cosford

June 2011


Presentations are requested from Academia and Industry for this biennial event to be held at the Royal Air Force Museum, Cosford. The conference will be held in the auditorium within the Cold War Museum.

An exhibition will be held in a marquee adjacent to the museum where suppliers to the aerospace and defence surface finishing industries will showcase their latest developments. The exhibition stands will be sited around the internal perimeter of the marquee with all refreshments for delegates and exhibitors served from the central area. Individuals wishing to offer presentations for the conference should send a 50 word synopsis, plus title and author(s) to the IMF at:
Institute of Materials Finishing
Exeter House, 48 Holloway Head
Birmingham B1 1NQ

or by e-mail to: Further details and reservation information will be available later. Meanwhile individuals and companies should advise the IMF of their interest.

Health, Safety and Environment

‘Time to Train’
Legal right for employees to request time to study following legal changes which will come into force from April 2011. The phased approach will give smaller organisations and businesses more time to prepare for the introduction of the new right.

New ‘Health and Safety Law’ poster
HSE has published a new, simplified version of this poster. It is more accessible and easier to use and it:
* Tells workers what they and their employers need to do in simple terms.
* Companies no longer have to provide contact details of your enforcing authority as HSE’s Infoline can give the details.
* Features a unique serially numbered hologram to ensure it is a genuine version.
As an employer, you are required by law to either display the poster or provide each employee with the equivalent ‘leaflet’.
The new poster and pocket sized versions can obtained from HSE Books, tel: 01787 881165

Protection from dangerous chemicals
HSE strives to protect people from the risks of working with chemicals in the UK, and also works to protect health and the environment abroad.
Through its role as a Designated National Authority responsible for controlling exports of chemicals from the UK, HSE aims to reduce the likelihood of the mismanagement of chemicals in non-EU countries. A lack of information on the toxicity and management of dangerous chemicals can lead to death and environmental contamination.
Exporters must share information on such dangerous chemicals to protect workers and the environment in non-EU countries from the risks associated with those chemicals throughout their lifecycle. This includes information on how to store, transport, use and dispose of such chemicals safely.
All exporters of dangerous chemicals are required to either notify or notify and seek consent from importing countries outside the EU, before they export. HSE administers this process in consultation with the EU Commission for companies based in Great Britain under the EU Regulation 689/2008/EC, commonly known as the PIC Regulation.
Last year, 20 exports that were not in compliance, and the companies involved are now subject to enforcement decisions. If you export or import chemicals (substances or preparations) or articles that contain dangerous chemicals (e.g. wood treated with arsenic compounds, you should check whether you need to comply.
Further information can be obtained from the PIC website: which also includes step-by-step guidance as well as recent changes to the regulations.

Campaign on Safe Maintenance
The UK is launching the European Campaign on Safe Maintenance during this month, which will run until late 2011.
Maintenance related accidents are a cause of concern. Early analysis of the most recent two years data indicate that 25 – 30% of manufacturing industry fatalities in the UK were the result of a maintenance activity. Organisations can already participate in the Good Practice Awards on Safe Maintenance, which are open for entry until 17 September 2010, for which more information can be found at HSE’s website: Look out for HSE’s Safe Maintenance campaign site, to be launched in June/July and includes useful tools, campaign material and information on maintenance.

Company News and Products

Oakdene Hollins – Research & Consulting
A major report on the scarcity of rare earth elements in low carbon technology applications has just been completed. The project, commissioned by the Department of Transport, identified possible shortages in dysprosium, terbium and neodymium as possible limiting factors for the future of electric vehicles and offshore wind turbines.
The report is extensive and cannot be printed here but can be accessed from the Oakdene Hollins website.

Turbex Limited
Turbex are presenting its newest range of aqueous cleaning machines at MACH 2010 (7 –11 June) at the NEC, Birmingham, under an exclusive agency agreement with MAFAC.
The machines are distinguished by a world-patented system whereby the movements of the baskets and spray jets are individually adjustable allowing them to rotate in the same or opposite directions. They also have integral condensing systems, so need to have extraction fitted. For information contact: John Huntingdon Tel: 01424 544909, email:

IMF News

New members and transfers

Associate of the IMF (AssocIMF)
Fiserova, Claudia Ronaldway Aircraft Company
(transfer from Affiliate)
Member of the IMF (MIMF)
Stapleton, David Doncaster Bramah Ltd

New Sustaining Members

Abbey Metal Finishing Co Limited
Weddington Road, Nuneaton
Warwickshire CV10 0AJ
Tel: 02476 350444, Fax: 02476 641299
The company provides the following services and finishes:- NDT, hardness testing conductivity, etch inspection, anodising (chromic, sulphuric & hard) chromate conversion coatings, magnesium chromating, phosphating, Ag,Cd,Cu,Ni,Zn,Zn/Ni and bronze electroplating, thermal spraying and stainless steel passivation.

Metals (UK) Ltd
9 White Cottages, Fuller Street
Fairstead, Chelmsford
Essex CM3 2AY
Tel: 01245 233715, Fax: 0560 311 8487
Metalas (UK) Ltd is part of a European Companies group called Metalas Cleaning Systems MCS) who specialise in industrial surface treatment cleaning machines. The company supplies customers world-wide with machines from either a standard range of equipment or specially designed ones to suit specific requirements.

Education and Training

Major changes have been made to the Institute’s education system.
The new module for the Foundation Certificate went of stream in July 2009 and has resulted in a significant number of students who have enrolled.
The modules for the Technician Certificate have been given a complete overhaul with modules entitled:
Electroplating Principle:
Electroplating Practice:
Paint, lacquer and Varnish:
Powder Coating and
Environment and Health & Safety
All modules follow a similar format with study materials, self-assessments and written assignments (the latter carrying marks (20%) towards the final end test) The above modules will be available for registration and study in September 2010
Students passing the examination of any two of the above modules will be the awarded the Technician Certificate and can then apply for the professional insignia of Technician of the Institute of Materials Finishing (TechIMF) and further may be eligible to apply to the Engineering Council for the award of the internationally recognised Engineering Technician (EngTech).
Two new modules will be added to the above list later in the year for:
Automotive Surface Finishing and Electroforming
For further information please contact David at Exeter House Tel: 0121 622 7387 or email:

Out and about

East Midlands Materials Society in conjunction with the Surface Engineering and Light Metals Division of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining
Tuesday 29th June
“Future Directions for Surface Engineering”
to be held at
The Riverside Centre
Pride Park, Derby DE24 8HY
Further details and expression of interest contact:
Gary Critchlow ( Tel: 01509 222949
Dave Evetts ( Tel: 07905 322107
Keith Harrison ( Tel: 07786 585030

The Institute of Circuit Technology
36th Annual Symposium
Tuesday 15th June
National Motorcycle Museum
Solihull, West Midlands
The theme is ‘New and Emerging Technologies’ and will feature six presentations from leading authorities, backed by a tabletop exhibition.
For further details and to register please contact: Bill Wilkie- Tel: 01573 226131 or email:

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