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IMFormation June 2009

10-11 June 2009
Royal Airforce Museum Cosford

Have you made a reservation !!!

IMFair ’09 is set to be the UK’s largest and most in-depth surface coating and surface engineering conference and exhibition, aimed at the aerospace industry.

An impressive list of high quality technical papers will be presented by many well known names from the aerospace and coatings industry from UK and International organisations.

Associated exhibitions will be held in adjacent rooms to the Auditorium to support the conference from where morning and afternoon refreshments will be served.

Lunch will be served from within the Cold War Exhibition with time for delegates to peruse the various exhibits. A conference dinner will be held at the **** Park House Hotel, Shifnall with after dinner speaker on – ‘THE WORKSHOP OF THE WORLD’ - by the well- known historian and passionate ‘Brummie’ Professor Carl Chinn MBE, FRSA, PhD.

Health, Safety and Environment

Olympics 2012
The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games has produced a 23- page document under the title LOCOG Sustainable Sourcing Code. Sustainable sourcing is defined as the procurement of products and services with environmental, social and ethical issues in mind. In addition to listing acceptable materials, which presumably are intended mainly for use on construction sites, the document also has an appendix of restricted substances and materials. Suppliers and licensees are instructed to seek to avoid supplying products, services or packaging materials which includes substances and materials identified in the published table. The list under the sub-heading metals, including….’ Raises the question of the knowledge and qualifications of those who prepared this table, For instances Zinc is listed. Which would exclude the use of galvanised steel in the construction of buildings. Chromium is also black listed, presumably banning the installation of chrome plated taps and fittings in the washrooms and toilets. Nickel is viewed as undesirable, thereby outlawing the use of stainless steel for food preparation and cooking within the Olympic complex.
A number of trade associations are pointing out the ambiguities contained in the list of restricted substances. No doubt someone is working on the second edition of the Sourcing Code and employing the practical expertise and knowledge, which was actually available from day one.
Thanks are expressed to John Swain of Anopol Limited for the above

Editor’s Comment
One of the big pluses for the area being used to stage the 2012 Games was the benefit of the regeneration of the area and the future use of its buildings after the event.
The use of zinc galvanising would significantly increase their life span of building with inbuilt steelwork like RSJ’s etc.
Chromium metal is NOT a banned substance, only problems in the use of a hexavalent chromium salt used when producing chromium plate by electrodeposition.
Only ‘Low Energy Lighting’ bulbs are planned by the Government to be available from 2011. The medical profession is concerned that: 1. exposure to UV light emitted by these bulbs can cause itching, skin inflammation, skin allergies kidney problems and insomnia; 2. Breaking a low energy bulb can cause mercury to leak out and be released to the atmosphere. No doubt this ‘Sustainable Sourcing Code’ body should turn its attention to these bulbs, otherwise the Olympic facilities will be in the dark since the safe conventional bulbs will no longer be available, When will the various Government and EU committees etc realise that in the UK we have a wealth of expertise, by highly qualified people, in the various trade and professional associations, who are available to give accurate information, often for free?

Health & Safety Executive (HSE)
Warning to companies as firm fined after man badly burned by molten metal

The HSE is advising galvanising companies to check their operation procedures after a man was badly burnt when colleagues underestimated the weight of a beam. The company was fined £7,000 and ordered to pay costs of £ 4,465 after pleading guilty to breaching Section 2 (1) of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 by failing to ensure the safety of its employees. The operator on his third shift at the factory when wires holding a beam being lowered into a bath of molten zinc broke. One end of the beam fell into the bath (the biggest in Europe - 21m long, 1.5m wide, 2.7m deep) and splashed zinc over him. His body and face were badly burnt and his eyesight has still not recovered.

Approved code of practice (ACOP) on confined spaces
The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have now published guidance on working in confined spaces. The revised and updated publication, containing an Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) and guidance on the duties in the Confined Spaces Regulations will offer guidance and reference points to a range of industries and businesses that deal with confined spaces.
The Health & Safety Regulator said ‘that industries such as Agriculture, Brewery, Construction, Maritime, Waste & Water were ones that all contained examples of confined spaces. He added that whilst potential problems with sewers were recognised, more could be done to manage the risks associated with:
• Grain silos, storage tanks & slurry pits
• Brewery cellars and;
• Ships e.g. holds where shoreside workers are involved
Commenting on the publication, Bob Daunton of the HSE, said: “Over the years a simple failure to recognise what is a confined space and not to think about the risks involved in enclosed areas has led to a number of fatalities “.

New Health & Safety Law Poster
HSE has published a new, simplified version of this poster that is more accessible and easier to use. As an employer, you are required by law to either display the HSE approved poster or to provide each of your worker with the equivalent ‘leaflet’. Existing copies of the 1999 poster are now no longer valid and need to be replaced with the new 2009 version, available from:
HSE Books, PO Box 1999 Sudbury
Suffolk CO10 2WA
Tel: 01787 881165, Fax: 01787 313995

Dichloromethane (DCM)
Decision of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Council Directive 76/769/EEC on restrictions on the marketing and use of DCM The proposal is for:
• a ban on the placing on the market of DCM based paint strippers for use by consumers:
• a ban on the placing on the market of DCM based paint strippers for use by professionals, with the option for Members States to permit continued use subject to certain conditions:
• additional safety measures for the use of DCM based paint strippers in industrial installations:
• improved labelling of DCM based paint strippers.
The final text of the decision has been agreed in a ‘first reading deal’ between the Council and the EU Parliament and will be published in the Official Journal, later in 2009

Company News & Products

Fraser Technologies Ltd
Fraser are holding a FREE ½ day seminar entitled ‘Maximise Component Cleaning Process’
Thursday 18 June 2009
Brooklands Hotel
South Yorkshire
The seminar will commence at 9.30am. Sponsored by Honda Barnsley, specialist speakers will discuss all aspects of Metal, Electronic and Plastics Cleaning.
Reservations contact Denise Litster, tel: 01506 443058 or email:

PAL and Elsyca
PAL and Elsyca join forces to transform paradigm of electroplating equipment acquisition. These two companies have entered a partnership to provide a one-stop source for electroplating optimisation solution.
PAL Surface Treatment Systems Ltd is a member of the PAL group of companies and is one of the world’s major suppliers of plant and equipment to the Electronics and Surface Finishing industries.
Elsyca, Belgian based company, has an unequalled expertise in electrochemical process, cell and tooling design & optimisation in the Electronics, Surface Finishing and Corrosion Protection industries. For further information on PAL contact Jonathan Timms at: and from Elsyca at:

These two companies have merged to form a world leader metallic parts enhancement company. Owned by Mid Europa Partners they have been given approval by the German Bundeskartellamt to complete the merger.
DISA is a leading supplier of moulding, sand and core technologies and metal finishing systems. Wheelabrator is a leading provider of equipment to clean, strengthen and polish metallic surfaces. For further information contact Vanessa Riding tel: 0044 161 9286399 or by email at:

IMF News

New members and transfers

Fellowship (FIMF) Southworth, William Atotech UK
Transfer from MIMF

New Sustaining Member

Ionotec Ltd
14 Berkeley Court, Manor Park
Runcorn, Cheshire WA7 1TQ
Tel: 01928 579627, Fax: 01928 579627
Email:, Web:
Ionotec is a world leader in coating of metals using electrophoretic deposition (EPD). Examples of coating supplied include alumina, zirconia and glasses. Ionotec also design and provide prototype EPD facilities.

Education changes – Foundation
The format for the Foundation Course and Module has been subjected to extensive revision. Units have been technically updated, further subjects have been introduced, and the examination format changed. With effect from 1 July 2009, students will now study 15 units – 7 mandatory (shown with * in list below)
5 from their elected ‘technology block’ (headed Electroplating OR Organic Coating OR Aerospace and 3 optional units of students choice.

Units are now available on:
Surface Finishing* Corrosion*
Environment & Surface Finishing * Health & Safety*
Cleaning & Pretreatment* Sacrificial Coats*
Principles of Electroplating** Services*
Electroplating Plant &Equipment Co, Ag & Au
Nickel Plating Chromium Plating
Zinc & Cadmium Plating Electroless Plating
Surface Improvement Alloys/Composites
PCB Processes Care/Maint.of Soln.
Electrophoretic Paint Paint Processes
Paint Application Methods Coating Powders
Testing Paint/Pow.& Coatings Conversion Coats
Anodising of Al/ Al Alloys Vacuum Deposition
Vitreous Enamelling Duplex Coatings
*Mandatory ** counts as 2 units

Some unit titles have been abbreviated due to space limitation. Full details of the above are available from Exeter House tel: 0121 622 7387 in ‘Introduction to the Surface Finishing Foundation Course or Module’, including some changes to the examination format.

Out and About

June 10-11. IMFAIR CONFERENCE – Royal Air
Force Museum Cosford, Shifnal, Shropshire
June 15–21.Paris Air Show, Le Bourget Exhibition Centre. Details:

June 17-18. North West Manufacturing Technology.
Reebok Stadium, Bolton.

October 27-29 NEC, Birmingham. SURFACE
WORLD 2009 with CORREX 2009.

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