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IMFormation June 2007

UK Corrosion & Exhibition 2007

3 - 5 September at Sheffield Hallam University
‘Managing Corrosion for Sustainability’

The Institute of Corrosion is holding its 48th Corrosion Science symposium in conjunction with the Institute of Materials Finishing who are organising two half day sessions as follows:

Monday 3rd September (afternoon) - Session on Metallic Coatings
It is intended that the breadth of presentations will exemplify to manufacturers the scope of surface engineering and the versatility of our profession. Contributions are promised on emerging technologies,especially those where modern research is establishing a firm knowledge base. There will be papers on pulse-plating,on whisker growth,on the mechanism of corrosion of Ni/Cr compared with Zinc and on sonochemical preparation for electroplating,and on the protection of re-inforcing bar

Tuesday 4th September (morning) – Session on Organic Coatings
This session will include a discussion of the opportunities afforded by new legislation, presentations on electrophoretic coatings and on the use of conductive polymer films. Contributions on coatings for aerospace and for biocompatible /sterilant surfaces are invited.
(Abstracts should be sent to Exeter House marked ‘For attention of Dr Peter Farr)

On the morning of Wednesday 5th September there will be a session on the Built Environment,concentrating on improvements in Construction and Maintenance. It is hoped that the meeting will attract a broad attendance and the IMF look forward to growing interaction with our colleagues in ICorr. It is now some 30 years since the Hoar Report on the costs of corrosion in our environment and the matter is,once more,of rising Governmental concern. This is an opportune moment for our two Institutes to claim the public ear and to seek commercial synergism.

The Institute of Corrosion’s initial brochure is included as an insert with this IMFormation edition. Details of registration are also available from:

Important One-day Symposia

THURSDAY 4 OCTOBER at the Birmingham Medical Institute - ‘Nickel and Nickel Compound’s Exposure Guidance’. Joint event to present ‘Guidance Notes’ for users produced by the Health & Safety Executive in association with the IMF. NI and SEA from whom registration and programme details will be obtainable.

TUESDAY 9 OCTOBER at the Birmingham Medical Institute - REACH - its implication for the Coating and Finishing Industry. Programme details and registration brochure for the above symposia will be available shortly.

Health, Safety and Environment

Defra,the Welsh Assembly Government and the Environment Agency are undertaking a review of the exemptions from waste management licensing. The aim is to provide a more risk-based and proportionate approach to the regulation of waste recovery and disposal operations,complementing the proposed new environmental permitting regime.
The review team have placed a discussion document on the website,with a viwe to engaging staekholders on the proposals and criteria for exemptions under-pinning the review,and other requirements for exempt waste operators. Several stakeholder workshops will be held to give the opportunity for discussion of the policy.
A leaflet summarising the key points of the review is available,and along with details of the workshops for stakeholders can be found on the Defra website at:

Defra - PFOS
Defra is seeking views on how the UK intends to transpose the EC Directive 2006/122/EC which will introduce restrictions on the marketing and use of PFOS and those substances which break down to it. The Consultation document,Statutory Instrument – Update of Schedule 1,Directi ve 2006/122/EC and the Partial Regulatory Impact Assessment can be found on Defra’s website at:

Locking up the polluters
European law has been proposed which will eradicate ‘safe havens’ for environmental crime and send the criminals to prison. In February,the European Commission proposed a directive that obliges member states to treat serious offences as criminal acts and to ensure that they are effectively punished,in serious cases,prison sentences would be available.

Solvents Emissions Directive (SED)
On October 31 this year,the SED comes into force restricting emissions of organic solvents. In particular for the surface finishing industry,trichloroethylene (trike),in order to prevent exposure and protect the health of operators.

In Court For exposing employees to asbestos two companies (a Leisure company and its contractor) were fined a total of £25,000 plus £ 11,788 costs. HSE had given advice previously in 2002 and had the companies referred back to the existing survey the prosecution would not have been necessary.

Company News and Products

Viking Pumps
Viking recently released a new addition to its proven high-speed rotary transport pumps,the RTP20. Offering configuration flexibility and ease of maintenance,the RTP20 (1.0 litre/rev) is built with all features of the proven RTP30 (1.28 litre/rev) design as well as provides an additional size with exceptional performance,adv anced durability and flexibility,and ease of installation to help users achieve enhanced productivity for a lower cost of ownership. For more information contact Eva Kowalewicz:

Baker Spill Solutions
Offer cost effective solutions to spill containment issues in the workplace. Products are manufactured to ISO 9001:2000 quality standards and are designed to assist in the compliance of current environmental legislation and to enhance working practices for the manufacturing industry. Typical products include: Spill Trays & IBC Bund Stands,Drain Protection, Absorbent Products, Leak Detection Lining System and Metal Repair Polymer Sticks.
Further information tel: 08701 650 900

Mykal Industries
Mykal supply industrial degreasing produces covering maintenance cleaning to sophisticated process degreasers. Products are compliant with the impending solvent VOC regulations. The De.Solv.It. range of citrus solvents for components and equipment cleaning offers the ultimate combination of performance and environmental safety.
For free Product brochure,tel: 01933 402822

Zinco UK
Zinco UK is a new commercial enterprise founded by Hereford Galvanizers,has launched ‘Non-Invasive’ Kettle Testing for Hot Dip Galvanizers. The procedure has been developed in collaboration with the National Research Council of Canada and allows hot dip galvanizers to test their zinc kettles without the need for emptying the molten zinc,thus saving 5 - 10 days of production.
For further information contact David Watkins Tel: 01432 267664

IMF News

Examination Results

Distance Learning - Foundation
Brodie,Ale xander * DARA
Doig,Alan * DARA
Gray,John * DARA
Lamond,Derek # DARA
Lawrence,P aul * Ashton & Moore
McGlashan,Leslie # DARA
McLaren,Fraser # DARA
Ward,Colin * DARA
Whitehead,Emma * CML Group

Paint,Lacquer & Varnish
Pritchard,Mark # BAE Systems

Cromwell,P aul Stainless Plating
Yeo,Adrian Aerospace Surface Treatments

Foundation Course at SKF
Bobbin,Shaun * Brace,Ross *
Butler,P aul * Costelloe,Shaun *
Deus,P atrica * Dunn,Simon *
Ham,Stephen * Hill,Christina *
Hurne,Andre w * Hurley, Michael
King,Ben # Loughlin,Elizabeth *
Moorcroft,Da vid * Neath,Chris #
Reynolds,Richard #

Foundation Course at South West Metal Finishing
Barton,Da vid * Blackmore,Daniel *
Bojkowski,Adam Champion, Stephen
Cockayne,Allan Coombes, Tim *
Kalnins,Nick * Mayer, Andrew *
Roka,Rodrick Sherriff,Mark #
Timmis,Barry #
* pass with merit # pass with distinction

New Members

Bower,Christopher    Bushby,Ian
Elmoy,Martin   Green Darren
Harris,Lee    Oakman,Christopher
Parsons,Lee    Radley,Lee
Rushton,Andrew    Stickley,Andrew
All above from BMW
Burgoyne,Konrad Dataplate Ltd

Sverdloff,Neil New-Pro Treatments
Yeo,Adrian Aerospace Surface Treatements

Gormley,Philip Verichrome Plating Services

Bourke,Seamus Tecan Ltd
De Grey,Iain Ashbury Brodie & Co Ltd

New Sustaining Members

Safechem Europe GmbH
Georg-Glock-Strasse 3
40474 Dusseldorf, Germany
Tel: 0049 211 4389332, Fax: 0049 211 4389358

A solution provider for the metal cleaning industry,is offering tailored solutions to the needs of individual users across Europe. A wholly owned subsidiary of the Dow Chemical Company,SAFECHEM enables the safe and sustainable use of chlorinated and nonchlorinated solvents for high-quality cleaning in the surface cleaning industry and supports users in their meet the principles of Responsible Care® and Product Stewardship by offering active risk management for the use of solvents.

Surface Technology plc
Godiva Place, Coventry CV1 5PN
Tel: 02476 551401, Fax: 02476 633411

Surface Technology plc applies a wide range of metallic and non-metallic coatings using electro and electroless,spray and dip processes. High performance metal,allo y and polymer coating are used separately or in combination to provide corrosion protection,wear resistance and low friction properties. Trade names include Armourcote and TriCem

Plating Engineering Ltd
Unit 9, Polar Drive, Moor Lane
Birmingham B6 7AD
Tel: 0121 344 4484, Fax: 0121 344 4214

Manufacturer of surface finishing equipment,manual and automatic plants for plating,lacquering,anodising and phosphating. Supplier of heaters,plastics tanks, filters. Rectifiers,barrels (polypropylene and RCH 1000),e xtraction systems and effluent plant.

Degussa GmbH
Frankfurt am Main
Germany D-60287
Tel: 01204 396898, Fax: 01294 528790

Degussa GmbH manufactures a range of silane products for the metal pre-treatment industry; applications include adhesion promotion & corrosion protection. All products are chromium free & include VOC free versions.

Plating Solutions
13 Lower Hall Crescent
Lascelles Hall, Huddersfield
West Yorkshire HD5 0AY
Tel: 07766658401, Fax: 01484 307825
E-mail: jtorr@plating

Metal finishing consultancy (all aspects). Importer & UK distributer of Artek Surfin plating chemistry,which includes superior acid zinc and bright nickel technology designed to reduce production costs.

Retired Members Meeting

Twenty retired members assembled at Exeter House for the first planned semi-social meeting and luncheon on Wednesday 18 April,enabling them to meet old friends and workmates. Following an excellent buffet lunch the meeting received words of welcome from Barry Gay and John Whitehouse,the meeting was treated to a light-hearted talk by Lawrie Brown who initially referred to some of his exploits since becoming a consultant first commenting on some of his overseas visits in particular to USA,Brunei and Malaysia and then onto the title of his talk entitled ‘Adventures in Thailand’ on behalf of a well-known motorcycle company. He encountered problems which the average plating technologist would not even dream about – for instance how to operate a zincate dip pretreatment for aluminium,normally run at 20oC,in a country where the normal ambient is 30oC,debris in plating solution consisting of ‘bugs’ large and small and serious fall-out from corrosion of steel super structures necessitating a filtration turn-over of 7+ per hour.
Many people will know of Lawrie’s love of motor racing and his involvement with the MG Car Club,b ut maybe were surprised to see a slide of him behind the wheel of an MG F and hear that he has actually been involved with racing and some of the spills,with which he concluded his talk. A general discussion ensued on possible future for this type of event. The conclusion was that a further couple of similar events should be held in Birmingham using Exeter House and that a survey should be carried out on the location of retired members following which consideration should be given to other locations.

Sector Skills Council

The increase in corporation tax for small businesses has been met with some concern by the surface coating and finishing industry,85% of which is made up companies with fewer than 50 employees.
More than ever before,it is critical that companies have the right skills to be competitive,prof itable and sustainable. The Sector Skills Council for the coating industry - Proskills - surveyed 145 employers in developing the Sector Skills Agreement,and for them,this means the ability to multi-skill and to achieve high level qualifications. (see website for more details about Proskills) Extra spending is welcome,b ut it is important that the Leitch recommendations are implemented.
The cover article of the February edition of IMFormation reported on the allegations by the CBI that the Government had squandered money on ill thought-out schemes,some of which were subjected to fraud.
An education and training system,which gives employees in coating companies the knowledge that their employers demand,is available from the IMF. The system is home/open learning based and written by practical people, ‘who have worked on the shop floor and done it’. From the extensive range of subject units on offer,the employer and employee can choose those most suitable for study for their particular business.

Southern Branch - AGM & Skittles Evening

Friday 1 June at 7.00 pm
Jolly Roger,North Warnborough,Hampshire

Exeter House • 48 Holloway Head • Birmingham • B1 1NQ
Tel: 0121 622 7387 • Please refer to contact list for email addresses
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