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IMFormation June 2004


***** Sustaining Member Company wins Safety Accolade *****

IMF Sustaining Member company, Schloetter of Pershore has won a prestigious health and Safety award from the British Safety Council, one of the world’s leading independent ‘safety in the workplace’ bodies. Following a comprehensive Five Star Health and Safety Management System audit which awards organisations between one and five stars, depending on the effectiveness of their health and safety systems, the company received a 5 star rating. Every aspect of the workplace is examined from control systems and first aid provision to waste management and hygiene.
Phillipa Mills of Schloetter is quoted “This is an excellent award to achieve and confirms the investment and commitment to safety that the Company has made to ensure a safe working environment for its employees and visitors.
It is claimed that every year organisations waste a staggering ten per cent of annual profits by neglecting health and safety in the workplace. In total, British industry loses up to 18 billion euros and 25 million working days annually though accidents and ill health.

British Safety Council Director General David Ballard says “Schloetter can take pride in winning this award. Successful businesses manage health and safety like every other part of the business. Implementing effective management systems as the onset can help reduce costs, improve profitability and assure employees that their safety is at the heart of the business.

Bright Decorative Chromium Electroplaters; TAKE NOTE


The December edition of this newsletter made reference to the reclassification of chromic acid from toxic to very toxic and its electroplating solution.from harmful to very toxic by the European Union. It is understood that this has now been confirmed and the UK will now be required to implement this reclassification, and further, there will be a requirement for many more chromium plating processors to register under the COMAH regulations.

It is also understood that the HSE has decided to set a date of July/August 2006 for the ‘conversion’ of bright decorative hexavalent chromium plating facilities to trivalent chromium plating facilities, where reasonably practical.

The Environment Agency will also be including substitution from hexavalent to trivalent in IPPC permit conditions and the final sector guidance note may include positive guidance on this subject.


Publication arrangements for Transactions


Changes in publishing arrangements were made last September but for a number of reasons have not worked out and have led to substantial delays in editing and printing. Action has now been taken to catch up with the schedule by producing two double issues with no loss of pages or material. A contract has been signed with a new publisher that will commence with the May 2004 issue of Transactions. It is intended that by September publication dates will be back on schedule.

The Institute apologies for the lateness of recent issues and wish to assure members that it expects that they will receive future copies at the normal regular intervals.


Environment Training Course


Hot off the press from the Education and Training Committee, a tutored course devoted to environmental training. It is proposed to run the course over a period of 5 days (not continuous) at Exeter House in the autumn. Further details/syllabus contact the IMF office.


Health, Safety and Environment

H & S Compliance‘CON’ BEWARE!

Companies should be aware that fraudsters posing as government enforcement agencies are demanding cash registration payments up to £249 and threatening fines, imprisonment and redundancies for non-payment. One calling itself the ‘Health and SafetyEnforcement Agency’ based in Liverpool is asking for £125.00 for the purchase of a ‘compliance pack’ to comply with accident recording and health and safety laws. Other fraudster’s titles include ‘Health and Safety Registration Enforcement Division’ and ‘Health and Safety Compliance Agency’.

These companies are not acting for or on behalf of HSE or any other government body. HSE, Trading Standards and other government bodies are currently addressing the matter.

Defra – New EU Chemicals Strategy

The Government has launched its consultation paper on the New EU Chemicals Strategy –REACH. This consultation paper seeks views of both the European Commission’s Proposal and on an initial Government approach. Copies of the consultation paper can be downloaded from the Defra Website at

Printed copies can be obtained Tel: 020 7238 6354 or byE-mail to:

The consultation closes on 25 June 2004. Responses marked ‘NECS Consultations should be sent by e-mail to

Defra issues consultation document on nonylphenol, and its ethoxylates

Transposition of the EC Directive 2003/53/EC will restrict the placing on the market and use of nonyl-phenol and nonylphenol ethoxylates. They will be restricted to specific uses which result in discharges, emissions or losses to the environment.


WEEE Directive enters into force

This directive entered into force on 13 February and the UK in line with other EU countries has until August 2004 to transpose the legislation into national law to establish collection and treatment systems.


Vibration White Finger; Changes

One of the most common claims against employers is VWF. The current recommended action level by HSE is a 8 hour maximum daily exposure of 2.8 m/s 2. This exposure level will be reduced on 6 July to 2.5 m/s 2. Further, the new figure will be based on a 3 axis measurement known as ‘vector sum’ as opposed to the old single axis measurement. This could significantly reduce the safe working times of hand held tools. Further information contact local HSE.


EA to get tough on hazardous waste

EA has issued a warning that they will not tolerate the illegal dumping of wastes when the new hazardous waste rules comes into force on 16 July, whereby hazardous wastes cannot be disposed of with other wastes in the same landfill cell. Further, treatment standards will be specified for hazardous wastes. This change is designed to strengthen the environmental protection at landfill sites and hopefully reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.


Recent Prosecutions

A Chesterfield company pleaded guilty to keeping controlled waste, including special waste, other than in accordance with a waste management license and further dumping waste on land for which no license was in force. Net result–fined £4,000 and £3,659 costs to the EA.


A metal processing company was fined £10,000 with £7,753 costs to the EA for knowingly causing waste to be deposited and kept in contravention of the Environment Protection Act 1990.


For burning controlled waste a recycling company was fined £3,500 and ordered to pay £903 to the EA who brought the prosecution.


A Huddersfield company who admitted to illegally depositing, storing and treating controlled waste in contravention of the Environment Protection Act 1990 was fined £3,500 with costs of £1,600 and a director of the firm fined £300.


For allowing a toxic chemical - namely chlorinated methyl phenol, to pollute the River Ouse a chemical company was fined £4,000 with £4,000 costs.

By not registering under the Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) 1997 for the years 2000, 2001 & 2002 and by the appropriate date for 2003, a company avoided costs of £6,057 but was fined £8,000 with further costs of £1,044.


Company News and Products

Schloetter Company Ltd

Latest releases from Schloetter include:

SLOTOCHEM AG 10 – a new silver process for PCBs with the following characteristics:-

  • ideal where a solderable surface is needed
  • a lead-free alternative to hot air levelling with tin-lead solder
  • suitable for use with lead free solders
  • typical deposits 1 g/m 2 (approx. 0.1µ) of silver

SLOTANIT OT 60 – an acid zinc designed to run at 60 0C in barrel applications

  • extremely bright and ductile
  • receptive to subsequent chromate treatments
  • ammonia free

SLOTONIP 2010 – an addition of a carbonate pH corrector, SLOTONIP 74, giving two methods of pH control, the latter being an environmentally aware route using carbonate:-

self regulation with SLOTONIP 2010 R which contains ammonia OR

non regulation using SLOTONIP 2010 AF ammonia free replenisher and SLOTONIP 74 carbonate solution

Further details – Paul Griffiths tel: 01386 552331


John Godrich

Röntgenanalytik Messtechnik GmbH have appointed John Godrich as agent in the UK and Ireland for their range of test machines for X-ray fluorescence coating thickness measurement and material analysis of plated metal parts. These NDT machines will simultaneously measure thickness and analyse the composition of metallic coatings as well as of multi layer samples. Supplied with PC and software, these easy to use instruments come ready to use in the electonics, fastener, jewellery and plating industries.

Another instrument in their range is the GoldCheck for quick precise carat measurement of precious metals and jewellery.

Further details-Tel:01584 873153, Fax: 01584 872424


D.A.Stuart Ltd

A full colour brochure, with accompanying interactive CD, of specialist engineering lubricants, additives and metal cleaning products for process and production applications is available from D.A.Stuarts. The company is committed to high-tech chemical solutions for a wide range of manufacturing requirements formulated to increase productivity and maintenance of quality to provide customers with a competitive edge.

Contact Guy Smallman for a copy of the brochure and CD – Tel: 01902 877600, Fax: 01902 453764 or E-mail :


Shipley Company

Shipley and its subsidiary company Rodel together with Lea Ronal and Morton Electronic Materials are now transacting business under a new name – Rohm and Hass Electronic Materials.

For customers in the metal finishing, plating on plastics and tinplate industries it is stated that joining the Rohm and Hass brand brings closer contact with related divisions such as Automotive Coatings, Powder Coatings and Ion Exchange Resins, which demonstrates the strength of support within the group for both decorative and corrosion protection solutions. The Electronic and Industrial Finishing division of Shipley will also be changing its name to Packaging and Finishing Technologies.

Two recently introduced products:

Solderon BT-280 – a new low-carbon version of its high-speed bright pure tin plating systems. A high speed acid based process formulated for continuous electroplating of wire and connector strip.

Ronovel CM-388 – a new cobalt alloy gold plating process specifically designed for use in the connector industry. Suitable for barrel and rack applications, mildly acidic and offers good alloy stability (0.35 – 0.45% cobalt) even in low current density areas.

Further information –


New Safety Guide from BSTSA

Shortly to be released a new Safety Guide/Code of Practice from BSTSA in conjunction with the Loss Prevention Council (LPC) entitled Electrical Process Heating Fire Safety in the Metal Finishing Industry. The contents of the guide includes: heater selection, installation– both mechanical and electrical, fluid level control, commissioning & maintenance.

To book your copy tel: 0121 237 1123

Barkston Ltd

Barkston announce its intention to produce its own product range with the launch of a selection of plastics modular booths. The booths are aimed at markets involved in chemical decanting, fabrication, fume control, paint spraying finishing and anodising: to provide users with work-friendly environments which comply with current health and safety requirments. Further details from Simone Jones tel: 0113 259 6600 or e-mail or direct from Barkston tel: 0113 249 2222


IMF News

New members and transfers

Students Khan M Birmingham


Yg. Affiliate Fairley G Aberdeen


Affiliate Ford S Birmngham

Groome A Telford

McAllister S Penkridge.

Prakitrittranon S Thailand

Shelton-Smith J Tamworth.

TechIMF Potter S * Gloucester

Smart R.S * Gloucester


Member Milner M.J * Stockport

Murren C Fairley

* Transfer from Affiliate


‘Future Group’ events

Thursday 24 June at Birmingham University

Commencing at 13.45 a seminar consisting of the following presentation:-

  • Lead replacement for the Electronics industry
  • Electrophoeretic lacquers
  • Sales & marketing within the plating industry
  • Specification criteria for new plating equipment


Wednesday 21 July – Jewellery Quarter

Visit to see manufacture and finishing of precious metal products


Further details of the above events from Exeter House



It is with regret that the Irish Branch record the sudden death of Paddy O’Malley. He was well known to the plating industry in Ireland initially through MFS and later when employed with Enthone. He will be remembered for his tirelessness, his tenacity, commitment and loyalty to his customers and his extensive knowledge and experience. Paddy will be sorely missed by friends and colleagues in the Irish Branch and by the industry he served so well.


Draft Standard for Public Comment


ISO 12732 Corrosion of metals and alloys. Method for electrochemical potentiokinetic reactivation measurement using the double loop method (based on Cihal’s method|)


International Standards being reviewed

ISO 8076:1984 Aerospace process. Anodic treatment of aluminium alloys. Chromic acid process 40 V DC, undyed coating


ISO 8077:1984 Aerospace process. Anodic treatment of aluminium alloys. Chromic acid process 20 V DC, undyed coating


ISO 8078:1984 Aerospace process. Anodic treatment of aluminium alloys. Sulfuric acid process, undyed coating


ISO 8079:1984 Aerospace process. Anodic treatment of aluminium alloys. Sulfuric acid process, dyed coating


Comments are invited on whether the above four standards should be confirmed unchanged, reviewed or withdrawn. Comments should be submitted by 15 June by e-mail to:

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