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IMFormation January 2015

Christmas Event 2014
Institute Awards

The awards were presented by the President Graham Armstrong

The President awarding the Gold Medal to Clive Barnes (right)

Award Presented to
Gold Medal
Samuel Field Medal
Hothersall Memorial Medal
Connie Sieff Memorial
Eddie Marlow Memorial (sponsored by PMD (UK) Ltd)
Canning Bi¬centenary Medal (sponsored by MacDermid plc)
Riley Surface World Award
Pexa Award
Education and Training Awards
Foundation Certificate Course
Technician Module Course
Clive Barnes
Allan Turner
Prof David Gabe
Pablo Nieto Aliseda
Ian Shuker
T Gough
S Tebbakh*
Janet Hope
Education and Training Awards
Martin Swiers
Benjamin Bateson

* With certificates to contributing associates
For more information on the various Institute’s awards please consult the Institute’s diary.

Environment, Health & Safety
Recent prosecutions brought by HSE

An Aerospace company was heavily fined after several workers suffered varying degrees of debilitating nerve condition (Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome). Further, employees were using tools without training in the risks involved.

An Oldham company was fined £125,000 when a worker died after being struck by a 3 ton piece of steel being lifted by an overhead crane when two overhead cranes collided.

A Lanarkshire company was fined £24,500 for safety failings following the death of a worker who was thrown from a forktruck when he made a sharp turn He was not wearing a seatbelt and was trapped beneath the protective cage and suffered multiple injuries and pronounced dead at the scene.

A Basingstoke company was fined over £7,000 in fines and costs for safety breaches when a man was crushed between a telehandler and a steel post. He suffered lifethreatening injuries which involved removal of damaged internal organs. He was acting as a lookout whilst an impromptu operation was taking place to move the telehandler for repair.

A Solar Panel installer Company has been fined £6,000 including costs, when two brothers fell through a roof whilst they were installing panels. The Company owner failed to make adequate assessment of the risks involved of working on a fragile roof. HSE found there was no equipment or measures in place, such as nets or scaffold edge protection to prevent or mitigate a fall. A London Company has been sentenced for operating a faultridden forklift truck and trying to deceive safety inspectors by forging a positive examination report of the vehicle. HSE found the 2.5 tonne counterbalance truck had never been examined since being purchased in 2011. They found more than 40 faults. The company was fined £18,000 and ordered to pay £2,314 in cost for single breaches of HSE regulations.

An NHS trust in court after workers were potentially exposed to asbestos. They were fined £55,000 and ordered to pay costs of over £34,000 after it was found likely that workers had been exposed for more than a decade at three hospitals in Herefordshire to potentially fatal asbestos between April 2000 and November 2011.

A Hampshire businessman, a disqualified director, was jailed for serious fraud and safety offences. A second businessman was given a suspended prison sentence for similar offences relating to the death of an worker who was crushed and killed by a twotonne metal sandmoulding box that fell from the lifting chains of a crane

Editor’s Note. The above details of prosecutions by HSE are recorded here by courtsey of SEA.

DEFRA Dichloromethane

DEFRA have modified the regulation for this substance, such that it can now be allowed and supplied for use in the UK. They will allow paint strippers based on this solvent to be used, following the introduction of necessary training requirements and a mandatory certificate of competence, for professional users. HSE, who are responsible for consulting on this proposal, are currently developing the training syllabus and testing regime.


Nine new substances have been added to the Authorisation List, and includes substances of very high concern used as solvents, anticorrosion and curing agents. Included in the list are strontium chromate, dichromium tris (chromate) and potassium hydoxyoctaoxodizincatedichromate. Full details of other substances in the list can be found on the ECHA website.


The EU risk assessment committee has proposed to classify Lead as reproductively toxic with a specific concentration limit of 0.3% including alloys of lead containing more than this amount.

Company News & People

EU SME Breakfast Meeting

The meeting, held in November was hosted by MEP Paul Rubig of the European Parliament and a member of the Parliament’s committee on Industry Research, and Energy. He said that SME’s from the surface engineering sector are vitally important to Europe’s competitiveness. He introduced several other MEP’s who were present at the meeting. The first speaker, Mr Rinalds Celmins, Counsellor for Industry, Competitiveness, and Export. The next speaker was Mr David Elliott, Chief Executive of the UK’s Surface Engineering Association and the President of the Committee for Surface Treatment, was introduced. He said how vital the SME’s are to the success of almost all commercial and manufactured industrial products “without surface engineering, sustainable component manufacture is not possible, and this is a very important point to remember – surface engineering and manufacturing go hand in hand – you cant’t have one without the other”.

Banner Chemicals Group UK
The shareholders of Banner Chemicals Ltd UK and Stowlin Croftshaw have agreed to join forces. Stowlin’s customers will enjoy a seamless service as operations, sales and marketing activities will continue as usual from the Leicester based site. The joint portfolio of Banner’s Precision Cleaning Solutions (PCS) Business unit and Stowlin will provide customers with an enhanced and complete range of solutions for metal surface treatment, cleaning and phosphating. Customers for Stowlin products should continue to place orders with Stowlin, and Banner’s PCS with Banner Chemicals. Over time, a combined plan will be developed for the benefit of both customers and suppliers. Further information please contact: Mr Mottie Kessler, Chairman & CEO2M
Holdings email:

3M Abrasives
All eyes are on 3M Abrasives at Moorfield Eye Hospital. This worldrenowned hospital has found a unique application for industrial abrasive wheels, and uses them in the finishing and refining process of its prosthetic eyes. By using ScotchBrite’s wheels, Moorfield can quickly and precisely create ocular prosthetics of superb quality that frequently transform the lives of patients and their families.

SIEBEC UK Ltd, based in Stafford, is the UK subsidiary of the SIEBEC Group, one of Europe’s foremost manufacturers of pumps and filter systems to the electroplating and surface finishing industries. Due to internal reorganisation and the impending retirement, we are seeking a:
Initially his/her duties will be to assist in all aspects involved in the daytoday running of the small but efficient sales/distribution business, which it is planned that within a year, as a result of retirement, the new General Manager will then take complete control of the company in a fully autonomous capacity.
Ideally we are looking for an experienced technical sales person, preferably with knowledge of the UK electroplating and surface finishing industries and markets who would welcome and take advantage of an exciting new challenge. This is an excellent opportunity for a competent businessminded sales person to show what he/she is capable of taking the business into the future. It is an ideal opportunity for the right person to build an exciting and successful career within the Siebec group of companies.
The remuneration package will be comprehensive and competitive, and will include relocation assistance if required. Previous applicants are welcome to reapply.
Please reply in first instance enclosing current CV to: Mr P.N. Davies General Manager and Director, SIEBEC UK Ltd, Unit 3, St Albans Bus. Park, St Albans Road STAFFORD ST16 3DR or email to:
Schloetter Surface Technology
The group formed in 1912 have specialised in the Surface Finishing market. Heavily focused on R & D. we are currently seeking 2 motivated persons as Technical Sales Representatives to sell and provide technical support for the company’s range of electroplating materials.


• Midlands and Northern Area Team
• Southern Area Team
Successful applicants will need electroplating experience and will be part of the sales team reporting directly to the Sales & Technical Director. The remuneration package will include a competitive salary, bonuses, personnel accident & protection insurance, company car etc. For application form please contact Mrs Jan King at Schloetter Co Ltd, New Road, Pershore Worcs, WR10 1BY

IMF News

IMFair 2015 - Venue Change
Due to the construction of a new road complex, we have been informed that the Motor Museum at Gaydon has been forced to close for up to 2 years. The conference committee have searched for an alternative venue and are now able to announce it that it will be held at the Black Country Living Museum’s Conference Centre situated on the A4037, between Dudley and Tipton, about 3 miles from Junction 2 of the M5 Motorway. The dates will be as originally notified–9th & 10th June 2015.
Interested parties from Academia and Industry are reminded that the deadline date for submission of a title and synopsis for inclusion in this event is tended to February 6th and should be sent to Helen Wood at IMF, Exeter House, 48 Holloway Head, Birmingham B1NQ or preferably by email to:

Senior Members Meeting
The next meeting will take place at Exeter House on: Wednesday 25th March 2015 Commencing at 12.30 with a buffet lunch, which will be followed by a talk by Dr Arthur Brace entitled “Experiences as a U.N.I.D.O. Expert”. The talk will cover Arthur’s experiences from projects in Argentina, Iran and China covering a collection of wide ranging projects. He was also the editor and contributor to the U.N.I.D.O Handbook “Non Ferrous Metals – A Survey of their Production and Potential in Developing Countries.
Please advise David Meacham at Exeter House of your intention to be present by telephone or email:

Sheffield & North East Branch
The Branch Annual Dinner & Dance will be held at the Thorpe Park Hotel and Spa, Leeds On Saturday 7th March 2015 Please advise John Torr by email

Exeter House • 48 Holloway Head • Birmingham • B1 1NQ
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