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IMFormation February 2012

Is it time for a ‘Name Change’ ?

At the 2011 Annual General Meeting a proposal was put to those present to consider the changing of the Institute’s name to The Institute of Materials Finishing. The proposal is that the insignia IMF should remain.

Surface Finishing covers a multitude of finishing not just metals and over the last 60 years the finishing of metals with metallic coatings has significantly decreased with the inroads of plastics and composite materials which can be metal coated where required and the use of organic materials like paints and powder coatings where self coloured ancillary components are preferred.

The objective of putting this proposal to the 2011 AGM was to seek approval to investigate the practicalities of the change which requires time and assessment of necessary alterations to the rules and regulations as well as an estimate of costs implications. The proposal for the change was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed at the 2011 AGM thus enabling the governing Management Board to proceed with the necessary assessment.

This will be an agenda item at the 2012 Annual General Meeting to be held on the 5 December 2012 at the Birmingham Medical Institute. However, should the assessment proceed with speed it could be that an Extraordinary General meeting may be called.

Major decisions like this should be considered by all Members of the Institute and here is the opportunity for the Membership at large to voice their opinion.

Send your thoughts and comments by letter to Exeter House marked for the attention of the Secretary General or by email

Health, Safety & Environment

Chemical Hazards Communication
Society (CHCS) REACH 2013
London - 21 February 2012 Seminar entitled REACH Registration 2013 – Practical Experience & Help from those who have ‘Boldly Gone Before’!

The REACH Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 requires manufacturers and importers of those substances of between 100 and 1000 tonnes per year to have registered those substances by 1 June 2013. Selected speakers from HSE’s REACH Helpdesk, REACH Ready and Industry will give you the benefits and help you avoid many of the pitfalls experienced by your predecessors who have already gone through the process for the 1000 tonne plus substances.

ECHA have added another 20 substances to the candidate list and have published their 3rd recommendation for an update to Annex XIV. ECHA expect this to become part of the legislation in February 2013 with a ‘Sunset’ date of May 2016.

IMF News

New Members & Transfers Affiliate
Rivas Neira, Eliseo London
Rankin, Clare Seagate Ireland
Griffiths, Brent MP (Eastern) Ltd
Nickerson, Mark MP (Eastern) Ltd
Donnan, Russell Surface Technology plc
Lewis, James Twickenham Plating Ltd
Tranca, Eugenia Twickenham Plating Ltd
Kwan, Sw-To Deutsch UK
Gilmour, Craig Deutsch UK
Merritt, Lee Mettis Aerospace
O’Neill, Richard Mettis Aerospace
Cotton, Edward Morgan Tech Ceramics Ltd
Harrison, William HENKEL Ltd
Webster, Shael Interplex PMP Ltd
Skingsley, Ian Tech-Ni-Plant Ltd
Keeble, Daniel Tech-Ni-Plant Ltd
Paterson, Charles Acorn Surface Technology
Sinclair, Arron Acorn Surface Technology
Member (MIMF)
Hope, Janet LVH Coatings Ltd
Onwuegbuche, Victor Jaguar Land Rover
Fellow (FIMF)
Dullaghan, Conor Ohio Precision Metals
Eagleton, Thomas Home Office, London
Larson, Clive Exec.Transactions Editor

Education & Training

Over the past 2 years we have reviewed and revised, where appropriate, all of the education and training modules to ensure that they are as up-to-date as possible. Below is information on the various modules available.

Foundation Module – covers 29 surface finishing named processes (of which a student studies 15 units) covering metallic and non-metallic coating at basic level to give students an initial appraisal of technologies geared to the metallic & organic coating and aerospace industries.

Technician Modules
Principles of Electroplating – provides a basic understanding of electrodeposition of metals, process control, corrosion, environmental, health and safety issues. No previous qualifications are necessary although a basic knowledge of chemistry is useful or to have previously studied the Foundation module. Electroplating Practice – this module provides a comprehensive knowledge on the deposition by electro and electroless plating of the major metals and the pretreatments currently available for industrial application.
Paints, Lacquers and Varnishes – information about ‘wet’ solvent and water-based industrial finishing processes together with application methods, curing, drying and testing. Included is information on application methods and health & safety and environmental issues.
Powder Coating – provides knowledge about the various types of powders used to produce coatings together with the various methods of application, testing, health & safety and environmental issues.
Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) - covers legislative information on EH&S issues from the UK and the European Union.
Automotive Surface Finishing – a specialised module developed for the training of employees within the automotive manufacturing industry.
The latest modules available in 2012 are: Electroforming – this module describes how this technology can be employed to manufacture components and tools. After study of the module students should know about the following aspects:
Surface finishing techniques
Electrode reactions
Selection and use of mandrels
Electroforming electrolytes
Control of the physical & mechanical
properties of electroforms
Plant and equipment requirements
Materials Science - this module covers aspects of manufacture, properties and examination of the many materials that may require various forms of coating or treatment in order for them to fulfil their intended lifespan. Whilst this module is for surface finishing operatives and supervisors it can be of benefit to engineering and design personnel as a ‘stand-alone’ module. The module covers the following aspects:
Classification – metals, ceramics,
polymers & composites
Bulk and surface properties
Property – correlation’s of
Evaluation of stress & strain of materials
Testing & evaluation of materials
Toughness, hardness, adhesion & wear
Nucleation & growth of crystals
Bond formation
Amorphous and crystalline solids
Lattice structures and orientation
Nucleation, growth and formation
Solidification of metals
Dendrites, grain boundaries and defects
Solid solution formation in binary alloys
Phase & lever rules, metallograhy
Working and heat treatment
Metal fabrication processes
Metal casting processes
Polymer fabrication processes
Surfaces and surface hardening
Basic corrosion cells
Thermodynamics and kinetic principles
Methods of corrosion protection
Corrosion damage- prevention/reduction
Visual observation
Electron microscopy & X-ray analysis

Further information on all modules can be seen on the IMF website or contacting David Meacham at Exeter House by telephoning - 0121 622 7387

New Sustaining Members

Tech-Ni-Plant Ltd
Unit 4, Holt Court North
Heneage Street West
Aston Science Park
Birmingham B7 4AX
Tel: 0121 359 8545, Fax: 0121 333 4950
Supplier of a full range of surface treatment processes including Ion Implantation, Cr-i-onising*, Hard Chromium and Electroless Nickel Plating, Titanium, Eas-i-glide*, Titanium Aluminium and Chromium Nitride, Diamond - like coating, Nickel Silicon Boride and Copper Plating * Company proprietary names

Kumi Solutions Ltd
Unit 6, Bermuda Innovation Centre
St David’s Way
Nuneaton CV10 7SG
Tel: 02476 350360, Fax: 05601 277115
The UK distributor for Pero, a world-leading manufacturer of metal component degreasing machines. Based in Nuneaton with high quality demonstration facilities for trials to support the solution that best suits our customers.

24-7 Response
OHES Environmental Ltd
1, The Courtyard, Denmark Street,
Wokingham, Berkshire, RG40 2AZ
Tel: 0118 9029373, Fax: 0118 9772147
24-7 Response provides specialist advice in case of incidents involving chemicals. Clients can display a dedicated emergency telephone number on safety data sheets, transport documents, in staff procedures etc.

ASF Training Ltd
Frampton, St Athan Road, Cowbridge,
Glamorgan, CF71 7EQ
Tel & Fax: 01446 775593
ASF Training Ltd offer a wide range of courses within the refinishing industry. Training packages are tailormade to suit the customer and we are always willing to discuss training requirements.

Examination Results – January 2012

South West Metal Finishing - Principles of EP
Coombe, David * Giles, Peter #
Gryglowska, Agnieszka # Hall, Clover *
Rose, Matthew *
South West Metal Finishing–Environmental H & S
Coombes, Tim Cox, Leigh *
Duffield, Ian Ennis, Anthony
Harrer, Jason Lovatt, John *
Mayer,Christopher * Urbsyte, Ruta
Werblanska, Katarzyna *
Poeton Industries – Principles of EP
Addis, Jessica * Ashmore, Jessie
Banton, Marcell Langley, Daniel
Wallace, Daniel
Distance Learning – Paint, Lacquer & Varnish
Dinsdale, Nicola * BAE Systems
Distance Learning – Foundation Certificate
Cottam, Ian GKN Aerospace
Khatri, Mohammed * Godrej & Boyce
Mhatre, Rupesh Godrej & Boyce
Mishra, Somshankar Godrej & Boyce
Nalgirkar, Vinayak * Godrej & Boyce
Johnson, Matthew * (Praxair Surface
Brown, Kevin * (Technologies
Cox, Sean * Selex Galileo
McDonnell, Richard # Harwin plc
* pass with Merit # pass with distinction

Southern Branch

Thursday 15 March 2012, Portsmouth Museum Tour, Mini Exhibition & Symposium
2.00 Tour of Royal Armouries Museum
4.15 Symposium & Exhibition entitled - Surface Technology workshop & Health & Safety update at the BAE Systems Broad Oak Social Club.
Further information contact Clive Arnold - Email:

Senior Meeting Wednesday 18 April 2012 at Exeter House
commencing with Buffet Lunch at 12.30
Talk by Prof. David Gabe entitled:
Another use for Lead, Tin & Zinc – Organ Pipes Please contact David at Exeter House of your intention to be present

Sheffield & North West Branch
Saturday 10 March 2012
Annual Dinner & Dance
at the Thorne Park Hotel
Further details & to reserve places contact: John Torr – Email:

National Metals Technology Centre
2nd European Titanium Conference
27/28 March 2012 entitled:
Latest in Technology, Research and Application for Titanium
At Tortworth Court, Bristol
For further details email:

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