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IMFormation February 2011

Dr Sheelagh Campbell Memorial Symposium
Interdisciplinary Electrochemistry

The Institute of Materials Finishing, in association with the Royal Society of Chemistry's Industrial Physical Chemistry Group and the Institute of Solar Fuels within the Helmholtz Centre, Berlin are organising a symposium at the Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, London on:

Friday 8 April 2011
11:00 am to 4:30 pm

The Symposium is intended to cover contemporary aspects of electrochemistry including emerging and innovative science and technology in our own fields. Professional associates of Sheelagh Campbell and other authorities from home and abroad are invited to contribute by presentation or in discussion. Volunteers from the IMF are welcome!

Speakers, who have to date intimated they would like to participate include: Professor H.J. Lewerenz and Dr K.Skorupska (Germany), Professor Bozzini (Italy), Professor D. Muller (Switzerland) and from the United Kingdom Professor L.Peters (Bath), Drs Iwona Beech, A.Smith, J.Smith, C.Gwenin, A.Osborne, T.Eagleton and P.Farr.

Attendance, including luncheon, is free. Students wishing to attend may apply for a bursary towards travel costs. It is necessary to register your intention to attend through: Dr Matthew J Baker at:

Health, Safety & Environment

Cobalt REACH Consortium
The Secretariat of the Cobalt Consortium would appreciate assistance from companies that use cobalt substances in manufacturing processes. Downstream users may not have registration obligations under REACH but there are related requirements, which include communicating information with regard to uses and exposures, as well as information hazard classifications. Information about cobalt substances covered by the Cobalt Consortium is posted on the CoRC website, and includes a list of identified uses, and an update on the status of the classification work being conducted by the Cobalt Consortium:
• For cobalt metals visit:
• For inorganic cobalt substances visit:
• For cobalt carboxylates, visit:
CoRC Tel: +44 (0) 1483 510473
Fax:+44 (0) 1483 573877

Company News and Products

Exova Reference the articles published in the December edition of IMFormation. There are two sites in Dudley and the investment in a state-of-the art corrosion testing facility is at the company's routine laboratory at Dudley.

Nickel Institute (NI)
The Nickel Institute announces the appointment of Dr. Kevin Bradley as its new President effective 1 January 2011, to succeed Stephen Barnett whose term came to a close on 31December 2010. Dr. Bradley is currently Director of Regulatory Policy & Public Affairs and Head of Office-Brussels for the Nickel Institute. The Chair of the Board of the NI said "Kevin brings to the position a deep understanding of the functioning of European Institutions and the regulatory issues affecting the use of nickel and nickel compounds globally. With his science background and experience in Government, Kevin knows the key role science plays in the development of public policy and the role of risk management in the use of nickel and nickel compounds". Under Kevin's leadership the Nickel Institute will continue to promote nickel uses for the benefit of society. The Nickel Institute will continue to advocate globally for sound science as the basis for regulation and provide leadership on programs such as REACH in the European Union. Further information can be obtained from:
T. E. Aiken, Chairman, Nickel Institute
+27 11 373 6318 or
D. G. Butler, Corporate Secretary, Nickel Institute
+1 416 860 6449

Indestructible Paint Ltd
Indestructible Paint Ltd. in Birmingham, have employed a new member of staff for a period of four years in conjunction with the University of Surrey. Chris White, MEng Aerospace Engineering, joined Indestructible on 1st November 2010 to carry out research and development on the use of nanoparticle technology in surface coatings.
Chris will work closely with Indestructible's existing development personnel.
The University hopes to bridge gaps between industry and academia with this type of project while enabling students to gain an Engineering Doctorate. Proposed by the National Physical Laboratory, the project is partly funded by the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and will enable Chris to complete an EngD in nano materials.
MD of Indestructible, Brian Norton, commented: "Research in conjunction with the University of Surrey will help us focus our attention on nanotechnology and should bring many benefits. In the past, we have seen some problems with the use of nano particles. This research project will give us an opportunity to develop a wider range of high performance coatings and help grow the company".

Pexa is pleased to announce that it has become a member of Aerochemicals.
Aerochemicals is an alliance of international specialists in specific markets within the aerospace industry, providing a wide range of critical chemical products, services and technical support. Aerochemicals provides a world-wide customer service network with 40 sales offices, over 9 manufacturing locations, 7 laboratories, and 250 staff.
Aerochemicals was founded in 2002 to supply and support OEM and MRO customers within the aerospace industry with high tech chemical products and equipment.
Each member is a leading company in the aerospace industry and members have access to a global market and a complete product range to serve the industry's needs. Members include:
Socomore, Dysol, Contec, Magchem, Haas Finechem, PSA, Testron and Metal-Chek. Products offered include a range of surface treatments including Pexa's field of expertise - surface coatings.
Pexa was honoured to be invited to join Aerochemicals and we intend to be active members of the alliance for the benefit of our partners and customers. We are looking forward to 2011 being a busy year for the alliance and we aim to play our part in that.
See for more details.

New Pig Ltd – Leak & Spill
This company provides a range of products for the absorbence of leaks and spill. They have recently produced a new catalogue, which introduces 45 new products.
To obtain this new edition Tel: 0800 919 900

IMF News

New Members & Transfers

Banks, Richard Indestructible Paint Ltd
Neal, David Rolls Royce
Gill, Nigel Rolls Royce

Examination Results –December 2010
Foundation Certificate

Street, Hugh Seagate Technology (NI)

Principles of Electroplating Course at Messier Services
Alder, Ashley # Holder, Colin
Hughes, Neil # Murphy, Iain *
Sealey, Andrew * Turner, James
Wilkins, Dean *
* Pass with merit # Pass with distinction These students are the first ones to sit their examination following the July 2010 revision and extension of the syllabus.

In the opinion of the Chairman of Education this shows the value of supplying the module notes on memory sticks to students on tutored courses that lead to the award of the Technician certificate by studying any two of module subjects shown below:

  • Principles of Electroplating
  • Electroplating Practice
  • Paint, Lacquer & Varnish
  • Powder Coating
  • Health, Safety & Environment
  • Automotive Surface Finishing
  • Material Science

Next Enrolment

The last date for students to enrol for any of the Distance Learning modules is early May 2011. Contact - David at Exeter House: 0121 622 7387

Social Event

The Midland Branch has received a suggestion to consider holding a Quiz Night evening at a local public house.
A team would comprise four persons, which may include friends, wives etc from individuals or companies. Cash prizes would be awarded – say 1st, 2nd & 3rd.
Interested! – Contact John Whitehouse via email at Exeter House:

Senior Members Meeting
Tuesday 12th April 2011
Assemble Exeter House 12.00-12.30 for Buffet Lunch followed by a talk by Colin Prosser.
Please advise EH of your intention to attend.

Out & About

Surface World & Correx 2011
1st – 3rd November 2011
NEC, Birmingham
Don't wait until it's too late – reserve your stand NOW and secure the best possible position at the show.
For more information – contact Nigel Bean, Exhibition Sales Director, Hill Media Ltd Tel: +44(0)1442 826826 or

European Coatings Congress & Show
28 –30 March 2011
Nuremberg, Germany
The upcoming European Coatings Congress (parallels the Coatings Show) highlights the way ahead once again when Nuremberg becomes the world's biggest hub for the paint and coatings industry. The global coating community is invited to learn about the most recent research results and industrial developments. Some 150 selected papers in 5 sessions will present scientific and technical insights on how to address today's challenges of increasing customer and legislative demands for both enhanced coatings performance and greater environmental benefits.
Further details from:

Safety & Health Expo
17th – 19th May 2011
NEC, Birmingham

14th – 16 June 2011
RAF Cold War Museum, Cosford
The Surface Finishing event for the Aerospace and Defence industries. Further

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