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IMFormation February 2010

One-day Symposium and Tabletop Exhibition

Targeted testing of Surface Coatings for Cost Reduction
Using ‘state of the art’ testing technology to reduce the Reject & Failure rate and improve Profitability

Birmingham Medical Institute
Harborne Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 3AF
Tuesday 9 March 2010

The event aims to help you and your company to gain the best results from your surface finishing processes by introducing the latest advanced technology and new production practices to enable you to improve manufacturing efficiency and reduce costs. Presentations will cover many diverse techniques, which will be backed by a tabletop exhibition to enable companies to display their latest techniques and processes.


10.30 - Registration, Coffee & Biscuits, Exhibition opens

11.00 – Morning session

Testing the optimum – Peter Hope (LVH Coating Ltd)
Questioning the obvious – test your way to perfect product finishing – Malcolm Griffiths
(Castech Ltd) & Graham Armstrong (Indestructible Paint Ltd)
How can surface analysis reduce the cost and improve the quality of your products – Mike Petty (LSA)
Making pollution prevention pay – industrial effluent monitoring – Matthew Dillon (Hach Lange Ltd)

12.30 - Lunch

13.45 – Afternoon session

Cost reduction via process standardisation – Colin Bennett (Elcometer Ltd)
Cost effective testing of coatings – Mark Gee (NPL)

15.00 - Afternoon Tea & Coffee
Measurement and monitoring for manufacture and maintenance – Brenda Peters (Analysis) Qualicoat – one industry’s method of improving quality and profitability – John Carter (Exova)

Registration for Delegates and Exhibitors and full details of all of all presentations are published in the registration brochure available from the Institute Tel: 0121 622 7387, Email:

Health, Safety and Environment

Environmental Permitting Regulations

If supported by Parliament, these regulations are due to come into force on 6 April and will replace the 2007 Regulations. The purpose of these replacements is to extend the scope of the Regulations to cover groundwater activities, water discharge activities and radioactive substances activities, as well as to bring within a single set of regulations existing provisions in relation to mining waste operations, exempt waste operations and transposition of the Batteries Directive. For full details of the regulation changes contact: David Demain at Defra Tel: 020 7238 1687

Change of IPPC Regulations
The Industrial Emissions Directive (IED), which will include the revamped IPPC Regulations, has been passed to the European parliament for approval. The UK government would like to see the IED finalised as soon as possible so that work can commence on bringing improvements into effect.

Defra – Paints regulations – Powers of entry.
Amendments to Paint Regulations give enforcement powers, including powers of entry for Trading Standards Officers have been laid before Parliament and came into force on 23 December. The effect is to correct an error in line with the original intention, which Defra consulted on in early 2009 so that all English authorities can fully exercise delegated functions. A letter of delegation and an industry code of practice were issued in June and can be found on Defra’s paint pages at the link below: Under this regime there is a role for trading standard officers regarding monitoring/enforcement in relation to distributors who are not subject to environmental permitting, as well as environmental Health Officers.

Company News and Products

Pexa - new packaging identity - mantapac
Pexa, specialist materials supplier to the aerospace, defence and high tech industries announces a new identity for its packaging business - mantapac; specialising in novel small packaging solutions for chemical products such as paints, surface coatings, adhesives and resins. Mantapac allows multiple components to be packed in precise quantities accurate to >1ml, with ratios preset to allow instant use of the product without any measuring by the user. The products are designed to allow easy dispensing and application at the point of use.
The current range includes the Burst-Pack, Clip-Pack, Dual Cartridge, cup-in-neck bottle, custom kits and Kitten®, together with a full array of plastic and foil pouches, small containers and applicator pens. The product keeping properties are extended by filling under nitrogen or in outer packs containing desiccant sachets. All products are fully batch traceable and the entire process is approved to aerospace standards. For further information please contact Pexa at: 01422 314400 or see web site:

Elcometer – new instrumentation
Elcometer 121/4 - available in standard and top versions they have been designed to measure the thickness of single and multiple layers of coatings on virtually all substrates, including wood, plastic and metal. Supplied with 3 standard cutters. and integrated x50 microscope with rotatable reticle scale and in built hi-intensity LED light allows easy measurement and analysis of the cut made to the coating.
Elcometer 319 - new design, easy-to-use, digital dewpoint meter, Bluetooth® which has already been accepted by users as being very rugged and accurate, in standard and top versions specifically designed to accurately measure and record all relevant climatic values required to determine if conditions are suitable for painting.
Durable, rugged, dustproof and waterproof to IP66, incorporating fully sealed, durable sensors with a range between –20oC and 80oC (-40F to 176o Intuitive & user-friendly, with a multi-lingual menu system, it records all key climatic values with any combination of up to 5 parameters displayed on the screen together.
High & low limits can be set against each parameter, triggering visual and audible alarms whenever a limit is exceeded.
Memory & statistics, the inbuilt memory records each measurement, storing up to 25,000 sets of readings in 999 batches.
Remote Data-Logging readings can be taken at user-defined time periods.
Integral High Power Magnets enable the gauge to be securely attached to any steel structure – ideal for remote data logging.
For more information on the above instrumentation contact Elcometer -

Riley Surface World
Riley Surface World has entered into an exclusive agreement with a leading German manufacturer CONTRACOR, of abrasive blast and airless spray painting equipment. to distribute its range of pressurefed shot blasting systems in the UK. The equipment is fully supported with a wide range of spares.
See the range on the web at:

Alan Technologies Ltd → SurTec (UK)
These companies have enjoyed an excellent working agreement over the last decade resulting in SurTec’s state of the art electroplating and surface treatment technology being well established in the UK.
The new company - SurTec (UK) Ltd - underlines SurTec’s global approach and brings substantial addition technical and R & D resources to the customer base already built up by Alan Technologies in the UK.
Chris Mayhew and Peter Jackson become directors and shareholders in the new company together with Herbert Baunach, the MD of Sur Tec International.

IMF News

New Members and Transfers

Corbett, Anthony Gencom UK, West Bromwich
Lee, Soo Wohn Korea
Goosey, Martin Innovative Electronics
Research Centre,
Loughborough University

Fellow (FIMF)
Arnold, Clive BAE Systems, Portsmouth
New Sustaining Member Companies
Analog Devices
Raheen Business Park
Limerick, Ireland
Tel: 00353 (0)61 229011, Fax: 00353 (()) 302263
Analog Devices designs and manufactures integrated circuits (IC’s) and began production in 1976 in Limerick as part of ADI, a JS Multinational and world leader on high performance signal processing. They are used to convert phenomena such as light, sound, temperature, motion and pressure into electrical signals used in a wide array of electrical equipment

Birmingham Plating Co.Ltd
142-152 Lewisham Road
Smethwick, West Midlands B66 2ER
Tel: 0121 558 2341, Fax: 0121 558 3923
Services include rack & barrel, acid & alkaline zinc processes; decorative nickel & chromium, specialises in large component processing and have high volume automated facilities. ISO9000 & 14001 accreditation & RoHS/ELV compliant. Full collection & delivery service.

Unfortunately, the web and email address of the new Sustaining Member Companies featured in the December edition of this newsletter did not print out. Why is a mystery to both the IMF and our printer. We offer our sincere apologies and list below the relevant details:

Adept Pure Water Technologies

Paragon Chartered Chemists (now ParaChem Consulting Chemists)


Pre-Treatment Solutions Ltd

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting for the year July 1st 2008 to June 30th 2009 was held at the Birmingham Medical Institute following the Christmas Lectures, Institute Awards and Christmas Luncheon. Following the usual agenda items, a special item of business was discussed. This involved the proposal to change the ruling body of the Institute from a ‘Council’ to that of a ‘Management Board’ with deletion of the Executive and Finance Committee. This proposal had been approved at the Council Meeting held in October to be discussed and approved at this AGM, where approval was given.
The Treasurer, Alan Koch advised those present of various changes needed to the Institute’s ‘Articles of Association to be offered for approval at a Special General Meeting. This meeting has been arranged for Thursday 18 February commencing at 11.30 in the Library at the Birmingham Medical Institute.
The insert enclosed with this newsletter gives details of the various changes to the Articles of Association.

Senior Members Meeting
Wednesday 31 March 2010
Exeter House, Birmingham
The meeting will commence at 12.00 where you can meet old friends and colleagues. This will be followed by a buffet Luncheon and a talk by Lawrie Brown entitled:
‘The art and technology of speed motor sport’ Enclosed with this newsletter is a form to enable you to inform Exeter House if you will be in attendance, or alternatively tel: 0121 622 7387 or email:

Irish Branch Represented at the Materials Ireland Conference.
The 2nd annual Materials Ireland Conference was held in the Tyndall Institute in Cork on the 14th and 15th December last.. These conferences are used to promote world leading research and development in Materials Science and Engineering. The occasion allows a forum for professionals and students interested in Advanced Materials.
The Conference was well attended and the occasion allowed to meet up with members of the Materials Ireland board and IOM3 who were also represented at the event.
The Irish Branch of the IMF were sponsors for this event along with Enterprise Ireland, Science Foundation Ireland and the Tyndall Institure of University College Cork. We were represented by Ann Hopper and Sam Briggs attended as President of the Institute.
There were 25 presentation and over 40 posters, the sections included Metals, Composites, Functional Oxides, Nanomaterials and a General Session. Our own Denis Dowling was Chair of the Industrial Session which included a lecture by guest speaker Dr Pascale Vangeli from Outokumpu. There was also great interest in another lecture on novel sealing process for anodized aluminum by Brendan Duffy of CREST.

Exeter House • 48 Holloway Head • Birmingham • B1 1NQ
Tel: 0121 622 7387 • Please refer to contact list for email addresses
Registered in England No 498619 A