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IMFormation February 2004

Christmas Lectures and Luncheon Report

Some 45 members and invited guests assembled at the Black Country Living Museum for this prestigious event prior to the formal Annual General Meeting of the Institute. As 11.00 am approached the Institute Event Organiser (Ron Read) appeared to be very agitated - the first lecturer, Professor David Gabe, was nowhere to be seen. Luckily, the second lecturer Dr Trevor Pearson was on hand and agreed to be first in to bat.

His lecture "Electroplating - Past, Present and Future" traced the various highlights in electroplating from the 1950s through to the present day with reference being made to the notable developments and patents by the world's process suppliers. Trevor concluded his presentation by reference to the various items of legislation, which are imposing stringent demands and threatening the future of the industry. Ron thanked Trevor for his contribution and with a sigh of relief announced that the next lecturer, David Gabe, had arrived.

David's tale of woe commenced with a initial rail breakdown en route from Loughborough, eventually arriving a few miles away from the AGM venue only to find the bus service was hourly and no taxi services were available. David commenced his lecture "Electroplaters - where have they come from?", showing no signs of his frustrating journey. With the aid of OHPs and 35mm slides he traced the contributions of various well known scientists such as André Marle Ampère, Humphrey Davy, Aloisio Galvani, Michael Faraday, Benjamin Franklin and others through to the Elkington Brothers showing both the individuals, their facilities and the applications of their developments.

The audience appreciated both lectures which will, in due course appear in full in the "Transactions of the Institute".

Following a short stroll from the lecture room to the Stables Restaurant, members enjoyed excellent traditional Christmas Fayre, complete with crackers and hats adequately washed down with wine. At 2.30 pm the formal business of the Annual General Meeting commenced and the day concluded by the presentation of the Institute's awards as listed below:

Westinghouse Prize (sponsored by Riley Industries Ltd)
Presented on behalf of the sponsors by the President to
G.Bennett, C.C Bocking, D.M.Jacobson & A.E.W.Rennie

Canning Bi-Centenary Medal (sponsored by MacDermid PLC)
Presented by Dr Trevor Pearson to

Connie Sieff Memorial Award
Presented by the President to

Eddie Marlow Memorial Award (sponsored by PMD (UK) Ltd)
Presented by Mark Naylor to

Health, Safety and Environment

Dust Explosions
HSE has published fully revised and updated guidance aimed at industries dealing with combustible dusts.
Safe Handling of Combustible Dusts seeks to lower the risk of dust explosions, present in many industries. The booklet is targeted at those who operate plants handling dusts, which can explode. It explains in simple language the tests used on dusts to assess their explosive properties, precautions used to control the risks, and an outline of the health and safety law that applies.
Copies of the booklet HSG103, ISBN 0 7178 2726 8, priced £10.95 are available from HSE Books, tel: 01787 881165 or Fax: 01787 313995

Working safely with electricity
Each year in the UK at least 20 people die from electric shock or electric burns at work, and several hundreds suffer serious burns arising from unsafe working practices, most of which are preventable.
HSE has recently updated and issued a second edition of Electricity at Work: safe working practices (HSG85) ISBN 0 7176 2164 2 price £7.95 available from HSE Books tel: 01787 881165,fax 01787 313995 or from the web at

New Isocyanate Paint Leaflet
A new leaflet that opens into a poster for display, provides practical advice aimed at preventing workers getting asthma from isocyanate chemicals in 2-pack paints used in the refinishing/repainting of motor vehicles. Safety in motor vehicle repair: Working with 2-pack isocyanate paints was launched in October. Dr John Powell, Head of the National Engineering Group in HSE's Manufacturing Sector, said "Exposure to isocyanates can cause long-term and life threatening illnesses. Isocyanates are the number one cause of occupational asthma which affects 7000 people each year in Britain".
The leaflet complements the practical guidance available from the COSHH Essentials website, hhtp://
Copies of Safety in motor vehicle repair: Working with 2-pack isocyanate paints INDG388 available from HSE Books reference ISBN 0 7176 2756 X or can be downloaded from

New publications from HSE Books
Four new Approved Codes of Practice were launched in November providing practical guidance with respect to regulations 5 and 6 of the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations (DSEAR) 2002.
Design of Plant, Equipment and Workplaces -
C of P L134, ISBN 0 7176 2199 5
Storage of Dangerous Substances -
C of P L135, ISBN 0 7176 2200 2
Control and Mitigation Measures -
C of P L136, ISBN 0 7176 2201 0
Safe Maintenance, Repair and Cleaning Measures -
C of P L137, ISBN 0 7176 2202 9
All publications are priced at £9.50 each available from HSE Books, Tel: 01787 881165

Company News and Products

Schloetter Company Ltd
Latest releases from Schloetter, additions to the family of plating and passivation processes:
SLOTOLOY ZK 40 - a new bright zinc-cobalt alloy process with enhanced corrosion resistance with very even alloy distribution within the range of 0.8 - 1.2 %.
The easiest of alloy systems to use, suitable for barrel and rack applications.
SLOTOPAS 100 - a new trivalent passivate designed specifically for use on zinc-nickel coatings giving an attractive dark iridescent finish. Excellent adhesion to subsequent topcoats e.g. use of SLOTOFIN sealant 10 gives a totally jet-black finish with excellent corrosion resistance.
Further information please contact: Paul Griffiths tel: 01386 552331 or E-mail:

Wolfson Heat Treatment Centre
The "Understanding Heat Treatment" course which attracted a record-breaking attendance last October will be repeated on April 20-22 and October 12-14 in the Business School at Aston University. Full details and registration forms can be obtained from the course administrator tel: 0121 359 3611 ext.5212.

Serfilco Europe Ltd
Serfilco Europe Ltd, a manufacturer and supplier of filters and pumps to the Metal Finishing, PCB and related industries announce the appointment of two distributors in the south of the UK.
Ardleigh Technical Ltd will cover the East Anglia and the Home Counties whilst RCS Engineering will serve the South Coast.
Contact Mike Hollis for Ardleigh - 01206 230532 or
Richard Stanford for RCS - 01903 239852

IMF News

"Transactions"- Publications Apology
The Institute would like to apologise to its members on the late arrival of the Transactions. The change of Managing Editor, whilst some upheaval was to be anticipated, produced further unexpected difficulties.
By now you should have received your September edition, which will be closely followed by the November edition. We anticipate we will be back on stream within about three months.

New Members and Transfers

Student: Murphy M, Loughborough

Yg Affiliate: Templeton D, Olney, Bucks.

Affiliate: Abeyrathne M.M, Sri Lanka; Clarke S.J, Sittingbourne; Sarac C, Istanbul, Turkey

Member: Gill N.D, * Glasgow

Fellow: Baker K.R**, Exeter; Fang J.L*, Taoyuan, Taiwan; Mawby J**, Sutton Coldfield

* Transfer from Affiliate ** Transfer from Member

Examination Successes

Foundation Certificate - November 2003 at Seagate Technology
Bell M * Carlin M *
Clafferty N Davis J #
Galligan E # Logue S *
McCausland D # O'Neill A #
Steele D * Tracey S *

Automotive Surface Finishing Module - October 2003 at BMW, Oxford

Barwell J * Dutton J #
James B Ross K *
Rowland D * Sedwell J
Wickens W

Technician Certificate - June 2003
Doyle D Poeton Industries Ltd
Spiers D Poeton Industries Ltd

* with merit # with distinction

Branch Events & News


March 31 - Symposium & Tabletop Exhibition entitled "Legislation Updates (IPPC, SED,WM) and new technologies for the treatment of wastewaters". See brochure enclosed with this mail shot.

May 25 Joint seminar in conjunction with NiDI on the "Nickel Risk Assessment".

Details of Midland Branch events from Ron Read, tel\fax 0121 308 0777


13 February - Annual Dinner & Dance at Tapton Hall, Sheffield. Details and tickets from Brian Grieves - Tel: 01924 864 889


19 February - New Techniques in Processing of Metals commencing at 19.00 hours at Cookson Electronics Woking Facility
Programme, including a laboratory tour, is:

Horizontal Plating (Steve Price, Atotech UK Ltd)

Immersion Silver (Peter Jackson, Cookson Electronic)

Pumped Flow Eductor Agitation of Electroplating and Associated Solutions (Huw Williams, Serfilco Ltd)

Paul Cave from Fischer Instrumentation will be on hand during the laboratory tour to answer questions and demonstrate/discuss the use of XRF.

Apply to Nick Sawyer, ITT Cannon, Basingstoke RG22 4BA, fax:01256 311387 or e-mail:

Irish Branch Presentations

At an awards ceremony at Seagate Technology, medals were presented by Dr Conor Dullaghan, the course tutor, to:

Students of the year 2002: Mary Tommons, Richard Henderson

Student of the year 2003: Paula Goodall

British Standards

Draft Standards for Public Comment

03/317245 DC ISO 22778 Metallic coatings.
Vapour deposited coatings of cadmium on iron and steel. Specification and test methods

03/317246 DC ISO 2081 Metallic coatings.
Electroplated coatings of zinc with supplementary treatments on iron and steel

03/317247 DC ISO 22779 Metallic coatings.
Vapour deposited coatings of aluminium. Specification and test methods

New or revised

BS EN 13858:2003 Corrosion protection of metals. Non-electrolytically applied zinc flake coating on iron or steel components
(No current standard superseded)

BS ISO 16862:2003 Paints and varnishes.
Evaluation of sag resistance
(No current standard superseded)

BS EN ISO 4628:- Paints and varnishes.
Evaluation of degradation of coatings. Designation of quantity and size of defects, and of intensity of uniform changes in appearance.

BS EN ISO 4628-7:2003 (BS 3900-H7:2003) Assessment of degree of chalking by velvet method.
(No current standard superseded)

BS EN ISO 4628-10:2003 (BS 3900-H10:2003)
Assessment of degree of filiform corrosion.
(No current standard superseded)

BS EN ISO 18265:2003 Metallic materials.
Conversion of hardness values
(Supersedes BS 860:1967)

Out and About

SITS 2004 + INDUSTRIE 2004. 22 - 28 March at Paris Nord Villeprinte.

Electrocoat 2004 Conference.14 - 16 April at Disney Coronado Springs Convention Centre, Orlando, Florida. Further information ++ 513 527 8800

MACH 2004 + SUBCON 2004. 19 - 23 April at the NEC, Birmingham.

6th World Surfactants Congress. 20 -23 June Berlin.
Details: tel +49 30 300 6690

Exeter House - Office Manager

Regrettably, Peter Griffin, our office manager, is leaving us for a new appointment, thus creating the vacancy for an office manager. Prospective candidates should send full CV details for the attention of the Honorary Secretary General, Barry Gay at the Institute's Office marked Private & Confidential.

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