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IMFormation December 2013

The Institute’s Awards for the year ending 30th June 2013
will be presented following the lectures at the
Birmingham Medical Institute on
Wednesday 4th December

Gold Medal

This award, the highest accolade given by the Institute, is presented from time to time for outstanding personal, scientific or technical achievement relevant to the Institute’s objectives Award to Denis Dowling – University College, Dublin

Canning Bicentenary Medal (Sponsored by MacDermid Ltd)

Awarded for the best paper published in the Bulletin section of Transactions The medal is awarded to K S Ryder with certificates to A P Abbott, N Dsouza & P Withey for their paper “Electrolytic processing of superalloy aerospace castings using choline chloride-based ionic liquids” (Vol 90, no 1, p 9-14)

Eddie Marlow Memorial Medal (Sponsored by PMD (UK) Ltd)

Presented for an outstanding contribution to the education & training of people working in surface engineering.

Westinghouse Prize (Sponsored by Riley Industries Ltd)

Presented for the best paper published in Transactions, that has shown the most valuable development in the science & practice of electrochemistry. Awarded to B Bozzini, E Tondo, P Raffa & M Boniardi for their paper “Electrodeposition of Y2 03 –Au composite coating for SOFC interconnects: in situ monitoring of film growth by surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy” (Vol 90, no 1. P30- 37)

Jim Kape Memorial Medal (Sponsored by the IMF)

Presented for a paper of significance in the field of aluminium or other light metal finishing, published in Transactions.The Medal is awarded to M Curioni with certificates to A A Zuleta, E Correa, X Pan, A Baron-Wiechec, P Skeldon, J G Castano, F Echeverria & G E Thompson for their paper “Formation of protective anodic oxides on aluminium by low voltage anodising in sulphuric acid with cerium nitrate & tartaric acid additions” (Vol 90, no 6, p290-297)

Connie Sieff Award (Sponsored by the IMF)

For meritorious service to the surface finishing industry internationally. Awarded to Henk de Mann posthumously for his work with CETS

Johnson Matthey Silver Medal

Awarded to individuals of academic, public and industrial organisations for high quality research in the field of precious metal coating. It is for a most original and progressive contribution towards the creation, development or understanding of precious metal coatings for use in any significant industrial, medical or environmental process, whether recently evolved or well established and published in Transactions. The medal is awarded to P Cavallotti with certificates to P Cojocaru & L Magagnin for their paper “Soft gold coatings: influence of additives and pulse plating” (Vol 90, no 5, p246-251)

Education Student High Achievement Awards

(Awarded by the IMF’s Examination board) Awarded for best student examination achievement by either Distance Learning or Tutored Route. Foundation Certificate – Anthony Griffiths – Metafin Group Holdings Technician Module Certificate – Edward Cotton- Morgan Technical Ceramics

Health, Safety & Environment

RAC issues opinions on harmonised classification and labeling (CLH) for two industrial chemicals.
ECHA committee for Risk Assessment (RAC) has adopted 2 opinions for the following substances: Imidazole and 1.2- Epoxybutane. These will be passed to the European Commission who will decide whether to include them as legally binding classifications under the CLP Regulations. Further information available on the ECHA website

ECHA proposal to Member States
Draft Community Rolling Action Plan (CoRAP) update for years 2014 – 2015. It contains substances for which there is a suspicion that their use could pose a risk to human health/ environment. Substance evaluation is the process under REACH Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 (Article 44 to 48) that allows for clarification of such potential risks. The draft plan introduces 125 substances that are proposed for Member States to review under the substance evaluation process. It contains 56 substances newly allocated to the MSs and 69 that are already included in the CoRAP update.
The draft plan was submitted on 24 October to the Member States Competent Authorities and the ECHA Member States Committee.

In publishing the draft now ECHA wishes to inform the stakeholders of the progress made and facilitate early communication between the involved registrants and the relevant evaluating Member State

Further information is on the ECHA website.

Updated Navigation tool helps industry identify REACH obligations
ECHA has published an update of the online tool in 23 official languages. The tool contains more information as well as references to the relevant legislation and to guidance documents developed since the previous update. Further information including access to the tool is available on the ECHA website.

Final report on the second REACH enforcement project now available
Of a total of 1181 companies inspected, 67% did not comply with one or more provisions of the legislation indicating compliance needs improving. Some recommendations can be found on the project report available on ECHA website.
Research report on the substitution costs of hazardous chemicals now available
Report of the research findings along with individual substance case study reports available on the ECHA website.
Final report on the second REACH enforcement project now available

IED Work Programme for 2014 (BREF reviews)
  • Waste incineration
  • Food, drink and mill
  • Surface treatment using organic solvents
  • Wood preservation with chemicals
In addition the EC still envisages to assess a possible merger of the horizontal BREF on Energy Efficiency (ENE) and Industrial Coating Systems (ICS) into a single Resource Efficiency BREF (possibly also covering the bold use of raw materials and water). The timing of these assessments will allow the final decision with respect to the reviews of their BREFs for a potential start date in 2015.

European Parliament – SME event week
It appears that the European Commission now accepts that REACH has a number of unintended consequences that will adversely impact on EU Manufacturing, so they are trying to find a way around the problem without it being seen as a U-turn They will not cancel REACH nor give out mass exemptions, so the key is to find a practical way forward so that the commission is not seen to be “backing down“ due to pressure from industry.

Company News and Products

Derwent Water
The company have launched a new state of the art counter current short cycle, deionisation system offering reliable, economic and energy efficient operation.
Producing up to 10Mohm (EcoPure C model) deionised water the system can be used in a range of markets and applications including surface finishing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, boiler feed and other general purified water applications. It employs an intelligent monitoring system which continually evaluates the incoming feed water and if required, adjusts its internal capacity to respond to any fluctuations in quality which ensues that it optimises the production of high purity water. Further information please call 01773 546644 or email:

Saint-Gobain Abrasives
A new range of surface conditioning discs for finishing applications. The Rapid-Prep products available under the Norton brand are suitable for applications such as removing surface defects and corrosion, deburring, mould cleaning and blending uneven edges and marks, across industries ranging from aerospace & transportation to energy & metal fabrication.
Made from non-woven nylon impregnated with abrasive grain and a proprietary smear-free resin, the Rapid-Prep abrasive technology can provide up to four times the performance of other surface finishing products.
For use with right angle grinders, in-line grinders and die grinders they have an open structure that resists loading on softer materials such as aluminium and provides good surface finishing on hard materials, increasing operational efficiency.

Bemco have been overcoming problems of heat transfer in aggressive environments with their range of materials to the sur face finishing and treatment Industries with the use of Carbon Steels, Incoloy, Stainless Steels and Titanium. They are designed for both heating and cooling requirements, to provide high efficiency with lower initial costs than water jacket systems. Control of the solution is more accurate, whilst the absence of non-conducting layers results in greatly increased transfer efficiency.
For more information ring: 0121 236 8211 or website:

SIFCO ASC – Launches New identity
The new identity reflects the commitment to the development of new solutions for elective plating processes and materials, working closely with its customers and partners and integrating with parent company Norman Hay plc.
For more information visit

BAKER Environmental Lining Services
  • Linings and coatings
  • Tank repairs, modifications and cleaning
  • Grit blasting preparations
  • Spill containment products
  • Free site surveys and consultations

IMF News

Examination News

South West Metal Finishing (SWMF)
September 2013

Foundation Course Certificate
Blackmore, Stephen * Brown, Joshua #
Clements-Gulley, Ben * Hayton, Scott #
Mhalanga, Petros Pollitt, Nasser

Technician Course – Electroplating Practice
Sherriff, Mark
NB Having previously obtained a distinction for the Principles of Electroplating module Mark is awarded the IMF Technician’s Certificate

Foundation Certificate – October 2013
Archer, Jean * Ashton & Moore
Bytheway, Matthew * G E Dowty Propellers
Cooper, Brynn # Technetix
Falconer, Genna Ashton & Moore
Glass, William * Ashton & Moore
Greenway, Emma * Indestructible Paint
Grig, Marie * FMF
Hammond, Kirsty # Indestructible Paint
Hunt, Stuart * British Silverware Ltd
Leslie, Carson Indestructible Paint
Neville, Jonathan * G E Dowty Propellers
Parker, Hannah * Ashton & Moore
Scott, Dean Vector Aerospace
Sharp, Stephen Vector Aerospace
Sutherland, James # Ashton & Moore
Swiers, Martin # PPM
Taylor, Alex # Ashton & Moore

Technician Modules
Principles of Electroplating
Jones, Mark Martec Ltd
Webster, Shael Interplex PMP

Electroplating Practice
Dunn, John + TMD Technologies Ltd
Fuller, Tony + Martec Ltd
Halliday, Martin * ++ H C Starck
Johnson, Matthew Praxair Surface Technologies
Mason, Liam Daido Industrial, Bearings Europe

Paint, Lacquer & Varnish
Whittaker, Thomas * ++ Sandwell UK Ltd

Advanced Technician Module
Materials Science
Dinsdale, Nicola # ++ BAE Systems
* Pass with Merit # Pass with Distinction
+ Having passed two Technician Modules these students have also been awarded the Technician Certificate
++ Technician Certificate – Pass with Merit

Members Upgrade
Associate (AssocIMF)
Griffiths, Tony Metafin Group Holdings
Member (MIMF)
Cooke, James Curtis Wright Surface Tech.
Cotton, Edward Morgan Technical Ceramics Ltd

New Sustaining Members

Shirley House, 12 Gatley Road
Cheadle, Cheshire SK8 1PY
Tel: 0161 491 3068 Fax: 0161 428 7521
Contact: Paul Vanden Branden – Product Manager
SciMed offers full range of analytical solutions for quaity control. Coating thickness gauges, full chemical composition testing using XRF, Raman and NIR spectroscopy. Full mapping options also available.

Pure Air Solutions
68 Kings Road, Ilkley LS29 9BZ
Tel: 0113 8000175
Contact: Mr Chris Carl– President
Pure Air Solutions offers a industrial indoor air filtration and retractable enclosure system that completely recycles air without the need to exhaust contaminants outdoors. Proven independently to substantially exceed all standards for employee Health and Safety.

Hendor – PE UK Ltd
Carrington Business Park
Manchester Road, Carrington
Manchester M31 4DD
Tel: 0161 776 4331 Fax: 0161 776 4334
Contact: Mr Darrell Astbury. Sales
Hendor-pe UK Ltd are suppliers of Magnetic and Vertical seamless Pumps & Filters, DC Switch Mode Pulse reverse Power Supplies & UK distributor for Scandymet Immersion Heaters.

Turbex Ltd
Unit 1, Riverwey Industrial Park
Newman Lane, Alton
Hants GU34 2QL
Tel: 01420 544909
Contact: Mr John Huntingdon M.D.
Turbex offers a wide range of aqueous cleaning technology including spray wash, ultrasonic and precision cleaning with rotation, together with all necessary ancillary items. They will advise on the optimum process to suit any application.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders Ltd
71 Great Peter Street
London SW1 2BN
Tel: 0207 235 7000
Contact: Mrs Premila Glover - Automotive Components Section Manager
The Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders Ltd (SMMT) is the trade association for the UK automotive industry, It supports and promotes the interests of the UK automotive industry at home & abroad.

COSMAP srl, Via L.Einaudi 3/5
Saccolongo (PD), Italy 35030
Tel: 07707 322068
Contact: Mr Thomas Watson, Sales Manager
Industrial automated finishing, grinding, buffing, polishing and satin finishing machine manufacturer and solution provider for any kind of hard surface (metal, plastics etc)

Exeter House • 48 Holloway Head • Birmingham • B1 1NQ
Tel: 0121 622 7387 • Please refer to contact list for email addresses
Registered in England No 498619 A

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