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IMFormation December 2012

THE Institute of Materials Finishing
Birmingham Medical Institute

At the 2011 Annual General Meeting, the membership in attendance was informed that a proposal had been received to change the title of the Institute to: The Institute of Materials Finishing and that the Institute’s governing Management Board undertook to assess the implication of this change and, if it considered appropriate, to include it as an agenda item at the 2012 AGM.

The IMF board having considered the implications and reviewed the actions required to implement this change have decided that it would be significantly beneficial to the Institute as it moves forwards into the 21st century to recommend this change to the membership. The cost of making the change is negligible, the benefit of being able to show the world at large that the Institute, formed in 1951, has grown up from the days of it being just the Electroplaters and Depositors Technical Society, formed in 1925, to an organisation able to encompass all the modern forms of surface treatments and coating processes onto a range of substrates far wider than just the mainstream metallic surfaces. As such the Management Board will recommend the adoption of the change at this year’s AGM.

The time will shortly be with us to vote on whether to accept this proposal. This is your opportunity to have your say. It is your Institute – if you agree or disagree, now is the time to offer your thoughts and your opinion. If you do not attend you cannot put forward your views or vote on the proposal.

The schedule for the AGM is:-
10.30 Coffee & Biscuits
11.00 Invitation lectures
11.45 Presentation of Institute Awards
12.45 Christmas Luncheon
14.15 Annual General Meeting

Please advise Ken at Exeter House if you propose to be present and your choice of main course – Beef, Turkey or Vegetarian.

Health, Safety & Environment

Health & Safety Executive
A solvent company has been prosecuted and fined after an unsafe decanting operation caused a huge fire which engulfed its Harworth base.
Employees were transferring toluene from a bulk container into smaller drums from the container. The pipe was too short which meant the liquid dropped into the drum, a process called ‘splash filling’ that is known to generate static electricity – a potential ignition source.
The Magistrates Court was informed that the flash point of toluene is just above 4oC, so on a hot June evening, when the process took place, the toluene would have a flammable vapour over its surface.
The build up of static electricity in the drum is thought to have ignited the vapour, sparked a fire which quickly took hold, spread to other containers of other flammable solvent and mixture, some of which exploded.
The workers present at the time all managed to escape due to the action of a quick-thinking supervisor Investigation by HSE found the ‘splash-fill’ was totally inappropriate, a clear risk, which was not properly assessed – the pipe was not earthed and worker protective clothing was not anti-static. The company had been twice warned of the dangers of the splash-filling method.
The company was fined £20,000 with £8,860 costs.

Reduction of Chromium (V1) OEL
An EU Working Party on Chemicals (WPC) meeting in October discussed hexavalent chromium TWA values and intend to make a decision at their next meeting on a proposal to implement an 8hr TWA value within the range of 0.025 –0.050 mg/m3.

Defra – Apology
In the October issue of IMFormation reference the inclusion of 10 substances in an Annex of the REACH directive it should read Annex X1V. Reach – Letter of concern re Annex X1V A letter has been received from the Netherlands - (Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment) on the proposed inclusion of chromium trioxide and chromic acid in this annex. They have concerns regarding the disproportional economic impact on this measure for the industry sectors involved in the current proposal.
The letter is 3 A4 pages, too long for printing here, but IMF members can receive a copy on request to Ken Hoare at Exeter House.

HSE Inspectors aged 5 !
The following appeared in the daily Telegraph – The claim of the Jesuits was “Give me child until he is seven and I will give you a man”. But give your four-year old to a Primary school in Essex and it will give you a fully trained health and safety inspector, complete with hard hat and clipboard. While the desire to prevent needless accidents in the playground is commendable, training under-fives to perform risk assessments before they run around outside must have consequences – as their parents will no doubt discover. “That shoe, mummy, is a trip hazard”. “This soup came with no caution that it is piping hot”. “Daddy, you’ll need to pick those wet leaves off the drive tonight, before one of us breaks a leg”. Small children love to be bossy, officious and intransigent with their elders – and can call it homework.
Response from HSE’s CEO
It is sad to read about children being kitted out in hi-viz jackets and clipboards to undertake risk assessments in school grounds.
No one would disagree that young people need to learn about risk but not like this. It sets the scene for continued misuse of ”elf n safety” and overly bureaucratic nonsense for generations to come. School grounds are low risk environments, where children should be encouraged to enjoy the outdoors and not see them as a place full of danger.

Company News and Products

Surface World
The 2012 – 2013 edition of the Handbook and Directory is now available – a valuable edition to companies and surface finishing technician. If you subscribe to the Surface World monthly periodical you will receive a copy. If not or need extra copies they can be purchased at £25/copy.
Contact Alison or Nigel tel: 01442 826826

Umicore Speciality Material
ECOS ND15 – Novel cobalt based accelerator for oxidatively curing coatings.
The implementation of REACH provides more hazard data which can impact or restrict the future use of cobalt carboxylates The unique chemistry of ND15 has been proven to be a far less hazardous alternative to traditional cobalt carboxylates.

RHOPOINT Instruments
GLOSS measurement of surface shininess
HAZE milky finish on high gloss coatings
DOI distinctness of image
RIQ reflected image quality
Respec peak gloss reflection
Using advanced technology, the Rhopoint IQ provides a unique solution for the measurement of haze and other effects that, although being visible to the eye, are unnoticeable when using a standard glossmeter. By measuring the quantity of the reflected image the Rhopoint IQ is a hand held instrument that truly profiles how light is reflected from a surface. In one quick, easy operation the IQ not only measures Gloss at three angles but also measures Haze, DOI / RIQ and Respec providing a detailed analysis of any surface.
For more information call: 01424 739622

Hart Materials Limited
Hart Materials Limited announce the appointment of Dr Paul Lansdell as Operations Director. Dr Tony Hart, Chairman of the Company commented that since September 2011, Paul has been General Manager and he has made very significant contributions to the operation of the company.

Schlöetter Co Ltd – Celebrating its 100th Anniversary
On 12th September, the company founded by Dr-Ing Max Schlöetter, celebrated its 100th anniversary. The IMF is pleased to offer its heartfelt congratulations. The company has various international subsidiaries the first one was initially set up in 1969 in Birmingham and later relocated to its present location in Pershore. In addition to electroplating chemistry the company develops and manufactures highly specialised industrial paints and lacquers used mostly in glass production.
A new brochure celebrating the 100 years can be obtained on request to: sales Tel: 01386 552331

Meggitt PLC
Meggitt PLC, the international aerospace, defence and electronics group, has acquired Precision Micro, Europe’s leading high precision, photochemical machining manufacturer. Meggitt’s Equipment Group division will manage the business.
John Gobbi has been appointed General Manager with immediate effect, replacing former Managing Director, Anthony Marrett, who will continue to work with the business as a consultant.
Mr Gobbi commented: “The acquisition sits well in the Meggitt portfolio and will open up new opportunities for the Precision Micro business.”

IMF News

Transaction – Corrigendum
In a paper by Kosta et al in the September 2012 issue of Transactions (p252 -) an unedited comment was inadvertently allowed implying that hard Cr coatings from Cr (6) baths were banned. This of course is not the case and many hard Cr platers continue to produce quality coating for many applications.

New Members and Transfers

Haghbin, Ahad ) Poeton (Cardiff) Ltd
MacKenzie, Sean ) Poeton (Cardiff) Ltd
Gower, Matthew )
Hughes, Kieran )
Kenyon, Antony )
Kiciak, Tomasz )
Llewellyn, Geoff ) Poeton Industries Ltd
Love, Derek )
Peeters, Luke )
Stanke, Marte )
Vaughan, Dane )
Associate (AssocIMF)
Hanson, Marc ) Royle Mint
Member (MIMF)
Sales, David Technical Metals Ltd

Recent Examination Results

Foundation Certificate –Distance Learning
Biundo, Anthony Goodrich Actuation
Briggs-Price, Dennis# NMB – Minebea UK Ltd
Galbraith, Julie Aerospace Metal Finishers
Mounga-Njandjo* Turbine Surface Tech. Ltd
Scott, Hazel Aerospace Metal Finishers
Smith, Tim* Tewkesbury (Diamond Cr)
Walker-Shelton, Paul# WEP & Index Locking Ltd
Technician Modules – Distance Learning
Principles of Electroplating
Churchill, Ronald * Interplex PMP
Dunn, John TMD Technologies Ltd
Halliday, Martin # H C Stark
Kirkpatrick, Robert * Interplex PMP
Mason, Liam * Daido Industrial Bearing.
Milne, Derek # Interplex PMP
Electroplating Practice
Blair, Lynn * + Abbey Metal Finishing
Tudela-Montes, Ignacio# Daido Metal HER R&D
Materials Science
Whittaker, Thomas Sandwell UK Ltd
* pass with merit
# pass with distinction
+awarded Technician Certificate

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