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IMFormation December 2011

To all Suppliers and users of Cyanide salts

In September 2011 a London Coroner sent an open letter addressed to Trade Associations and other Organisations who use Cyanide in order to “bring to their attention the circumstances in which a young lady took her life having readily obtained potassium cyanide on the internet” in the hope that by highlighting the wider dangers, future fatalities will be prevented.

When police arrived at her address it was not immediately apparent that cyanide was involved so they took no protective measures. Not only were they exposed to risk but also were Funeral Directors, Pathologist, Mortuary Staff and Family Members.

Suppliers of chemicals will be aware of the provisions of the Poisons Act 1972 and Poisons Rules 1982 whereby it is unlawful to sell or supply cyanide based products unless there is an exemption which applies to ‘wholesale dealings’ or ‘use by purchasers in their trade or business’. Even so there is a requirement to exercise due diligence and to comply with certain regulations unless the customer is known to the Supplier.

In this particular case the purchaser claimed to need the product for her jewellery work and it is assumed that no further checks were made prior to dispatch. It is not known whether the substance was obtained in the United Kingdom or from abroad.

As responsible members and sustaining member companies of The Institute of Metal Finishing we are asked to ensure that that there is adherence to the stringent controls on the use of these products in order to prevent the possibility of a similar occurrence.

Wednesday 7th December 2011
Christmas Lectures, Institute Awards, Christmas Luncheon and Institute Annual General Meeting

Have you advised Exeter House that you will be in attendance?
Contact Ken Hoare on 0121 622 7387 or Email:

Health,Safety & Environment

Major incident at chemical firm
A chemical manufacturer has been fined £25,000 with £15,000 costs for putting workers’ lives in danger. An employee had been adding a solid chemical into a vessel containing a liquid chemical. He wrongly assumed he could increase the rate at which the chemical was added when they initially failed to react. The chemicals then reacted rapidly, leading to an uncontrolled ‘runaway reaction’. Luckily, none of the workers were in the production area when the alarms (set off by the incident) began to ring. One of them returned to investigate but was driven back by the fumes and fled the building.
The HSE investigation concluded the company had failed to adequately assess the risks of the chemical reaction and ensure that suitable control measures were in place. It found the employee had not received adequate training, instruction and supervision on the operating procedures, and did not appreciate the dangers of increasing the quantity of the chemicals.
Speaking after the hearing, the investigating HSE inspector said ‘It is only luck that none of the company staff were in the area at the time of the incident as it is unlikely they would have been able to escape unharmed without help. They would have been at serious risk from toxic chemical exposure, or a flash fire or explosion if flammable vapours released had ignited, and could have sustained permanent injuries or even been killed’.

Chemical Business Association (CBA)
The CBA has branded the Health & Safety Executive’s (HSE) plans to extend cost recovery as the equivalent of seeking a blank cheque from industry to compensate for cuts in its departmental budget. This would see plant owner/operators charged for any ‘material breach’ found by its Inspectors and for any ‘formal intervention’ required.
Responding to an HSE consultative document on the process termed ‘Fees for Intervention’, CBA describes the proposal as being ‘opaque, lacking fairness or accountability’. It adds that the “absence of transparency conclusively reveals the policy objectives of ‘Fees for Intervention’ as revenue generation.” The consultative document fails to make clear what precisely constitutes a ‘material breach’ or a ‘formal intervention.’ There is also no identifiable point at which the extended cost recovery regime is triggered. Under the new regime, HSE plan to recover its costs at the rate of around £1,000 per day, although this may be higher if external consultants are used.
Read more on: cba-hse-wants-a-blank-cheque-from-chemical- ndustry/1010648.article#ixzz1bh0grx45

European Chemical Agency (ECHA)
Draft Community Rolling Action Plan

The plan, as of 21 October, introduces 91 substances that are proposed for review by the Member States under the substances evaluation process of the REACH regulations. The plan includes substances for which there is a suspicion that their use could pose a risk to human life or the environment.
The list of substances is far too long to print here but can be viewed on the web at: hhtp:// doc_criteria_ed_32_2011.pdf

Company News and Products

Surface Processing Ltd
Bodyshell E-coating corrosion protection.
Surface Processing Ltd is pleased to announce it can now offer new car standard corrosion protection for classic car owners and motorsport markets.
E-coating is applied to the majority of new cars and was designed to provide increased front line defence against body corrosion. As Managing Director Adrian McMurray says ‘Coupled with our fully immersion chemical cleaning process, that removes the majority of corrosion before the e-coating treatment, it is an excellent solution for ensuring the longevity of a steel-bodied car that may not have received the treatment first time around’.
For further information Tel: ++44(0) 1384 242010 or Email: or look on the web:

Nickel Institute

Workshop on REACH Authorisation
The Nickel Institute invites you to the above workshop to be followed by an end-of-year reception on 8 December 2011 at the Hotel Silkens Berlaymont Brussels.
The workshop will be from 09.00 – 17.00 with the reception from 18.00 –20.00 at the Sofitel Hotel, Brussels.
Further information and agenda contact Isaline de Baré, E-mail: National Metals Technology Centre

Metallurgical Failure Analysis and Prevention
Rotherham – 24th March 2012

This training course enables delegates to determine how and why a metal component has failed or fractured during service and identify means of detecting and preventing such failures in future. Further details Tel: 01709 724990 or Email:

IMF News

New Members & Transfers

Janczewski, Simon Royal Mint
Khatri, Mohammed Godrej & Boyce
Mhatre, Rupesh Godrej & Boyce
Mishra, Somshamkar Godrej & Boyce
Nalgirkar, Vinayak Godrej & Boyce
Member (MIMF)
Groake, Mark PMS Diecasting
Hoodless, Roger BAE Systems
Ryder, Mark University of Leicester

Examination Results– 5 October 2011

Paint, Lacquer & Varnish Module
Whittle, Gareth #` BAE Systems
Awarded a Technician certificate with Distinction having passed 2 TC modules
Principles of Electroplating Module
Blair, Lynn * Abbey Metal Finishing
Foundation Certificate
Anderson, Chris Abbey Metal Finishing
Churchill, Ronald * Interplex PMP
Dunn, John * TMD Technologies Ltd
Frimpong, Frank # Sarantel Ltd
Jones, Mark Martec Ltd
Kirkpatrick, Robert Interplex PMP
Mason, Liam Daido Industrial Bearings
Milne, Derek Interplex PMP
Phillips, Michael * Abbey Metal Finishing
Solly, Matthew Eaton Aerospace Ltd
Warner, Christopher* AEM Ltd
* Pass with Merit, # Pass with Distinction

New Sustaining Members

Technetix Ltd
Communications House,
Edward Way, Burgess Hill
West Sussex, RH15 9TZ
Tel: 01444 251200
Technetix has developed a unique perspective on broadband technologies and the plated and painted finishes on our equipment are integral to their performance. We focus on becoming a technology partner to our customers, providing each with solutions designed to evolve the performance of their network while driving down costs.

Foundry Technology (UK) Ltd
80-82, Birchfield Lane, Oldbury
West Midland B69 2AY
Tel: 0121 552 1999. Fax: 0121 684 0824
Foundry Technology has a very large stock of new and second-hand shotblasting machines in the UK. This is supported by a team of experts who can assist in the whole process from purchasing and installing to aftermarket service, support and supply required to make your shotblast machine a profitable investment.

Sustaining member changes

Wheelabrator Group Ltd
107-109 Whitby Road, Slough
Berks SL1 3DR
Tel: 01753 215673, Fax: 01753 215670

Surface Finishing Engineering Ltd
Units C, D & E, John Harper Street,
Willenhall, West Midlands WV13 1RE
Tel: 01902 602568, Fax: 01902 602944

Next Education & Training Enrolment

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Wednesday 1 February 2012

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EXPO-SURFACE – Exhibition of Corrosion Protection Technology and Surface Treatment
27-29 March 2012
Kielce Trade Fair, Poland
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JEC Composites Show, Paris, France
27 – 31 March 2012

SITS 2012 Surface Treatment Technologies
Paris, France, March (date to be announced)

ACHEMA 2012 – 30th World Congress
Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 18 – 22 June

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