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IMFormation December 2009

Wednesday 9 December 2009
Birmingham Medical Institute, 36 Harborne Road
Edgbaston, Birmingham B36 3AF

Christmas Lectures, Institute Awards and Christmas Luncheon followed by the Annual General Meeting.

Traditional Christmas Lunch Menu
Minestrone Soup served with fresh Roll and Butter
* * * * *
Roast Turkey served with Bacon roll, Sausage and Stuffing
Seasonal Vegetables and Potatoes
* * * * *
Choice of Red or White Wine
* * * * *
Christmas Pudding and Brandy Sauce
* * * * *
Coffee and Mints
* * * * *

Order of the Day
10.30 Coffee & Biscuits on arrival
11.00 Hothersall Memorial Lecture
11.30 Presentation of Institute Awards
12.15 Invitation Lecture
13.00 Christmas Lunch
14.15 Annual General Meeting
Have you advised Exeter House that you are attending?
(Please advise office if vegetarian option is required)

Health, Safety and Environment

HSE – updated chemical advice
New, easy to use guidance is available for small businesses on how to deal with hazardous substances in the workplace. The revised publication ‘Working with substances hazardous to health’ offers advice and guidance on working safely with a variety of substances – from hairdressing products to metal working fluids, from quarry dust to cleaning materials.
Representatives from small businesses who were involved in developing the guidance and whose ideas were included in the new publication have praised it for being practical and user-friendly. HSE has recently updated COSHH guidance on its website. The new site contains case studies, example risk assessments, answers common queries and provides straightforward ‘how to’ advice for businesses.
This report (RR737) can be found on HSE’s website at
For COSHH guidance visit:

Envirowise – Rethink Waste
Envirowise supported by the Employers Engineering Federation (EEF) has launched a free initiative to help businesses reduce waste, improve resource efficiency and make potential savings of up to £1,000 per employee. Developed to help manufacturers of all sizes, it can provide you with a structured approach in understanding how much waste you produce, how much it costs each year and, most importantly, ways for your business to reduce these wastes and save money.
Rethink Waste will be delivered over three months in three advice-packed online modules. In addition to the modules, participants will have access to exclusive web conferences with an Envirowise adviser, engaging audiocassette, a virtual factory tour and even a certificate in recognition of your achievements.
Why wait, contact Envirowise – Tel 0800 585794

Lack of Corrosion Awareness
The World Corrosion Organisation (WCO) has released a study that reveals the paramount importance of corrosion control in everyday life. In the public, in industry and in governmental organisations, the term “corrosion” is often barely known and usually recognized only if spectacular damage occurs as a result of corrosion attack; for example, a bridge collapse or oil pipeline leak. Thus, there is a significant need for increased awareness of corrosion as a phenomenon and as a risk. The costs of corrosion in industrialised countries amount to 3 – 4 % of the Gross Domestic Product, but as the study shows, it is not only the costs that represent a significant impairment on the national economies. Corrosion also has a detrimental effect on public safety, quality of life, health, and the environment in all countries all over the world, including the less or non-industrialised countries.
The study provides specific examples of threats to health that result from corrosion, including cases where heavy metals leach out of low-quality aluminium cooking pots during food preparation. A large amount of drinking water is lost on its way from the source to the consumer due to corrosion of water supply systems. Public infrastructure may be damaged by corrosion with consequences for the safety of bridges, road structures, and buildings. Transportation systems, including land-based as well as maritime and air traffic, undergo corrosion, again raising important safety issues. Many of the new energy technologies, such as offshore wind parks, underwater sea turbines and the conversion of unused fuel resources with a high level of contaminants depend in a crucial way on finding solutions to the respective corrosion problems. The WCO study provides a complete overview of all technological areas impacted by corrosion. In order to increase public awareness of corrosion, the WCO introduced a Corrosion Awareness Day that is held on 24 April annually. On this day, in many countries of the world, activities are organised to illustrate the detrimental effects of corrosion on everyday life, economy and ecology, and to inform public, industry, governments and educational institutions of solutions and necessary steps to combat corrosion. The study and more information about corrosion and the WCO are available at:

Company News & Product

Elsyca –implementation of green coatings
Dr Alan Rose of Elsyca Inc presented a paper at the ASETSDefense meeting held in Denver, USA on simulating the deposition of alloy coatings, earmarked as more environmentally friendly alternatives to electrolytes containing chromium and cadmium. This showed how Elsyca characterised a ZiNi solution and then used the information to enable predictions of coating thickness, and the Ni content distribution in the deposited layer, since it is this factor that impacts the corrosion resistance of the coating. Reaction to the presentation reaffirmed the considerable interest in using Elsyca’s technology to help reduce risk and accelerate implementation of such new coatings on large-scale components. After all, with respect to new coatings, it is becoming clear that even experienced platers will not be able to rely as strongly on ‘rule of thumb’ being available in more traditional chemistries such as hard chromium.
Elsyca’s combination the characterisation of electrolyte solutions, simulation technology and engineering capabilities has already helped numerous customers worldwide to quickly and costeffectively bring new coatings to this highly competitive market.
For more information about Elsyca, visit us on or for a copy of the full paper; please contact Elsyca at

Atotech - Green Technologies Award
Atotech has gained Qualicoat approval for its latest Interlox branded green pretreatment products. Interlox 5705 and Interlox 338 represent the latest technology for hexavalent chromium-free and phosphate-free prepaint treatments. The two products form the cornerstone of the company’s environmentally friendly paint pretreatment programme. The Qualicoat approval announced 27 August 2009 by the Qualicoat certification body located in Zurich, followed the completion of extensive qualification testing at IFO (Institut für Oberflaechentechnik GmbH) in Germany. The approval adds to an expanding collection of approved products for the processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, which underpins a diverse range of manufacturing applications and industrial sectors. Worldwide Business Manager John Kochilla said “We are pleased to be supporting the Qualicoat programme. It fills a void in the market, assisting those companies seeking high quality consistent coating performance”
Atotech is involved in green paint shop technologies, with processes for degreasing, metal treatment, paint removal and paint detackification (paint overspray treatment), and is committed to introducing processes that minimize waste, reduce environmental impact and ultimately improve industrial sustainability.
A Corporate Sustaining Member of the Institute of Metal Finishing, the company operates locally from its UK headquarters in William Street, West Bromwich. In addition to supporting the needs of local customers, the building hosts a global research and development team focused on a range of technology areas to support the paint applicator market.

Walterisation – a company re-born
A company originally set up 73 years ago to launch the first successful all-British phosphating process in the UK, Walterisation Limited has been re-born. Pre-Treatment Technologies Ltd was set up by ex Walterisation employees in 2006, and when the opportunity came to acquire the Walterisation name it was grasped and the relaunch of a tried and tested brand came about. They have now changed their name to Walterisation Limited
The range of more than 100 products covers all types of phosphating, conversion coatings and specialist cleaners and related products.
For further information contact: 01422 410790, Fax: 01422 888526 or email:

IMF News

Examination Results – September 2009

Foundation Certificate
Hodge, John # Vector Aerospace
Jakubowski, Artur * Dorsetware Ltd
Plating Practice DL module
Burt, Andrew* + Polestar
* with merit, # with distinction,+ awarded Technician Certificate with merit having obtained passed with merit both General Priniciples and Plating Practice Distance Learning modules.

New Members and Transfers

Bundy, Paul Metafin Group
Chase, Alex Praxair
Chirek, Martin APPH Ltd
Ezard, Ricky APPH Ltd
Fiscrova, Claudia Ronaldway Aircraft Co
Lightfoot, Sarah Daido
Slade, Sarah-Jane Robert Stuart
Member – TechIMF, MIMF
Holman, Phil Deutsch UK
Fellow – FIMF
Griffiths, Ken Arkema Ltd

Change of Addresses:

Happy Plating GmbH
Aumühlweg 17-19/Halle F4
2544 Leobersdorf, Austria
Greentree – Shercon
Sigma Close, Shannon Way
Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire GL20 8ND
Tel: 01684 533800, Fax: 01684 297005

New Sustaining Member Companies

Adept Pure Water Technologies
Desborough, Kettering
Northants NN14 2JZ
Tel: 01536 761176, Fax: 01536 761175
Full design, installation and the commissioning of systems for reverse osmosis, water softening, semi & fully automated DI plant, UV, cartridge filter and for recycling of water. Service & repair of all makes of water systems.

Paragon Chartered Chemists
1000 Lakeside, North harbour
Portsmouth PO6 3EZ
Tel: 02392 704171, Fax: 02392 704001
Advice, auditing and assessment to help companies to comply with legislation such as CoSHH, DSEAR, Waste Disposal Regs, REACH/ROH. Also extraction testing, training and emission testing & air sampling.

Springfield Business Park
Burrwood Way, Holywell Green
West Yorkshire HX4 9BJ
Tel: 01422 314400, Fax: 01422 314401
PEXA is a supplier of high technology materials to the aerospace and defence industries. Products supplied include surface finishing materials, aircraft maintenance products, application equipment and unique packaging solutions.

Pre-Treatment Solutions Ltd
11 Central Avenue, Coventry CV2 4DN
Tel: 02476 452299, Fax:02496 650311
A manufacturer of chemicals for industrial and agricultural applications. Phosprep 971T multimetal pre-treatment & Phosprep 920 dry-inplace chromium free technology are established approved systems for use in pre-treatment powder coating systems

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