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IMFormation December 2008

Wednesday 10 December 2008
Birmingham Medical Institute 36 Harborne Road
Edgbaston, Birmingham B36 3AF

Christmas Lectures, Christmas Luncheon, Annual General Meeting and Institute’s Awards

Traditional Christmas Lunch

Cream of Tomato Soup served with Fresh Roll and Butter
* * * * *
Traditional Roast Turkey served with
Bacon Roll, Sausage and Stuffing
Seasonal Vegetables and Potatoes
* * * * *
Choice of Red or White Wine
* * * * *
Christmas Pudding and Brandy Sauce
* * * * *
Coffee and Mints

Order of the Day
10.30 Coffee & Biscuits on arrival
11.00 Invitation lecture by Graham Armstrong
11.45 Invitation lecture by David Gabe
12.30 Lunch
14.00 Annual General Meeting followed by
Presentation of Institute Awards

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Health, Safety and Environment

Health & Safety Executive (HSE)
The European Campaign for Safety and Health at Work for 2008-09 will focus on risk assessment. A resource pack is available and covers a range of HSE guidance materials on risk assessment including examples.

Consulting employees on H and S
A revised free leaflet ‘A brief guide to the law’ provides an overview of employers’ duty to consult with employees and their representatives on H and S matters Leaflet INDG232 is available from HSE offices.

Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) - A guide for employers
Revised DWP/HSE guide for employers include advice on complying with regulatory changes that came into force on 1 October 2008. These changes, about which DWP consulted in 2007, now permit the display of ELCI insurance certificates electronically, and removes the requirement to keep copies of out of date insurance certificates (although employers are strongly advised to keep a complete record.

REACH The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has formally issued the first list of substances of very high concern, known as the ‘candidate list’, The press announcement also highlights the obligations that go with this list. List can be viewed by accessing:

Legionnaires’ disease
Legionnaire bacteria are common in natural watercourses such as rivers and ponds and may contaminate and grow in other water systems such as cooling towers and cold water services. The bacteria survives low temperatures and thrive between 20 – 45oC where the condition are conducive e.g. if there are nutrients present like rust, sludge, algae and other bacteria. The bacteria are killed by high temperatures.

At a recent quarterly Health, Safety and Environment committee meeting attended by the this newsletter’s author, a member of HSE gave a presentation which highlighted how two employees of a company were taken seriously ill with the disease. Subsequent investigation revealed the source as being the circulated water used in the spray rinsing stages of a ‘cleaning and phosphating’ surface pre- treatment plant. Water mist had been escaping through sections joining the various process stages and where the jigs of components hung from the external monorail conveyer. The employees concerned were not working directly with the plant.

Companies using these types of machines are advised to check their plant maintenance and have periodic checks of their spray water rinsing quality.

HSE has a free leaflet entitled Legionnaires’ Disease – A guide for employers is available from HSE outlets reference number - ISBN 0 7176 1773 4

In Court
Sandblasting company fined for using banned substance. HSE has issued a reminder that the use of sand containing silica for dry sand blasting is prohibited and of the need to properly maintain protective respiratory equipment to prevent exposure to silicosis.

HSE has warned companies to have safe systems in place for manually handling heavy objects after a worker suffered a severe groin injury while moving a 96 kilogram oven from waist high bench to an ankle high pallet

Company News & Products

Schloetter Company Ltd
Black Ruthenium 479 – An alternative to the more costly Rhodium finish. Typical application is in the jewellery, spectacle frame and writing utensil industries. Details from; Paul Griffiths, tel: 01386 552331

Dampney Company Inc.
A coating system that can be applied directly by brush, roller or spray to coat surfaces for preventing corrosion under insulation and protecting equipment exposed to high heat and severe thermal cycling is available from Dampney.

Various products are available being VOC compliant and formulated for a temperature range from ambient to 232oC. Products for many other applications involving continuous and rapid wet-dry-wet thermal cycling are available allowing users to coat hot equipment without shutting it down.

Further details - e-mail: or look on website:

IMF News

Examination Results – September 2008

Foundation Certificate
Baxter, Mark # SR Technics Ireland Ltd
Birdsall, Paul # Protech Finishing Ltd
Bowd, Michael # Messier Services (UK) Ltd
Brawn, John # Protech Finishing Ltd
Croucher, Phillip # Deutsch UK
Crowther, Robert * Messier Services (UK) Ltd
Crumpler, Kevin Dorsetware Ltd
Davis, Lee * Messier Services (UK) Ltd
Forester, Peter * Deutsch UK
Gagol, Magdalena # Schloetter Company Ltd
Greenish, Martin * Messier Services (UK) Ltd
Hellier, Nathan Daido Industrial Bearings
Lapinskas, Art * Martec Ltd
Lawrence, Paul Messier Services (UK) Ltd
Lewis, Trevor * Messier Services (UK) Ltd
Moore, Gordon # Aerospace Machining Tech.
Phelps, Andrew * Messier Services (UK) Ltd
Phelps, Paul Messier Services (UK) Ltd

General Principles [GP] (D.L.) Module
Richards, Mark # Messier Services (UK) Ltd

Plating Practice (PP] (D.L.) Module
Richards, Mark * Messier Services (UK) Ltd
(awarded a Technician Certiciate with merit, having completed both GP and PP)

Environment Module (D.L.) Module
Ellison, Michael * Langford Lodge, Ireland

Process Management (D.L.) Module
Bell, Nigel # Langford Lodge, Ireland
* pass with merit, # pass with distinction

New members and transfers

Adams, Jake Protech Finishing Ltd
Clement, Laurent Muirhead Aerospace
Deval, Lea Protech Finishing Ltd
Gardiner, Emily Hawker Pacific Aerospace Ltd
Hughes, David Tewkesbury Plating Ltd
Laverick, Michael Radford Shelving Ltd
O’Shea, Peter Agusta Westland Ltd
Palazon, Mark XAAR
Skingsley, Wayne GB Hardchrome Ltd
Taylor, Neil Atotech UK Ltd
Turnbull, Charles Hawker Pacific Aerospace Ltd
Twardzik, Maciek Hawker Pacific Aerospace Ltd

Fry, James )
Gardiner, Stephen )
Grisley, Carl )
Hanson, Marc )
Jones, Michael )
Lancett, Oliver )
Lloyd, David )
Moody, Christopher ) Royal Mint
Nobel, Michael )
Paull, Stephen )
Smith, Jonathan )
Thomas, Howard ) Thomas, Liam )
Worgan, Trevor )
Watson, Michael )
Wiltshire, Ian )

New Sustaining Members

Bodycote Testing Group
6 Coronet Way, Centenary Way
Salford M50 1RE
Tel: 0161 787 3291, Fax: 0161 787 3251
Provides independent state-of-the-art testing facilities and consultancy services to a wide range of industries including automotive, aerospace, power generation, oil and gas, defence, petrochemical, agriculture and construction. Services include salt spray testing, coatings testing (visual, mechanical, physical, corrosion and environmental), mechanical and metallurgical testing, failure investigation, fire testing, NDT and others.

Oxford Instruments Analytical
Halifax Road, High Wycombe
Buckinghamshire HP12 3SE
Tel: 01494 442255, Fax: 01494 524129
Oxford Instruments specialise in XRF analysers for trace element and thickness coating measurement. As an example the X-Strara980 combining a high power x-ray tube and ultra sensitive detector which allows the measurement of small areas of a complex sample and analysis of trace elements and alloyed multi-layer coatings. The instrument assures production of environmentally friendly products and saves costly recalls or enforcement of regulatory legislation

Report – ‘Surface Preparation and Pretreatment prior to Surface Finishing’

The one-day symposium and tabletop exhibition held 14 October at the Birmingham Medical Institute was an outstanding success. This event was originally scheduled for February 2008 but was cancelled due to lack of support, thought to be due to the number of events on the subject of REACH taking place during the same period. At this rescheduled event, 65 persons were present backed by 12 table top exhibitions sites.

The presentations covered a wide range of subject matters – something for all. These were very well received by the audience and gave rise to a multitude of questions.

The various presentations have been placed on the IMF website and can be viewed and downloaded from this website

Report of CETS meeting held in Barcelona

IMF representatives attended various CETS section meetings. Here are brief details: fuller versions will be published in a future edition of ‘Transactions’

Nickel Group Meeting
REACH – CETS recognised there was little they could do to move the process along, it being poorly understood by many in the supply chain. Some specialist chemicals could be at risk of not being registered at all, or not registered for niche uses.

Nickel Risk Assessment update – Issues relating to the 30th and 31st chemical protocol were discussed. It is likely that the new classification for nickel salts will be implemented in early 2009.
Data is needed to define the levels of effluent discharge and the potential effect on the environment.

Plating Section Meeting
PHOS – Letter to be drafted and sent to the legislators suggesting that users of PHOS as a mist suppressant should be allowed to use stock up over time rather than dumping it suddenly into the environment.
Legislative controls differed in various EU countries – e.g. in Germany 39 nanograms/m3, but the European drinking water directive allows 30 microgrammes/m3

Painting Section Meeting
The IMF representative felt that this CETS group, especially the painting section needed more direction and commitment. Time was spent discussing what each member/organisation wanted from this section.
Key topics suggested were:
1. Legislation/Regulation/Standardisation
2. Trade Shows & Exhibitions
3. Marketing and Market Analysis
4. Research/Funding/Technology Marketing

It was noted that this section had been approached by CEPE powder coating group with a view to closer co-operation. A brief overview of the views on the current position on REACH took place. It was agreed that further discussions be left until after the pre-registration period had ended.

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