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December IMFormation 2005

The Institute of Materials Finishing
1925 – 2005

Celebrate 80 years of the Institute by attending the
Christmas Lectures & Luncheon followed by the
Annual General Meeting
Wednesday 7 December 2005 at the
Birmingham Medical Institute, Edgbaston, Birmingham

Traditional Christmas Luncheon
Cream of Tomato Soup
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Roast Turkey with Sage & Onion Stuffing
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Christmas Pudding with Brandy sauce
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The Institute of Materials Finishing

Proposed by:
Mr Mark Cole, Chairman, Thermal Spraying Surface
Engineering Association

Response by:
Dr Trevor Pearson, President, The Institute of
Metal Finishing

Contact Exeter House NOW to reserve your place.
(Vegetarian option available by prior arrangement)

Health, Safety and Environment

HSE – COMAH update
A further update to that referred to in the October edition of this newsletter has been published which contains more information re chromic acid and summarises the main COMAH duties. Contact Exeter House to receive a copy.

A COMAH event has been organised for 8 December at Worcester Rugby Club to provide more detailed guidance on the steps that operators liable to come within the scope of COMAH will need to take. This event will include:
  • An explanation of how CHIP classifications affect COMAH applications;
  • An overview of the main COMAH duties and timescales, with practical guidance;
  • Identification of the typical major accident hazard (MAH) scenarios;
  • Guidelines on information to be included in the MAPP document and safety reports to demonstrate safe operation;
  • An exercise to give an opportunity to put theory into practice and help identify any aspects where further guidance/clarification may be required.
To reserve a place please contact HSE on 0121 607 6299.

Hazred Project
Small businesses in the ‘Treatment and/or Coating of Metals’ sector are being invited to take part in a new EU-funded project to help companies to reduce the amount of hazardous waste they produce and save money. The three year project aims to demonstrate the benefit of setting waste reduction targets and waste reduction plans in partnership with industry sectors that have a large proportion of small businesses.
Participating businesses will receive access to the hazardous waste reduction plan developed by a team of experts and benefit from on-site training including help with implementation, monitoring and evaluating waste outputs and cost savings.
Businesses and stakeholders in the treatment/coating sector who are interested in taking part in the project may attend a workshop at the SEA on 11 January. To find out more about the workshop and register interest in attending contact:

Defra – Proposals for amendment to Waste Management Licencing
The Government and the National Assembly for Wales is reviewing a number of exceptions to the waste management licencing system. The exceptions under review are principally those which cover hazardous materials, although where these exceptions include non-hazardous wastes they are also addressed.
Many hazardous wastes have a market value if collected in sufficient quantities. The Government’s intention is to have a regulatory framework that will encourage sufficient sites to facilitate their collection and storage pending recovery.
The consultative document can be viewed and down loaded from the Defra website. Comments on the consultation document are required by Friday 12 December 2005.

Company News and Products

Borough Plating
Chromium plater of plastics, Borough, is picking up automotive business from India. Exotech Plastics of Pune was unable to match Borough’s quality elsewhere, so it is now shipping all its moulded parts to Southend before the finished components complete their 9,000 mile journey back to India for installation in new cars.
Borough have also appointed Henning Dieckmann as sales agent to develop the company’s business in a range of industries in Germany and Austria.

Serfilco Europe Ltd
Serfilco’s Permanent Media (sand) Filter System is playing its part in the IPPC’s waste minimisation programme. The Automatic backwash TITAN filter has been proven to be able to recycle over 50% wastewater to non-critical rinses. Used to achieve trade effluent consent limits, secondary/tertiary filtration is recommended to remove fine suspended solids. A case study, available from Serfilco, where this filter was in operation has proven that capital expenditure can be paid back within 12 months. For further information tel: 044 (0) 161 872 1317 or e-mail:

Chemetall Surface Treatment
Responding to new legislative demands on its customers and to meet strict industry standards for quality and safety, Chemetall has introduced a new OXSILAN technology product line. The OXSILON 9000 series has been formulated to provide replacements for traditional iron and zinc phosphate processes. This technology is free of hazardous metals and provides superior corrosion resistance for a range of multi-metal substrates within general industrial, automotive and automotive component markets.
The products are characterised by their ease-of-use and have an excellent environmental and low toxicological profile. Sludge is virtually eliminated with further efficiencies through ease of wastewater treatment and minimisation by utilising a closedloop system.
Further details from Chris Miller, Tel: 01908 361885

Layton Technologies
Layton Technologies has developed an operator safe and environmentally compliant solvent cleaning system that uses trichloroethylene. The system is loaded and unloaded with an external handling system, which further enhanced by an automated sealed sliding arrangement on the process tank to create a seal to effectively control emissions. Sophisticated controls are in place with a PLC and touch screen display panel to allow the user to modify the process to select various programmes. The panel displays solvent and solvent vapour levels with fail-safe shut down. The plant has flexibility to use other solvents with only minor modifications.
Further information tel: 01782 370400

Schloetter Company Ltd
Polysil SCW 940
The loss of colour in beverages and perfumes due to UV degradation from sunlight is a real problem. Schloetter have cracked this with a water based coating that blocks UV, at the same time is easy to apply and although primarily supplied clear and colourless can be modified to give a variety of attractive finishes.

Anti-Tarnish AG 110
A new hexavalent chromium free solderable post treatment for silver, that is very effective at preventing darkening of silver electroplated component, has been developed. Main features are:
  • Easy to use – just 2 minute immersion and
  • rinse off;
  • Weakly acid solution
  • Only consumed by drag-out
  • Economical
Further information on the above products contact Paul Griffiths tel: 01386 552331

Sumari Business Systems Ltd
‘Metfin software for the Finishing Industry’ Metfin management systems handle all administration and production processes – quotations, job card creation, certificates of conformity, stock control etc. It is a powerful management tool and a valuable aid to streamlining the manufacturing process, allowing you to check and increase plant productivity, asset costs and improve quality.
Want to know more, please contact Su Chadda tel: 0121 244 8111

Wheelabrator Group
Wheelabrator have launched a new range of aqueous cleaning machines specially designed for metal part washing, degreasing and drying in small to medium batches. The ‘Clean-Tek 300’ and ‘SB 400’ have been developed to allow easy processing of small items like turned parts, pressings, stampings, forgings, machined parts and similar components. Offering high output with a minimal footprint each cycle lasts only two minutes and cleans and dries in a single chamber. For more information tel: 01924 276303

Blackfast Chemicals
Blackfast supply a room temperature blackening process for treatment of iron and steel by chemical immersion. The product is unique in that there is no dimensional alteration to the dimensions of the component and a uniform colour is obtained over threads, blind holes etc. with a thickness in the order of 0.2 to 0.3 micron. Processes are also available for the treatment of aluminium and zinc. For further details or to arrange for samples to be processed contact Barry Clements tel: 0208 336 2900

News in Brief

First ELV prosecutions
The first prosecutions of ‘breakers’ yards’ who despite repeated warnings from the EA, failed to apply for licences, has taken place. One was fined £9,000 plus costs for storing vehicles still containing oil and battery acid on open ground whilst another was fined £7,000 plus costs for storing vehicles and components on open ground and burning waste. A fine of £8,500 plus costs was imposed on a yard for failing to meet minimum technical requirements for keeping and storing waste. These prosecutions highlight the EA’s proactive approach to breaches of the law but also the inconsistent approach that can result once cases have reached court.

IMF News

New Member
Member (MIMF) C.S. Robinson Coventry

Recent Examination – 21 September

Foundation Certificate
Maier Chromeco
Davies C
Gormley S
Jordan D*
Lyons R*
Maritza L
Tenant R*
Wilson K

Ronaldsway Aircraft Co
Corran A
Naylor I*
Sharpe I**

Stainless Plating Ltd
Bell A
Cromwell S
Hoing V
Riley V*
Roebuck I*
Madden A*
Wain R
Woods A*

MF1 – General Principles
Praktritranon S ** Auromex (Thailand)
Sverdooff N ** Nu-Pro Surface Treatment

MF3a – Electrochemistry
Shaw R A PW

* pass with merit, ** pass with distinction

British Standards

BS EB Publications
BS EN ISO 2177:2004 Metallic coatings.
Measurement of coating thickness. Coulometric method by anodic dissolution
(Supersedes BS EN ISO 2177:1995)

Future Events

Tuesday 14 February 2006
Birmingham Medical Institute

This event is directed to the Automotive Industry’s environmental concerns. The morning session is devoted to the issues facing the industry, led by a keynote address by Hugo Clysters, Ford Germany Environmental Quality Office. The afternoon session is on how to address the issues. To receive further details contact IMF at Exeter House 0121 622 7387

Thursday 16th March 2006
Birmingham Medical Institute

This event is intended to give essential information to employers and employees in the Surface Finishing Industries. Organised jointly by the Institute of Metal Finishing, Nickel Institute and Surface Engineering Association with support of the Health & Safety Executive and the Environment Agency. Registration form and programme will be included in the February edition of this newsletter. Reserve the date NOW.

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