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Code of Conduct for Members

The Management Board in May 2010 adopted (in common with similar Organisations) a revised Code of Conduct for Members of the Institute.

Bye-Law No.12 states: " Membership of The Institute is implicit on adherence to the Code of Conduct as approved by The Board and in force at the time."

The following Code of Conduct has been adopted by The Management Board of The Institute of Materials Finishing and is applicable to all grades of individual membership of the Institute.

  1. 1. All members of the Institute shall uphold the dignity of the Institute and at all times conduct themselves in an honourable manner.
    In particular they shall:
    • Observe the provision of the Memorandum, Articles of Association and the Bye-Laws of the Institute.
    • Ensure that the practice of their profession does not expose any person to inappropriate and unnecessary risk to health, safety, or expose property of others’ to inappropriate risk of damage or destruction.
    • Always maintain an awareness of environmental issues associated with the profession.
    • Seek to ensure that the well being of the Institute and the industry is protected in any contact with third party agencies, including the media. (If in doubt, members should be prepared to refer the enquirer to another authority rather than run the risk of giving misleading answers through lack of knowledge.)
    • Refuse to accept professional commitments for which they are not competent.
  2. Members at all times shall ensure that any promotional material with which they are involved does not contain words or phrases that could bring discredit to the Institute or to a fellow member.
  3. All Members actively practicing within the profession shall have an obligation to keep up to date with developments in their area of expertise.
  4. Should a person cease to be a member of the Institute, they undertake to cease immediately to use all insignia and qualifications so granted.
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