The Institute of Materials Finishing -  the international institute for industrial and academic professionals in surface finishing and coating

Institute Awards

The Institute makes several important awards:

Gold Medal

This award, the highest accolade given by the Institute, is presented from time to time for outstanding personal, scientific or technical achievement relevant to the objectives of the Institute.
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Samuel Field Medal

The award should be made to any member of the IMF who is deemed to have given extraordinary voluntary service to the IMF.
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Hothersall Memorial Award

This award, usually made every two years, is given to an individual in recognition of their outstanding service to the metal finishing industry. The recipient of this award presents the Hothersall Memorial Lecture either at the AGM or at a Conference.
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Johnson Matthey Silver Medal

(Sponsored by Johnson Matthey plc). Awarded to individuals of academic, public and industrial organisations for high quality research in the field of precious metal coating. It is for a most original and progressive contribution towards the creation, development, or understanding of precious metal coatings, for use in any significant industrial, medical or environmental process, whether recently evolved or well established and published in Transactions.
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Jim Kape Memorial Medal

(Sponsored by the IMF). This is presented from time to time for a paper of significance in the field of aluminium or other light metal finishing and published in Transactions.
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Canning Bi-Centenary Medal

(Sponsored by MacDermid plc). This award is for the best practical paper published in the Bulletin section of Transactions.
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The Westinghouse Prize

(Sponsored by Riley Industries Ltd). This award is for the best paper published in Transactions, that has shown the most valuable development in the science and practice of electrochemistry in general and electro deposition in particular.
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Connie Sieff Memorial Award

(Sponsored by the IMF). This award is for meritorious service to the surface finishing industry internationally.
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Eddie Marlow Memorial Medal

(Sponsored by PMD (UK) Ltd). This award is for an outstanding contribution to the education and training of people working in surface engineering.
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Examination High Achievement Prizes

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Gold Medallists

S Field ARCS 1947
A W Hothersall MSc(Tech), FIM 1950
S Wernick OBE, PhD, MSc, FRIC, FIM, FIMF 1951
G E Gardam PhD, ARCS, FRIC, FIM 1956
U R Evans DSc, FRS 1961
A A B Harvey MSc, FRIC, Barrister-at-Law 1969
D J Arrowsmith FIMF 1989
P G L Vivian FIMF 1991
J Edwards PhD, BSc, FIM, FIMF 1993
T E Such FIMF 1995
I R Christie MSc, CChem, FRSC, FIMF 2000
D R Gabe BSc, PhD, FIM, FIMF, FICorr, CEng 2002
R R Read FIMF 2008
J P G Farr BSc, PhD, FIMF 2010
D Dowling BSC, PhD, FIMF 2013
C Barnes 2014
B Gay 2016
A Koch 2016
A Chapman 2017

Hothersall Memorial Medal

G E Gardam PhD, ARCS, FRIC, FIM 1952
W Blum BSc, PhD, DSc 1954
W A Wesley MSc, PhD 1956
U R Evans DSc, FRS 1957
R S Hutton DSc, MA 1959
J W Cuthbertson DSc, FIM, AMIEE, FIMF 1960
A Brenner FIMF 1961
T P Hoar MA, BSc, ScD, PhD(Cantab), FRIC, FIM 1962
S Wernick OBE, PhD, MSc, FRIC, FIM, FIMF 1966
C L Faust 1967
H Silman BSc, FRIC, MIChemE, FIMF 1969
G Isserlis BSc(Eng), FICorr, FIMF 1973
R H Pinner BSc, FIMF 1975
G Dubpernell FIMF 1977
J Edwards PhD, BSc, FIM, FIMF 1983
D J Arrowsmith FIMF 1985
T E Such FIMF 1987
G C Wood FIMF 1989
C H J Raub FIMF 1993
A W Brace FIMF 1995
S A Watson FIMF 1997
J K Dennis BSc, PhD, DSc, FIMF 1999
C Bishop FIMF 2002
J P G Farr BSc, PhD, FIMF 2004
I Onate PhD, FIMF 2006
H J Lewerenz 2007
P L Cavallotti 2008
G Armstrong FIMF 2012
D Gabe 2014

Johnson Matthey Silver Medal

G E Gardam FIM and N E Tidswell 1955
F H Reid FIMF 1957
R H Atkinson 1960
F H Reid FIMF and J C Blake 1962
H C Angus 1963
C J Tyrrel 1966
J Hill and N H Hopkin 1967
J M Stevens 1969
G S Reddy and P Taimsalu 1970
J D Underwood 1971
R A Lynn 1972
G C Wilson FIMF 1973
M Clarke FIMF 1975
G P Ray MIMF 1978
J R House FIMF and W A FAirweather FIMF 1980
R H Hill FIMF 1981
D J Arrowsmith FIMF and G Brown 1983
K J Whitlaw MIMF 1985
R DeDoncker and J Vanhumbeeck 1986
D J Arrowsmith FIMF and K J Lodge 1987
C C Bocking FIMF 1988
C C Bocking FIMF and C Dineen 1994
Fang-Zu Yang, Shu-Kai Xu, Ling Hang, Xue-Ying Zhang and Shao-Min Zhou 1998
J A Abys, E J Kudrak and C Fan 1999
B Bozzini and P L Cavallotti 2000
G Koziaol and J Bielinski 2003
M Gladstein and H Guterman 2005
F C Walsh FIMF, D V Bavykin, L Torrente-Murciano, A A Lapkin and BA Cressey 2006
O N Vrublevskaya, T N Vorobyova, H K Lee and S B Koo 2007
B Bozzini, L D’urzo, C Mele, B Busson and A Tadjeddine 2011
P L Cavallotti, P Cojocaru,and L Magagnin 2012

Canning Bi-centenary Medal

G A Wells 1985
S Hamilton 1986
S A Harris 1987
P G Sheasby FIMF 1988
J S Moore 1989
R T Hitchcock MIMF 1990
J Biggin 1991
R Mountford 1994
M Baumgartner, Ch J Raub FIMF and D R Gabe FIMF 1997
I Burke, N Davies (Joint) 1999
J D Fisk and J D Boyle 2000
D R Gabe FIMF 2001
S Grimsley MIMF 2002
S Menard and J Wurm 2003
P A W Lansdell FIMF 2004
P I Hope MIMF 2006
P Hope FIMF2007
U Konig and B Sessler 2008
G W Critchlow FIMF, R Litchfield, C Curtis and M Owen 2009
S J Hemsley FIMFand W Zhou. 2010
Z Makama, I Doble, D Nicholson, M E Webb, I B Beech, S A Campbell and J R Smith 2011
K S Ryder, A P Abbott, N Dsouza and P Withey 2012
T Gough2014
S Kirihara, Y Umeda, K Tashiro H Honma and O Takai2015
C M Whittington, WY Lo, MY Yau2016
T Matsuda, K Tsuchimoto A Matsuzaki, K Croes and V J Gellingu2017

Connie Sieff Memorial Prize

R Allen MIMF 1979
D P Andrews MIMF 1980
R N Gibbons 1981
J P Biddolph MIMF 1983
D I Haynes MIMF 1984
D I Haynes MIMF 1985
T Quinn MIMF 1986
D I Haynes MIMF 1987
R Allen MIMF 1988
E D Williams MIMF 1989
J S Oliver MIMF 1991
C C Bocking FIMF 1992
J S Oliver MIMF 1993
V Watkins and K Cosslett FIMF 1995
C Addison 1997
J K Dennis FIMF 1998
R R Read FIMF 1999
R R Read FIMF 2000
C Larson MIMF 2001
R R Read FIMF 2002
J D C Hemsley FIMF 2003
A C Hart FIMF 2005
P Quinn MIMF 2006
P Wynn FIMF2007
J Timms FIMF2008
D Elliott FIMF 2010
L Dalla Torre 2011
H de Mann 2012
P Nieto Aliseda 2014
Fred Andrews 2015
Tony van der Spuy 2016

Westinghouse Prize (Sponsored by Riley Industries Ltd)

W A Marshall 1952
A E Davies, R M Angles FIMF and J W Cuthbertson FIMF 1953
H Leidheiser Jr 1954
H Fry 1955
F H Reid FIMF 1957
J Edwards FIMF and S A Watson FIMF 1958
H J Pick FIMF and J Wilcock FIMF 1959
S C Britton FIMF and M Clarke FIMF 1960
G N Flint FIMF and S H Melbourne 1961
S A Watson FIMF 1962
J Edwards FIMF 1963
A E Jackson 1964
J K Prall and L L Shreir OBE FIMF 1965
G T Rogers and K J Taylor 1966
J M West FIMF and W M Cleghorn 1967
P Bayens FIMF and G Krijl 1968
T Broughton 1969
H Brown 1970
A Rantell MIMF 1971
J B Ward MIMF and I R Christie FIMF 1972
E Survila FIMF 1972
W H Safranek and C H Layer 1973
R W Thomas MIMF 1975
R W Thomas MIMF 1977
C White and J Foster MIMF 1978
E Survila FIMF and D P Andrews MIMF 1979
P G Sheasby FIMF, J Patrie, M Badia and G Cheetham MIMF 1980
C Barnes FIMF, J J B Ward MIMF and V E Carter FIMF 1981
G C Wood FIMF and R C Furneaux MIMF 1983
M Sadeghi, P D Longfield and C F Beer FIMF 1984
J A Muaddi, J K Dennis FIMF, J F Bell and M Izzard MIMF 1985
J M Kape 1986
J J Mason and Y Zaka 1987
M McCormick and S J Dobson 1988
C U Chisholm, M R el-Sharif, A Watson MIMF 1989
D M Turley and B A Wilson FIMF 1990
C C Bocking FIMF 1991
D J Gawne FIMF and I R Christie FIMF 1992
K E Watkins, P J Carpenter and P G Hatherley FIMF 1993
K R Baldwin, M J Robinson and C J E Smith 1994
M El-Sharif, S Ma and C U Chisholm 1995
A F Averill FIMF 1996
M Baumgartner, C H J Raub FIMF and D R Gabe FIMF 1997
G W Reade, C Kerr MIMF, B D Barker and F C Walsh FIMF 1998
A F Averill FIMF, J M Ingram and P F Nolan 1999
P W Haberecht and R W Hinton 2000
A P Abbott, G Capper, D L Davies, R K Rasheed, V Tambyrajah 2001
C C Bocking FIMF, D M Jacobson, A E W Rennie, G Bennett 2002
L Huang, F Z Yang, S K Xu and S M Zhou 2003
D R Gabe FIMF, G D Wilcox FIMF amd M E Bahrololoom 2004
E Gomez, E Pellicer and E Valles 2005
N Tantavichet and M D Pritzker 2006
N Atanassov, M Manolova, R Rashkov and A Zielonka MIMF 2007
F C Walsh FIMF and C T J Low 2008
P Leisner and I Belov 2009
R C Tangirala, C T J Low, C Ponce-de-Leon, S A Campbell and F C Walsh 2010
N Galvanauskaite, A Sulcius, E Griskonis and P Diaz-Arista 2011
B Bozzini, E Tondo, P Raffa and M Boniardi 2012
S Tebbakh 2014
A Sulcius, E Griskonis, R Balciunas and P Diaz-Arista 2015
V Caramia and B Bozzini 2016
A P Abott, A I Alhaji, K S Ryder M Horne and T Rodopoulos 2017

J M Kape Memorial Medal

E P Short MIMF and A Morita 1988
D R Cowieson MIMF, N C Davies MIMF, R C Furneaux MIMF and W R Rigby 1989
R T Hitchcock MIMF 1990
M R Kalantary MIMF, D H Ross MIMF, D R Gabe FIMF 1991
M R Kalantary MIMF, D H Ross MIMF, D R Gabe FIMF 1992
A J Dowell MIMF, J Barker, K P Eng, D R Gabe FIMF, D H Ross MIMF 1994
D R Ellard and D R Cowieson MIMF 1995
P Laevers, A Nubin, H Terryn and J Verreecken 1996
G Bokmark, G Holmborn, L Gianlund, D Persson and J Siden 1997
F Sertcelik, A F Cakir, M Urgen, D H Ross MIMF and D R Gabe FIMF 1998
A W Brace FIMF 1999
J Pires, L Quintino, C M Rangel, G E Thompson, P Skeldon and X Zhou 2000
S J M Pinson, J Collins, G E Thompson, M R Alexander 2001
A Jagminas and J Reklaitis 2003
I S Molchan, N V Gaponenko, G E Thompson FIMF, P Skeldon, D A Tsyrkunov, G K Malyarevich and A P Stupak 2005
A M Cree, S V Hainsworth and G W Weidmann 2006
C Suarez, E Chavez, J A Diez, H Grande and R Guixa 2007
Z C Guo, R M Wang and Y F Wang2008
A M Cree FIMF, M Devlin, G Critchlow FIMF and T Hirst 2010
C T J Low, M de la Toba Corral and F C Walsh 2011
M Curionio, A A Zuleta, E Correa, X Pan, A Baron-Wiechec, P Skeldon, J G Castano, F Echeverria & G E Thompson 2012
R A Andreeva, E A Stoyanova, A S Tsaev, PK Stefanov, and D S Stoychev 2015
G S E Antipas 2016
U Donatus, G E Thompson , S Morsch and I L Tsai2017

Eddie Marlow Memorial Medal

M Cowley FIMF 2002
G R Davies FIMF 2003
J Sturch 2004
R R Read FIMF 2005
K Roe 2006
B Perry FIMF & A Turner FIMF 2007
D Meacham2008
C Barnes 2009
A Chapman FIMF 2010
J Oliver FIMF 2011
J K Dennis FIMF 2012
M Griffiths 2013
I Shuker 2014
Gary Ridgway 2015

PEXA Award

J Hope2014
P Nikonczuk2015
V Hilborne and A F Averill2016
A K Singh S Alam and N Rani2017

Sam Field Silver Medal

C Barnes FIMF 2008
A Chapman FIMF2009
A Koch FIMF 2010
C Larson MIMF2011
T Crichton BSc, MSc, PhD, MRSC, CChem, MICorr, FIMF 2012
Allan Turner 2014
Geoff Wilcox 2015
Nick Sawyer 2016
P Farr 2017


Foundation Certificate

N Dinsdale 2011
A L Fieldhouse 2011
E Cotton 2012
T Griffiths n 2013
M Swiers 2014
Jack Sealey 2015
Harley James Ross 2016
Nicholas Veale 2017

Technician Certificate

N Hughes – Technician 2011
A Gryglowska - Technician 2012
E Cotton – Technician 2013
B Bateson - Technician 2014
Lee Saunders - Technician 2015
Wendy Chilton 2016
Ruben Dario Camacho Burgos 2017

Recognition of Outstanding Results

Eddie Cotton 2015
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