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IMFormation August 2014

Annual General Meeting - 3rd December 2014

The Annual General Meeting of the Institute of Materials Finishing for the Year July 1st 2013 to June 30th 2014 will be held at the Birmingham Medical Institute on Wednesday 3rd December 2014.
The proposed programme is to commence with coffee at 10.30am prior to a presentation by the Guest Speaker. This will be followed by Lunch at about 1.00pm and the AGM at 2.30pm.
Further details will be sent to Members in due course, meanwhile, please note this important date in your diaries.

IMFormation - Editor Ron Read

The newsletter is for the benefit of the membership, both for Individuals and Sustaining Member Associations and Companies. It is published in alternate months with Transactions of the IMF thus ensuring that the Membership receives a monthly communication from the Institute.
The purpose of the newsletter is to keep the Members of the IMF aware of changes in H&S and other legislation affecting our industry and also to give Sustaining Members the opportunity to promote new products and processes etc. to the Membership and their contacts.
If you have any items of interest for IMFormation please send them by email to the editor at: or to the IMF at Exeter House.

Environment, Health & Safety

HSE has launched a Consultation Document on the Control of Major Accident Hazard (COMAH) regulations 2015.
EA has launched its corporate plan “Creating a better place 2014 – 2016” The plan sets out the EA’s priorities, resources and the measures it will use to manage and report on its performance for the next two years. The full corporate plan is available at:

Company News & Products

The Personal Safety Division has launched a Wise Choices campaign, a series of parody videos reflecting a poor approach to health and safety. Metal processing is arguably a hazardous industry and means that a fresh approach could be desirable to help companies understand the various considerations that should take place when it comes to health and safety.
A series of ten short videos focuses on different elements including legislation, the selection of PPE, safety culture and whether PPE affects productivity in the workplace. To watch the videos and download a free ‘Wise Choices’ pack visit:

Chestech Ltd
Chestech, the specialist chemicals and processes distributor in the electronic industry, has signed a deal with the Japanese company Yamamoto-MS to be a sole distributor. Yamamoto-MS designs, develops and manufactures wet surface treatment equipment for the electronic industry. Chestech has a wide range of customers including those working in the semiconductor, printed circuit board, electronic and industrial metal finishing, photovoltaic and advanced packaging technology industries. Managing Director of Chestech Jon Sellers said “We are delighted to be working with Yamamoto-MS in what is an important contract for us. They have a fine reputation world-wide and their products are well known in the semiconductor production industry as well as in the fields of R & D.
Further details: email coatings please contact John Bourke on 0121 702 2485

Wedge Galvanizing Group
The Group has asked Oxfordshire-based health & safety specialists, Pristine Conditions, to make the comprehensive manual handling programme available to the 13 remaining sites following the trial at its Manchester Galvanizing site.
Andrew Connolly, Group HSE Adviser said : “In an industry where manual handling forms a large part of our day-to-day operations, it is really important for us not only comply with best practice, but to make sure that our employees are well well-versed in the very latest techniques. Following the success and positive feedback at our plant in Heywood.We have now made it available to all of our plants across the Wedge Group.”
For further information contact Wedge Group on 01902 630311 or visit

Coventya Ltd
The company has undergone a refurbishment of their offices, warehouse, factory and lastly the laboratory, which has been completely rebuilt to include a pilot line with 45l tanks for pretreatment, metal and lacquer deposition. The rest of the area has been to create more space for R & D, quality control and processing of customer’s samples. The company and its employees can be proud of its achievement, which is generating business in the UK as people see them as a serious alternative to previous suppliers. Further details:

RAPRA Limited
RAPRA and innovation are a partner and are committed to bring new technologies within the accessible reach of its client base.
Following more recent enquiries received, it is hard not to recognise the popularity of Bioplastics and appreciate the impact of their integration into many aspects of modern life.
They have long since proved their capabilities for commercial purposes in various industry sectors, as examples in healthcare, medical implants which dissolve in the body and prevent the trauma of second operation, and packaging, where ‘biodegradable’ is seen as the ecosaviour of a consumer led society. More information:

Hart Materials Limited
For many years, Hart Materials has marketed a chemical silvering process to provide an electrically conductive surface on non-conductors. It is principally used in the nickel electroforming industry.
However, for many applications, in mild exposure situations, the quality of the attractive silver coating allows it to be considered – with a suitable lacquer top coat – as an acceptable alternative to ‘chrome plating. Chairman Dr. Tony Hart comments “The EU REACH Regulation sets a date of September 2017 by which the use of hexavalent chromium salts must cease unless authorisation has been granted. So there is requirement for an alternative an alternative process for producing a bright finish in some applications”. To find out more about the process please contact Nikki Davies on Tel: 01902 895446 or by email on:


New Affiliate Members

Gawronski, Adrian )
Osborne, Craig ) AMFIN
Shean, Richard )
Carolan, Paul )
Doolan, John ) Dublin Aerospace
Hallinan, Robert )
Ford, Graham ) Eaton Aerospace
Russell, Christopher )
Bennett, David )
Cook, Marc ) Russell Laboratories
Weaver, Tobi )
Berrie, Michael )
Phipps, Alan ) Lucy Switchgear
Walker, Laurence )
Fraine, Stephen )
Gill, Damon )
Manley, Paul )
Palcikov, Alexandr ) South West Metal
Tolley, Brian ) Finishing
Urbonas, Mantas )
Willey, Shane )
Woolacott, Andrew )
Arnold, Robert Abbey Metal Finishing
Croucher, Simon Thomas Keating Ltd
Ellis, Ben AEM Ltd
Fry, Andrew Plating Centre Ltd
Sharrock-White, Paul Messier-Bugatti-Dowty
Sealey, Jack Aerofin

Examination Results

Tutored Foundation Certificate Course held at South West Metal Finishing on 2 May 2014
Cox, Wesley Gill, Damon #
Manley, Paul Urbonas, Mantas
Willey, Shane * Woolacott. Andrew

Distance Learning Foundation Certificate held 3 June 2014

Anderson, Thomas Silchrome Plating Limited
Barnett, Keith * Tewkesbury Diamond Cr.
Belt, Rebecca AEM Limited
Callendar, Mark * PMD UK Ltd
Cooper. Gillian # Aero Engine Controls
Cordrey, Adam * Messier-Bugatti-Dowty
Darwin, Jakob Messier-Bugatti-Dowty
Hennegan, Kristian * Indestructible Paint Ltd
Hopkins, Georgina * Aero Engine Controls
Humphreys, Dafydd Messier-Bugatti-Dowty
Jones, Gareth Messier-Bugatti-Dowty
Lane, Mark PMD UK Ltd
Sherriff, Phillip * PMD UK Ltd
Stephens, Michelle * TE Connectivity
Stone, Matthew Messier-Bugatti-Dowty
Stubbs, Matthew * TE Connectivity
Traynor, Daniel # PMD UK Ltd
Warburton, Daniel* PMD UK Ltd
Wu, Yi-Chin * Standex
Zaborowska, Anna * PMD UK Ltd

D.L.Technician Certificate Module held 3 June 2014 - Electroplating Practice

Hanson. Marc + Royal Mint
Hernandez-Selva, Tomas # Manchester Univer.
Keeble, Daniel + Tech-Ni-Plant Ltd

Materials Science

Solly, Matthew * + Eaton Aerospace Ltd

* Pass with Merit # Pass with Distinction
+ Having passed two Technician Modules these students have been awarded the Technician Certificate and are now eligible to apply for the professional grade of Technician of the Institute of Materials Finishing -TechIMF

Correction to error in June edition Kraft CPS Ltd is now: Kraft Powercon UK Ltd

Metal Finishing Industry Modelling

A person working for a major coatings company in Germany, is planning to conduct a Business Performance Measurement Modelling survey of British and German coatings companies, as part of a doctoral thesis. The aim of this is to establish what improvements, if any, in the running of finishing companies, and thus the industry as a whole, can be made. Very little research is carried out on how our industry can improve its operations, and it could be good for our industry owners and managers to have this performance model work done to measure themselves against it and possibly benefit. It could be good for our industry, which is virtually unknown outside itself and have its profile raised and noticed as a potential research candidate for business schools etc. Some of our Sustaining Member companies, whose contact details are in the public domain, may receive a copy of a short survey and be asked to take part anonymously, and we hope our members will be willing to ‘do their bit’ to build up our industry picture.

Senior Members Meeting - 3th September

A talk by Dr Peter Crouch on The Discovery of Stainless Steel. Please advise David in the IMF Office of your intention to be present.


The World of Surfaces moves South Announcing the New Product Finishing Road Show Botley Park Hotel, Southampton SO32 2UA November 5th & 6th 2014.
A high profile showcase in the South of the UK for companies operating in Surface Finishing/ Engineering to promote their products, services and expertise to the many end users in manufacturing industry throughout the southern area. To register contact Nigel Bean -Tel: 01442 826826 or online at:

Singapore Surface Engineering Assoc.
Asia Pacific Conference & Exhibition Co-sponsored by the National University of Singapore and Metalor
Further information contact Stewart Hemsley on +65 6586 3332

AMRC Training Centre (Part of the University of Sheffield)
The Centre will commence delivery of higher apprenticeships in mechanical engineering from autumn 2014, building on the success of the advanced level 4 higher apprenticeship on/off the job training, but will include a foundation degree, accredited by the University of Sheffield. More information contact us on 0114 2229958 or email:

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