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IMFormation August 2010

2011 IMFair
The Surface Finishing Event for Aerospace & Defence Industries
14-16 June 2011

Call for Papers

IMFAIR 2011; the event for aerospace and defence industries returns to the RAF Museum Cosford June 2011. This popular conference & exhibition provides an excellent international forum for sharing surface finishing knowledge and best practise techniques for sustainable aviation and defence materials technology.

The aim of IMFAIR is to connect surface finishing researchers and practitioners from both academia and industry, to meet and share cutting-edge developments. Organisations and individuals are invited to submit presentations/papers for the conference; a supporting exhibition allows major suppliers to showcase their latest products and services.

Anyone wishing to make a formal submission needs to provide a fifty word synopsis, proposed title and full contact details of the author(s). Submissions can be emailed or sent in writing to the Institute office, deadline is 4 October 2010 and authors will be notified of acceptance during November.

Please email submissions to or in writing to: The Institute of Materials Finishing, Exeter House, 48 Holloway Head, Birmingham, United Kingdom B1 1NQ

Health, Safety&Environment

Banned by HSE – Fact or Fiction
Which phrase appears regularly in the media – the old evergreen? – ‘It’s health and safety gone mad’. The phrase usually appears within a story about ‘health and safety killjoys banning – garden gnomes/giant clown shoes/ conkers/ adventure playgrounds/Christmas lights/ doormats/flip-flops at work/knitting in hospitals /cuddly toys on dustbin lorries etc etc. Actually HSE has banned very little and wants people to focus on real risks that can cause real harm. People do not want to be wrapped in a cotton wool world. HSE wants to change the high number of people who needlessly die, or are injured or made ill at work HSE plays a vital role in helping to prevent workers from becoming ill through their jobs. As an example of this is the next article on RPE.
The above is an extract from the editorial of Issue 25 of Health and Safety Newsletter by Colette Manning, editor)

Maximum protection from RPE
It is essential that workers who wear Respiratory Protection Equipment (RPE) ensure that they always use it properly.
HSE estimates that about 12,000 people die every year because of past exposure to hazardous substances. Around £300 million a year is spent on RPE, but in many cases, this equipment isn’t selected or used correctly to achieve maximum protection. Figures suggest that 60% of small to medium-sized businesses get their advice on selection and use of RPE from the supply chain so this where HSE have focused their attention.
The ‘Clean Air? Take Care’ campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance, not just of buying the correct RPE but of wearing it properly too (failure to do so can render it next to useless).
The British Safety Industry Federation, with the support of HSE. has produced a campaign pack containing simple, easy-to-understand messages and help packages. The pack contains a poster, a leaflet summarising the key things to consider when selecting RPE, and a DVD which explains why employers and employees should ensure that control measures such as local exhaust ventilation and RPE are correctly selected, used and maintained. If this campaign can get people to wear face masks correctly, replace their filters regularly and avoid making DIY modifications to respirators, then a reduction in deaths from occupational respiratory diseases should occur. For your copy of the campaign pack, visit: or for information on RPE:

Company News & Products

Hardide Coatings
Hardide Coatings has strengthened its sales team with the appointment of Robin Gillham as their business development manager for its global valve, pump and automotive business. He brings 19 years of engineering and technical sales experience having spent nearly 10 years as a design engineer with Rover and Land Rover prior to moving into technical sales with Tomita UK Ltd, having previously worked for Hardide between 2004-08. Further information from Jackie Robinson – Email:

Enthone Europe
Cookson has announced a new leader for its Enthone High performance Speciality Chemicals business in Europe. David Crimp currently Executive Vice President of Cookson’s Alpha Materials Group Europe (AMG) will extend his role take on responsibility for Enthone Europe. He will be looking for opportunities to integrate Enthone Europe into AMG businesses. Further information: Rob Lennox 0114 2844484 Email:

World Corrosion Organisation (WCO)
The United Nations has recognised that corrosion prevention is a vital factor in the world’s critical infrastructure by granting Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) status to the WCO.. “This will enable the WCO to reach a wider audience and impact policy makers about the impact of corrosion and what can be done to address this material degradation mechanism” said George Hays, WCO Director General.

Contract Heat Treatment Association
Debbie Mellor, MD of Keighley Laboratories, has been elected to the management committee, and formally appointed a director following the recent Annual General Meeting, and the only female amongst officers.

The editor apologises that in the June edition of IMFormation the name of the new Sustaining Member Company Metalas had been misspelt.

IMF News

Examination Results – June 2010

Foundation Certificate
Bosley, David # Abbott Diabetic Care
Patel, Kartikkumar # Hawker Pacific Aerospace
Rea, Paul # Photofabrication Ltd
Richards, Gary # Precision Aircraft Ltd

Arnold, Clive # BAE Systems INSYTE
Cresswell, Terence * Precision Aircraft Ltd
McConnell, James # Precision Aircraft Ltd
Tutored Technician Certificate
Akerman, Nathan )
Hackling, Russell * ) Poeton
Hill, Liam )
Kacinskaite, Renata )
Lovatt, John )
Rake, Eric * ) South West Metal
Urbsyte, Ruta ) Finishing
Werblanska, Katarzyna )
* Pass with Merit, # Pass with Distinction

New Members and Transfers

Aspey, Lee BAe Systems
Banks, Richard Indestructible Paint
Banks, Stephen Metafin Group Holdings
Barnes, Simon BAe Systems
Derby, Robert Messier Services
Dinsdale, Nicola BAe Systems
Durrant, Matthew Messier Services
Evans, Roderick Messier Services
Farrell, Sharon Dowty Propellers
Fletcher, Mark Messier Services
Ford, Nicholas Messier Services
Gummer, Marc BLC Leather Tech Centre
Harris, Leslie Messier Services
Mundy, Jim Messier Services
Nabb, David MSC Copperflow Ltd
Park, Hyung MacDermid plc
Scantlebury, Richard Messier Services
Smith, Andrew Messier Services
Sollis, Stuart Messier Services
Tomkins, Ian Messier Services
Voice, Martin Stannah. Stairlifts
Watson, Ray Metalas (UK) Ltd
Whittle, Gareth BAe Systems
Member (MIMF)
Haffner, David Roxel (Rocket Motors UK) Ltd
Fellow (FIMF)
Wild, Michael Metalor Technology (UK) Ltd

Education & Training

The IMF’s education and training programme is undergoing a major revision and full details can be obtained from David Meacham at Exeter House Tel: 0121 66 7387, or by Email:

Foundation Certificate
It is pleasing to report that there has been a good ‘takeup’ of this module after it was given a revision and relaunched in 2009. The revision refreshed the existing study units and introduced several additional units. The assessment format was also revised both on the number of units to study – 7 mandatory, 5 in three technology blocks for electroplating, organic or aerospace, plus a further 3 units of students own choice. The module which was available from July 2009 has received good reports from both students and their company training officers. Many students have gained merit and distinction when passing their examination, which now includes some short essay questions.

Technician Certificate (TC)
The modules, which enable students to gain this certificate, have been given a complete overhaul and the new modules will be available from the September 2010 enrolment.
A module certificate is awarded after successfully passing the module examination. A student receives the Technician Certificate after successfully passing two of the module examination. They may then be considered for the professional insignia TechIMF, and are then qualified to apply for EngTech, the Engineering Council’s, Internationally recognised award. There are now modules on:
Principles of Electroplating
Electroplating Practice
Paint, Lacquer and Varnish *
Powder Coating
Health, Safety and Environment
Automotive Surface Finishing *
Material Science
* Due to some overlap between the content of these modules, they cannot rate for a Technician Certificate when taken together.

Advanced Technician Certificate (ATC)
It is proposed that after successfully studying an additional two TC modules, one of which must Health, Safety and Environment, making a total of four, the Advanced Technician Certificate will be awarded.

Senior Member’s meeting
Wednesday 15 September at Exeter House. Meet 12 noon for ‘chit chat’, buffet lunch following by a talk by Dr Keith Dennis.

New Sustaining Member
Atkinson Associates
21, De Havilland Drive, Hazelmere
Bucks HP15 7FP
Tel: 01494 531974
Consultancy on all aspects of the specification the supply and usage of protective coatings for architectural, especially anodising and powder coatings. Approved independent inspection and testing. Failure investigation and expert witness.

Out and About

Aero Engineering Expo & Conference & Composite Engineering 2010
September 29-30, NEC Birmingham.
Further details - Tel: 0208 783 2399

International Materials Handling Exhibition (IMHX 2010)
November 16-19, NEC, Birmingham.
Further details –

IMFAir11, Conference and Exhibition
14-17 June 2011, RAF Cold War Museum Cosford .
Further details – IMF – 0121 622 7387

Paris Air Show
June 20-26, Le Bourget, Paris
Further details –

Surface World + Correx 2011
November 1-3, NEC, Birmingham
Further details – Tel: 01442 826826

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