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IMFormation August 2009

One-day Symposium and Tabletop Exhibition
Targeted testing of Surface Coatings for Cost Reduction

Using ‘state of the art’ testing technology to reduce the Reject & Failure rate and improve Profitability

To be held at the

Birmingham Medical Institute
Harborne Road, Edgbaston Birmingham B15 3AF


Tuesday 13 October 2009 commencing at 10.30

The event aims to help you and your company to gain the best results from your surface finishing processes by introducing the latest advanced technology and new production practices to enable you to improve manufacturing efficiency and reduce costs.

Presentations will cover many diverse techniques which will be backed by a ‘table top’ exhibition to enable companies to display their latest techniques and processes. Registration forms for both delegates and exhibitors containing synopsis of the presentations will be available later but it is not too late for receipt of offers of relevant presentations. Exhibitors wishing to reserve a site now should contact Ken Hoare at Exeter House.

Date for your Diary

Christmas Lectures and Luncheon followed by the Annual General Meeting for year 2008/2009 will take place at the Birmingham Medical Institute on Wednesday 9 December 2009

The Hothersall Memorial Award presentation will be given by Professor Pietro Luigi Cavallotti, Professor of Metal Science Politecnico, Milano Italy, entitled ‘Nano Electrodeposition for Magnetic Layers’.

Health, Safety and Environment

Safety advisers need accreditation
Health and safety advisers need accreditation to ensure they meet appropriate standards of professional competence. The Chair of HSE, Judith Hackitt said: “We do believe that there is a need for an accreditation system within the competency framework for health and safety professionals. We have no interest in HSE directly controlling or regulating such a scheme, but we are very keen to ensure that all professional bodies who establish an accreditation scheme do so in a way that measures competence in practice, not just acquired knowledge. Accreditation must include continuing professional development as a requirement as well as a means of sanction, with real teeth, for anyone who acts unethically in their professional activities – including providing inappropriate advice or guidance. She said that those involved in health and safety needed to be competent to assess and manage risk by applying common sense, taking a proportionate approach and exercising judgment about what is reasonable. Competence is one of the cornerstones of the new health and safety strategy for Great Britain, and HSE wants to see increased competence as the basis of a more sensible and proportionate approach to the management of risk”.
HSE wants employers to have access to competent, sensible advice from professional advisors so that risks are properly managed and unproductive measures and paperwork are not pursued.

LPG pipework replacement programme gets under way
A major programme to assess and improve the condition of underground service pipework carrying liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) from bulk storage tanks to industrial and commercial premises in England, Scotland and Wales has been launched.
The Industry and its representative body, UKLPG – working with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) – is carrying out a survey of some 60,000 businesses with such LPG pipework and will use the data to develop a programme which will prioritise the replacement of metallic service pipework starting in the autumn. The aim is for businesses with metallic service pipework, which can corrode over time, to lay replacement pipework made from more durable materials, such as polyethylene as soon as possible on a prioritised basis. The oldest metallic pipework in the least well-maintained condition and located in the most corrosive soils being replaced first. Rob Shuttleworth, UKLPG’s Chief Executive said: “The UKLPG industry is committed to work with its customers and HSE to understand and prioritise the replacement of underground metallic pipework carrying liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to industrial and commercial premises. Dr Brian Fullam, from HSE, added: “LPG is a popular fuel used by a range of different businesses and we wish to ensure that their supplies are – and continue to be – stored and piped into premises in a safe way.”

Company News & Products

Elsyca has developed a platform enabling fast and accurate simulation of e-coating processes. Deposited layer thickness and current density distributions are calculated over time and problem areas identified. The platform defines the optimal ‘window of operation’ as well as carrying out ‘dry-run’ what-ifscenarios at the production design stage. Elsyca’s paint bath characterisation approach gives optimal simulation accuracy. It is claimed that the technology offers the answer to the green coating need and will predict how a new paint bath will behave with current and future vehicles in current or future infrastructure, without physical tryout.
Further details E-mail:

Donaldson Filtration Solutions
Filtration innovation provides clean air at point of use.
The new WSO oil mist collectors by Donaldson are highly efficient and economical, Separation rate for oil mist particles with size range 0.07 to 1.2 micron is around 99.97 % but not brought by an increase in operating cost. The design of the system permits a reuse of the separated cooling lubricants and simultaneously creates the conditions for an extended filter life. The design of the housing, filter and filter media are new, media consists of a blend of long polyester fibres and very fine glass fibres which are thermally bonded to produce a highly stable fabric free of bonding agents.
Further information: or Email:

HSE Books
HSE has produced a new catalogue which replaces all previous earlier editions and contains details of nonpriced products alongside priced products for specific subject areas.
To order a copy: tel: 01787 881 165, Fax: 01787 313995 or Email:

Pre-treatment Solutions (PTS) Ltd
Two new non-chromate pre-treatment processes primarily for use on aluminium and its alloys. PP920 is a ‘dry-in-place’ product for use on aluminium and its alloys, as well as magnesium and zinc(i.e. galvanised) producing a pale surface finish. PP910 is specifically for Al and its alloys which produces a colour finish. Both materials give excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance after subsequent coating, and are suitable as direct replacements for chromate pre-treatment products.
For further details: tel: 02476 452299 or Email:

Zircotec Ltd
Flexible ceramic material for heat protection. Lightweight ZircoflexTM offers a robust solution to thermal protection of industrial pipes, easily applied by clips or adhesive tape. Zircotec offers a wide selection of coating services to protect components against the effects of heat, wear, abrasion and oxidation.
Further details from Peter Whyman tel:01235 434326 or Email:

IMF News

The President writes
As I sat down to write my report to the June Council meeting and to reflect on the past year I realised that I was just about to complete 2 years as Chair of the Council.
A lot of hard work by members of the Executive, Council and other members who offered to assist in taking up the challenge issued in my 1st Presidential Address in 2007. Ideas and changes have been developed and presented to Council for discussion and approval, prior to being presented to you, the membership, at the AGM in December. These include: New Mission Statement and Objectives, Risk Assessment & Public Relations. A new Management Structure has been proposed which will be open for discussion at the AGM and hopefully approved. I was fortunate to be able to attend some 20 meetings and function during the last year, where I met with and made friends with many members and renewed old friendships within the Finishing Industry. I also had the honour to attend the recent IMFAIR 09 Conference & Exhibition at the RAF Museum Cosford. The 18 technical presentations were very interesting and provoked many questions, whilst the exhibition encouraged delegates to evaluate the latest companies & products on show, together with a lot of networking.
I would like to record my congratulations to Ron Read (Chairman-Events), Ken Hoare (our Development Manager) and Graham Armstrong (Chairman- Organic Finishing Group) for all the hard work done, plus the other members who assisted in any way to make this event the big success.
Samuel Briggs – President IMF

New Sustaining Member

Hawking Electrotechnology Ltd
19 Hereward Rise. Halesowen
West Midlands B62 8AN
Tel: 0121 585, Fax: 0121 585 6178
Contact: Jim Metaxes – Managing Director
Developers and manufacturers of high performance electrophoretic coatings sold and marketed worldwide via a well established distribution network. The processes provide environmentally alternatives to plating, anodising and conventional lacquering.

Pre-Treatment Technologies Ltd
(Incorporating The Walterisation Co Ltd)
10d Top Land Country Business Park
Cragg Vale, Mytholmroyd HX7 5RU
Tel: 01422 410790, Fax: 01422 888526
Contact: Alex Jennings, Managing Director
The company is dedicated to the supply of speciality chemicals for manufacturing industry. Products are produced within a facility which is ISO 9001-2000 approved. All products are formulated on site and technically support our chemical systems.

New members and transfers

Affiliate Burling, Steven Metalor Technologies
Jakubowski, Artur Dorsetware Ltd

Examination Results June 2009

Foundation Certificate
Cresswell, Terence # Precision Aircraft
Laing, Ian # Wellstream International Ltd
McConnell, James # Precision Aircraft
Reeve, Adam * Hi-Rel Lids
Rhodes, Howard # Precision Aircraft
Smith, Jonathan * Dunlop Equipment
Smith, Simon # Royal Mint
Wood, Robin * Vector Aerospace

General Principles Module
Hawkins, Richard * Vector Aerospace
Quilter, Christopher # Brita Finish
Taylor, Kevin * Vector Aerospace
Winwood, Chris * MacDermid PLC

Material Science Module
Adamson, Kenneth )
Cornwall, Neil * )
Kerr, Bryan # ) BAE Systems INSYTE
McLeod, Stuart )

Paint & Powder Module
Laverick, Michael * Radford Shelving Ltd

Environmental Module
Moore, Gordon # Aerospace Machining Technology.Ltd
* pass with merit # pass with distinction

IMFAIR 09 Presentations

The various contributions given over the recent two day conference at the RAF Museum (Cold War Exhibition) Cosford are now available for reading on the IMF website @

Senior’s Meeting

The next meeting will be held on:
Thursday 10th September at Exeter House Following a buffet lunch there will be a talk by John Sargent on ‘ Restoring and gold replating the High Alter Cross of Coventry Cathedral.
Please advise Exeter House if you will be attending by sending back the form enclosed with this newsletter.

IMF Southern Branch
New Advances in Coatings seminar
Wednesday 21 October commencing at 4.30pm, at ITT Cannon, Basingstoke.
Further details James Shelley, tel: 01276 703333

Institute of Corrosion (Yorkshire Branch)
Seminar entitled: Back to Basics; The Essentials of Protecting Structural Steel by Protective Coatings & Paints
Wednesday 11th November at The Cedar Court Hotel, Bradford
Further details: G.Manning, tel: 07505111369,
Email: or D.Greenfield, tel: 01142252973, Email:

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