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Imformation August 2004

Engineering Council awards EngTech status to IMF members

The Institute is pleased to announce that following negotiations with various external awarding bodies, the status of Engineering Technician and the use of the insignia, EngTech of the Engineering Council of the United Kingdom (ECUK) has at last been achieved, through the Institute of Cast Metal Engineers for three of our members.

These were the first Institute members to be awarded EngTech insignia having successfully passed the Technician Certificate examination and subsequently achieving TechIMF status.

Congratulations to:

John Carey of Glacier Vandervell Bearings

Mark Groake of Jebron Plating Limited

Martin Goodyer of World Resources Company GmbH

It is hoped that following their success, many more members who have successfully passed the Technician Certificate examination will be encouraged to apply for the Technician of the IMF qualification and subsequently apply for the national award of Engineering Technician of the Engineering Council of the UK.

* * * * *

Date for your Diary

Wednesday 15 December 2004

Birmingham Medical Institute

Christmas Lectures, Annual Luncheon & Annual General Meeting

Presidential Address by Dr Trevor Pearson

The Future of the Electroplating Industry in Europe

Hothersall Memorial Lecture by Dr Peter Farr

The Perception of Colour

Invitation Lecture by Dr Sheelagh Campbell

Electrochemistry in Conservation

* * * * *

Welcome to New Sustaining Members

Elsyca N.V. Kranenberg 6
1731 Zellik, Belgium
Contact: Ilse Evenepoel, Tel: 0032 2 481 6028, Fax: 0032 463 1706
E-mail: Web:
ELSYCA is expert in modelling of all electrochemical industrial processes. Our software + engineering services approach ensures optimisation of product quality, process & reactor design, making trial & error obsolete

Jewellery Industry Innovation Centre
85-87 Vittoria Street , Hockley,
Birmingham , B1 3PA
Contact: Samantha Chilton-Surface Finish Technician
Telephone: 01213315940 Facsimile: 0121248 4582
The J.I.I.C assists with all areas of Product Development and Research. Specialities and facilities include aluminium anodizing , titanium colouring , laser welding and marking , rapid prototyping and modeling , casting and CAD .

Health, Safety and Environment

HSE plan phase-out of CrVI by 2006

The following is taken from an article written by Andrew Lake of HSE and published in the SEA’s Summer 04 Watchword (with referral to his previous article in the Spring 04 edition) in which he outlined HSE’s approach to hexavalent chromium compounds (e.g. chromates, bichromates and chromic acid).

Few will need reminding that these compounds are classified as Category I carcinogens (i.e. can cause cancer in humans) under the CHIP3 regulations. There is an increased risk of respiratory cancer from certain CrVI associated processes, other effects to health include burns, ulceration of the skin and mucous membranes, and respiratory sensitisation. .

The Hexavalent Working Party (consisting of members drawn from industry, trade association, chemical suppliers and government) has concluded that trivalent chromium was a reasonable practical alternative for bright decorative applications and had significant environmental and health and safety advantages. Significant efforts were taken to promote its use as a substitute for hexavalent chemistry, but despite this platers still refused to change.

Following the earlier article, there have been significant developments. It has been recognised that a rolling programme of inspection and enforcement could lead to inconsistency and a disjointed implementation of the legal requirements. Consequently, following consultation with the Environment Agency and the key bodies representing the chromium plating industry, it is intended to set a phase-out date for bright decorative electroplating using chromic acid. HSE have been persuaded that two planning cycles may be required to accommodate the necessary changes. This would mean substitution taking place during the financial year beginning April 2006

Reservations have been expressed about decorative applications that also have functional purpose (e.g. to help meet standards for corrosion resistance for external car parts). HSE are prepared to discuss these issues and will work with the industry to minimise the impact of these changes. But as the body tasked with ensuring that risks to people’s health and safety at work are properly controlled, HSE does not believe it is acceptable to stand back and allow the continued use of such hazardous substance in processes where safer alternatives are available.

HSE expects that applications for permits under IPPC will need to take account of the requirements given above.

Editor’s Note.

The subject of Health and Safety issues surrounding hexavalent chromium compounds has been highlighted over a number of years. Users cannot now fail to be aware that the end is in sight for using chromic acid for decorative chromium plating. Now is the time to put your ‘house in order’ – don’t leave it to the last minute – set out your plans NOW.


Revised guide to COSHH Assessment

The new edition updates and improves the original guidance. The new version has been written to take account of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH)

The book describes and explains the principles of COSHH assessment and sets out a suggested framework of steps to take and describes the following steps in detail:

  • Gathering information about the substances, the work and the working practices;
  • Evaluating the risks to health;
  • Deciding on the necessary measures to comply with COSHH
  • Recording the assessment; and
  • Reviewing the assessment

Copies of A step by step guide to COSHH assessment hsg97 (second edition) ISBN 0 7176 2785 3, priced £8.95. are available from HSE Books

CBI seeks to improve Regulation Enforcement

The CBI is asking if members would like to contribute directly to the Hampton Review of regulatory inspection and enforcement. The Review Team is particularly keen to hear from businesses that have significant concerns about the ways in which inspection and enforcement regimes currently operate. They are also interested in any ideas for beneficial changes that could be introduced. If you would like to contribute, you will find the call for submissions at

The CBI is also gathering examples of contradictory regulations and conflicts in enforcement. Send details of good examples to:

Updated guidance on Manual Handling

Almost a third of industrial injuries are caused by manual handling accidents and an estimated 1.1 million people in Britain suffer from work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) including those caused by manual handling. HSE recently revised its manual handling guidance to help employers and employees take sensible steps to reduce injuries.

The guidance book and an accompanying leaflet Getting to grips with manual handling have been revised to take account of improved knowledge of the risks and how to avoid them. The book – Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 (as amended).Guidance of Regulations L23 (Third edition) ISBN 0 7176 2833 X, priced £8.95. A short guide INDG143 (rev3) Getting to grips with manual handling is available free. Both available from HSE Books

Company News and Products

Hart Coating Technology

New ‘minus 5 micron’ range of conductive nickel spheres (CNS) available in five different size grades:

  • CNS minus 400 mesh (37 micron
  • CNS minus 20 micron
  • CNS minus 20 plus 10 micron
  • CNS minus 10 micron and
  • CNS minus 5 micron

This unique range of materials is manufactured by NOVAMET in the USA and distributed in Europe by Hart Coating Technology in the West Midlands. Further details tel: 01902 895446, fax: 01902 897469

Schloetter Company Ltd

Schloetter announce new products. SLOTOPASS ZE150 zinc/iron post treatment system & SLOTOFIN 10 sealant. This is an improvement of a previous process and features the following benefits:

  • Intense black, cosmetically attractive appearance
  • Satisfies ‘end of life directive’ – CrVI free
  • Resistance to heat treatment giving unusually enhanced corrosion results
  • Achieves 240 hours to white rust and 720 hours to red rust under DIN 50021-SS
  • Extended bath life

New zinc/nickel process. SLOTOLOY ZN 80 with the following characteristics:

  • Higher current efficiency – 50% @ 2.5 A/dm 2
  • Low metal content Zn @ 8-9 g/l, alkaline bath
  • Enhance corrosion resistance, especially when post treated with SLOTOPAS and SLOTOFIN range of products
  • Higher operating temperature – 35 o C
  • Even alloy distribution in range of 12–15 % Ni
  • Suitable for both rack and barrel processing

Further information contact Paul Griffiths tel: 01386 552331 or e-mail:


IMF News & Events

New Grade of Membership Status

The recent Extraordinary General Meeting approved a new interim grade of membership, to be known as Associate of the Institute of Materials Finishing. Persons who have passed the Foundation Certificate Examination with a minimum of two years experience and subject to approval at an interview will entitled to use the insignia AssocIMF. This insignia can be held for a period of five years only whilst a person is continuing to study for a higher qualification.


Tuesday 5 October at the Birmingham Medical Institute commencing at 2.00 pm.

COMAH updated legislation. Will feature existing legislation & future (2005) changes to the regulations and other reclassifications under CHIP by Martin Cooke of HSE. Presentations will follow on how to minimise effect of COMAH by use of alternative processes. Send cheque for £20 (incl.VAT) to cover cost of refreshments etc to the Branch Secretary, at 165 Hill Village Road, Sutton Coldfield B75 5JQ. VAT receipts will be issued at the event.

Recent Examination Successes

Technician Certificate; June 2004

     * Allin P                 Tyco 
     * Beer G                Tyco
     * Evans D              Poeton Industries Ltd
     * Hill-Meldrum S   Tyco
        Killner S             Tyco
        Little J                Tyco

     * Makins S            AEM Limited
        Mitchel P            Tyco
     * Nolleth P            Poeton Industries Ltd
        Sleigh C             Tyco
    * Warren M           Tyco

Distance Learning; June 2004

MF1 Abeyrathne R    Loadstar (Pvt) Ltd ( Sri Lanka)
MF2 Cromwell P #    Stainless Plating Ltd
MF3b Shute E *        Newton Abbot
MF3c Carey J **      Glacier Vandervell Bearings

* with merit ** with distinction

# also Technician Certificate via MF1 plus MF2


New members and transfers

Affiliate Cooper P.R Luton
               Ford S Birmingham

 Technician Potter S * Gloucester
                   Shaw R *   Southampton

Member Ferrari G * Watford

Fellow  M Griffiths * Solihull 

* transfer from Affiliate

Metal Finishing Golf Society

This year’s event at Handsworth Golf Club was blessed with good weather. The results were as follows:

Winner Runner up

John Preston Cup Neal Davies R.Griffiths

Alan Jordan Trophy R.Griffiths R.Pountney

Alma ’s Trophy G.Spencer D.Rafferty

IMF Shield M.Allcott A.Billinghurst

Tony Oaks Salver Nick Davies M.Allin

Prizes donated by Asbury Brodie, IMF, MacDermid plc, Process Engineering, Rohm & Haas and Siebec UK Ltd and were presented by Mr William Jordan, Chairman of the Society.

British Standards


ISO 7142:2004 Binders for paints and varnishes. Epoxy resins. General methods of test

Although this International Standard was not implemented as a British Standard at the time of its publication, it has now been adopted by CEN as EN ISO 7142 and will therefore shortly be implemented as BS EN ISO 7142:2004

Out and About

6–8 September, Sheffield Hallam University,

45 th Corrosion Science Symposium organised by the Institute of Corrosion.

Further details – David Greenfield tel: 0114 225 2973


20 October, Coatings – Conservation, Compliance & Cost – Can it be Done?

Seminar at York organised by the Oil & Colour Chemists’ Association.

Details and registration visit:

Exeter House • 48 Holloway Head • Birmingham • B1 1NQ
Tel: 0121 622 7387 • Please refer to contact list for email addresses
Registered in England No 498619 A