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IMFormation April 2014

As Members in attendance at the 2012/3 Annual General Meeting will know, Ken Hoare announced his intention to retire as Business Development Manager of the Institute. Ken has been our manager for 10 Years during which time Exeter House has been in good hands and our “sustaining company membership” has significantly increased. He has played a significant role in the organisation of the successful annual conferences. Ken will retire on the 11th April and the membership wish him and his wife a long and happy retirement.

The Institute welcomes Helen Wood to Exeter House as the new office manager. Helen has previously worked in industry for several years in sales and administration roles. Helen will commence working for us from the 10th March. She will join Ken in the Surface Finishing Pavilion at MACH 14 Exhibition at the NEC, Birmingham. We wish Helen success in her new role.

MACH 14 Exhibition
at the NEC, Birmingham
from 7th – 11th April

This exhibition will feature an Institute of Materials Finishing sponsored Pavilion at which some of our sustaining companies will be present.
Both Ken Hoare and Helen Wood will be present thus giving the opportunity for Members to meet them.

Health, Safety & Environment

Notification of reduced fees for powder coating activities. Details on Defra website: charges-risk/
Notification of the publication of update guidance notes - PG 6/31 Powder Coating, including sheradizing and vitreous enamelling dry. Details on the Defra website: guidance/

The European Commission has adopted the EU Clean Air Policy Package. See website

The HSE International Chemicals Unit invite GHS Stakeholders to the 10th meeting to be held at Rose Court, London on 13th June. Those wishing to attend should contact Jan Harris by email at:

Invitation from the Tank Storage Association of the publication of “Environmental risk tolerability for COMAH establishments” guidance. Full details at: esources.htm

Notification of Sweden’s intention to submit a SVHC dossier on cadmium chloride. The full list of registry of SVHC intentions can be found at:

Company News and Products

RILEY Surface World
Riley are holding an online auction of miscellaneous process support equipment from a global leader for surface finished aluminium coil.
Included are water and acid transfer pumps, motorised valve controls and mist abatement devices, Ecotech acid purification plant and vibratory finishing media. Most of the lots are palletised for ease of purchase & transportation. To register and start bidding visit:
For further information please contact Helen Wilkinson on 01922 749284 or email:

The Rubber and Plastics Research Association with almost 100 years of experience helping industry has a Polymer Helpdesk. Their service is available free to all. The helpdesk aims to match the needs of industry by providing the best solution provider within 24 hours. Resources include:
• Specialist Technical Support – product/process design, testing, analysis, material selection, prototyping, failure analysis etc.
• Funding – EU and UK grant or project schemes e.g. TSB, Materials KTN and METRC.
• Innovations – through links with universities, other members and other relevant Societies and Associations such as BPF, IMF, SPE and funded projects e.g.:
To find out more visit:

Omniscan Ltd
F3-XXT thin-film Thickness Analyser
Measuring film thicknesses greater than 100 micron is challenging for most measuring systems. To overcome problems the F3-XXT has a Filmetrics-developed spectrometer that is capable of measuring materials up to 3mm thick. Combined with special optics that produce a spot size less than 25 micron, even highly rough materials may be measured.
For further information contact Russell Evans on: 01978 844155 or email at:

Oxford Instruments plc
Roentgenanalytik Systeme of Taunusstein near Frankfurt becomes part of Oxford Instruments. This acquisition extends their product range into XRF instrumentation. They now intend to invest in a centre of excellence based in Taunusstein, focused on developing bench top XRF analysers to offer customers state of the art tools that meet stringent requirement for high performance analysis.
For more information visit: and

IMF News

New Members

Students – Loughborough University
Carrick, David Murrell, Emma
Pearson, Helen Wang, Jing
Wu, Liang


PMD (UK) Ltd
Callender, Mark Lane, Mark
Sherriff, Philip Traynor, Daniel
Warburton, Daniel Zaborowska, Anna
South West Metal Finishing
Fraine, Stephen Gill, Damon
Manley, Paul Paleikov, Alexander
Tolley, Brian Urbonas, Mantas
Willey, Shane Woolacott, Andrew
TE Connectivity
Ellacott, Christopher Stevens, Michelle
Stubbs, Matthew
Messier Bugatti Services
Darwin, Jakob Jones, Gareth
Stone, Matthew Humphreys, Dafydd
Cordrey, Adam
Silchrome Plating
Anderson, Thomas
Aero Engine Controls
Cooper, Gillian Hopkins, Georgina
Belt, Rebecca Bowden, Michael
Poeton Industries Ltd
Bateson, Benjamin Donowski, Nicola
Atotech UK Ltd
Oseland, Adam
Mahle Eng. Systems
Wilby, Keith
Indestructible Paint
Greenway, Simon
Wu, Yi-Chin


Swiers, Martin PPM Ltd

Examination Results

Tutored Technician Module held at Poetons Industries Ltd, 10 February on Principles of Electroplating.
Bateson, Benjamin # Donowski, Nicole #
Gower, Matthew Hughes, Kieran *
Love, Derek * Vaughan, Dane *
Veale, Mark *

Foundation Certificate, 22 February
Bick, James * Nu-Pro Ltd
Matuozzo, Alessia # Indestructible Paint
Morrissey, David * Boston Scientific
Shell, Scott Cranden Diamond
Steinmetz, Yuval # Gimur Matahot-Israel

Distant Learning Modules – 22 February
Environment, Health and Safety

+Churchill, Ronald * )
+Mine, Derek ) Interplex PMP Ltd
+Kirkpatrick, Robert * )

Principles of Electroplating
+ Briggs-Price, Dennis # NMB Minera UK

Electroplating Practice
+ McDonnell, Richard*

+ The above students, having passed two technician modules have also been awarded the Technician Certificate at the appropriate level of Pass, or Pass with Merit,
* Pass with Merit, # Pass with Distinction


Surface Analysis for Materials Finishing Friday 9th May 2014 at Aston University, Birmingham B4 7ET
Loughborough Surface Analysis Ltd (LCA) and Midland Surface Analysis Ltd (MSA) in association with the Institute of Materials Finishing, are organising this oneday workshop addressing surface analysis and depth profiling and how they can be used to help with a variety of challenges relating to materials finishing. The presentations draw upon a wealth of real-world experience in using these techniques to assist with issues such as:
• Staining • Cleaning
• Corrosion • Etching
• Delamination • Adhesion
• Contamination & Impurities • Surface treatment
The workshop will consist of a series of seminars given by experts in the field on the individual techniques (including case studies) together with practical demonstrations.
Opportunities will be provided to discuss with participants specific cases either in an open forum or in private with the analyst present.
This is a unique opportunity for failure analysts, process engineers, yield improvement managers, control managers and R&D staff to learn about or refresh their knowledge of surface analytical and depth profiling techniques.
The cost is £100 including refreshment & lunch. 25% discount for IMF members.
To register please send an email to:
Further information regarding the workshop is available direct from Mike Petty tel: 07767 390227

New Sustaining Member Company

Lucy Switchgear Ltd
Howland Road
Oxfordshire, OX9 3UJ
Tel: 01844 267267 Fax: 01844 267225
Contact: Mr Ian Hodgson – Snr Operations Manager
A leader in power distribution solutions with over 100 year’s industrial experience. Specialising in high performance medium voltage switchgear for utility, industrial and commercial applications.

Russell Laboratories Ltd
Austin House Units A-c
Wotton Road, Kingsnorth Ind Est
Ashford, Kent, TN23 6LN
Tel: 01233 635241 Fax: 01233 610960
Contact: Mr John Tolliday – Works Manager
Technical surface engineering including electroless nickel, sulphamate nickel, zinc-nickel, zinc cobalt, cadmium, silver, gold, rhodium and copper. ISO 9001 2008, AS9100rev

Senior Members Meeting

The next meeting will take place at Exeter House on: Wednesday 21st May with a buffet lunch commencing at approximately 12.30pm. Following this will be a talk on: Gunpowder Technology by Geoff Smith, IMF Southern Branch.
The development of gunpowder technology will be traced from its origination in the East to the fully developed industry of the nineteenth century still in use today. The talk will conclude with an overview of some less well known applications of Gunpowder.
A talk not to be missed!

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