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IMFormation April 2012

The Surface Finishing Event for Aerospace & Transport Industries
June 2013

The Institute of Materials Finishing is proud to announce their next major conference and exhibition, will take place in June 2013.

Called TRANSFAIR13, the conference and exhibition will focus on the surface finishing in the whole transport industry to include automotive, rail, aerospace and marine requirements.

Building on the success of IMFair11, which mainly featured advancements in surface treatments for the aerospace industry, TRANSFAIR13 will broaden the scope to cover all forms of transportation.

The event will be held at the Heritage Motor Centre Museum, at Gaydon Warwickshire, where delegates and visitors will also be able to take advantage of the various exhibits tracing the history of the automobile. This initial notice is not only to advise our members, but also to act as an initial call for papers and/or expression of interest in exhibiting. For more information about this exciting event for 2013, in the first instance please contact Ken Hoare at Exeter House who will be happy to update you. Membership representation on the Management Board The present two Representatives retire at the next AGM in December 2012 and nominations for their successors are being sought.

Members and Affiliates interested in being part of the Management Board should contact Exeter House for a nomination form which, when completed, should be returned to Exeter House not later than 5 September 2012. Normally nominations to the Board require six supporters, however if a Nominee is unable to fulfil this requirement please contact the Secretary General before the 26 July 2012 for advice.

Health, Safety & Environment

Solvent Emissions Directive (SED)
Two proposals in the just – issued industrial emissions Directive consultation relating to the SED which invites response of your views by emails to:
Deadline for response is Wednesday 6 June.

1. Solvent activities – registration. In brief, instead of a new activity applying for a permit, the firm would notify its name, address and basic details for registration. Subject to local authority (LA) views, it would seem likely that the LA would want to inspect and ask for the sort of information that would have been in an application and then inspect periodically as now, in line with risk. There would be no permit and therefore no setting - out of conditions. No proposals have yet been made as to whether the statutory nuisance system in Part III of the Environmental permitting Regulations or the Clean Air Act controls would be reinstated in relation to non - solvent emissions

2. Solvent activities – BAT. Because there is no requirement in the SED or IED that BAT must be applied as well as the specific solvent emissions provision, it is proposed to limit regulation of SED installations (but not non - SED solvent installations) to compliance just with the Directive solvent requirements which it is estimated will save regulated solvent firms a significant annual amount of money.
Mike Etkind, Head of Local Authority Pollution Control, invites people to contact him to explore any issues before you respond to the consultation at Defra, telephone 07979 530863

Company News & Products

Elcometer NDT
Elcometer has opened a new division offering a range of ultrasonic thickness gauges & mini flaw detectors. Under the Elcometer NDT brand name the range includes both corrosion and precious thickness gauges plus handheld mini-flaw detectors, together with over 650 transducers and accessories to meet the demands of the industry.
For more information and a full product brochure, visit:

Elsyca – Predicting Galvanic Corrosion
A new software tool called GalvanicMaster, which considers the relevant factors to predict corrosion hot spots and rates – a 3D CAD software user-friendly tool that takes into consideration:
• complex geometries
• environmental conditions
• electrolyte characteristics
• polarisation behaviour of metal alloys
• influence of coatings

This tool allows design engineers to assess the corrosion behaviour and select materials for safe operation. For more information go to:

Technology Strategy Board (TSB) Funded Research from the Technology Strategy Board.
The TSB has announced two competitions, which may be of interest to companies in the Surface Engineering Industry:
• Sustainable Manufacturing for the Process Industry
Open on 27 February, registration must be done by 18 April in time for its closure on 25th April. It is two parts: up to £4.6 million is available for collaborating research projects. The project must be business led and the consortium must include an end-user. The project may last for between 1-3 years and will receive up to 50% public funding, the objective to develop faster and more effective product design and manufacture, so that the UK can better compete in the global arena.
• Technology Inspired Innovation
This project opened on 12 March; registration must be completed by 4 April and closes for applications on 11 April. It is specifically aimed at SME and Micro enterprises, so it will fit very well with IMF’s members industries. The funding is for a maximum of £25K, with total project costs not exceeding £3.3K and with funding available up to 75% of the total project costs.
For further information contact the TSB at or the IMF Science Committee at Exeter House.

IMF News

New members & transfers

Norkus, Eugenijus )State Institute
Rimantas, Ramanauskas )Vilnius, Lithuania
Vanes, Ronald LVH Coatings
Chater, Richard Poeton Industries

New Sustaining Members

PMD (UK) Ltd
Broad Lane, Coventry CV5 7AY
Tel: 02476 466691, Fax: 02476 473034
One of the UK’s longest established companies specialising in the supply of chemical systems and plating services to the metal finishing, electronics and PCB industry. Offering both gold and silver, and nonprecious electroplating services along with proprietary chemical processes.

Datum DevelopmentsTM
Bridge Works, Station Yard
Kingsbridge, Devon TQ7 1ES
Tel: 01548 853717
PolcoatTM is a high value engineering polyimide coating formed by electrodeposition and valued as the best performing conformal polyimide coating for large area thin film metal finishing applications.

Lufthansa Technik Landing Gear Services Ltd
Unit 3, Dawley Park, Kestral Way
Hayes, Middlesex UB3 1HP
Tel: 0208 589 1900, Fax: 0208 589 1901
This company (were previously known as Hawker Pacific) provides independent overhaul and repair services for Aerospace Landing Gear and other components to airlines and repair agencies world-wide.

Oil Sites Road, Ellesmere Port
Cheshire CH65 4EY
Tel: 0151 355 3611, Fax: 0151 356 2349
Manufacturers of speciality chemicals including biodegradable chelating agents for controlling metal ions in surface treatment, metal finishing and rust removal.

Teer Coatings Ltd
West Stone House
Berry Hill Industrial Estate
Droitwich WR9 9AS
Tel: 01905 827550. Fax: 01905 827551
Email: Web: Teer Coatings offer PVD coatings and deposition equipment. Coatings include TiN, CrN and the low friction, wear resistant coatings including MoSTTM, Graphit-iCTM and Dymon-iC (DLC). Bespoke coatings can also be developed.

Vilnius Centre for Physical Sciences & Technology
Gostauto 9, Vilnius
Lithuania LT-01108
Tel: +3705 264 8844, Fax: +3705 264 9774
The State Budget Institution carrying out investigations of electrochemical, catalytic and sorption processes in solutions, material science and metal corrosion, environmental chemistry, synthesis and research of organic compounds.

Education & Training

The next enrolment for student for all courses and modules is Friday 25th May. Early registration is recommended. Contact David at Exeter House. Tutors. Demand for the wide range of IMF courses has created the need for additional tutors to teach students within industrial companies. Applicants must have an industrial background that covers inorganic or organic surface finishing.
Interested? Send CV to IMF fao David Meacham.

Out and About

HiPerNano 2012
The NanoEngineering Event
Tuesday 24th April 2012
Savoy Place, London
HiPerNamo 2012 is all about bringing together the technology innovators with end-users who can exploit new materials, coatings and devices to solve engineering challenges, aimed at engineering industries including aerospace, automotive, offshore, energy, defence and construction and is a unique opportunity to meet and hear experts in a range of technology areas:
There will be a poster session running throughout the day. Interested in the poster session and to receive further details of the event including a reservation form, email:

Surface Analysis for Surface Finishing
-how to use surface analysis techniques to understand production issues and customer returns.
Wednesday 2nd May 2012
Aston University, Birmingham
Cost £100 (including vat & lunch)
One-day technical workshop designed to give engineering personnel from a diverse range of industrial sectors a clear understanding of how surface analysis & depth profiling techniques can be used to help with a variety of challenges that relate to surface finishing. For further details and to register please contact Mike Petty, Tel: 07767 390227 or by email to:

Science City Research Alliance
(University of Birmingham & University of Warwick) Surface Characterisation of Materials – (Training Course for Industry)
University of Birmingham
School of Chemical Engineering
18th & 19th April 2012
This 2-day course couples lecture-style training, demonstrations hands-on experience with informal discussion and workshop sessions. Further information/booking please contact: Dr Karl West:

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