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IMFormation April 2009

10-11 June 2009
Royal Airforce Museum Cosford

Why you should be there...

IMFair ’09 is set to be the UK’s largest and most in-depth surface coating and surface engineering conference and exhibition, aimed at the aerospace industry.

An impressive list of high quality technical papers will be presented by many well known names from the aerospace and coatings industry from UK and International organisations.

Associated exhibitions will be held in adjacent rooms to the Auditorium to support the conference from where morning and afternoon refreshments will be served.

Lunch will be served from within the Cold War Exhibition with time for delegates to peruse the various exhibits. A conference dinner will be held at the **** Park House Hotel, Shifnall with after dinner speaker on – ‘THE WORKSHOP OF THE WORLD’ - by the well- known historian and passionate ‘Brummie’ Professor Carl Chinn MBE, FRSA, PhD.

Health, Safety and Environment

Health & Safety Executive (HSE)
Under the EC 3rd Indicative Occupational Exposure Limit Value (OELV) Directive, the occupational exposure limits for a number of substances, including sulphuric acid mist are to be introduced or revised. HSE is preparing an Impact Assessment for each substance to assess the likely costs to industry of the implementation and whether the proposed limits will cause major problems and/or costs.

HSE would welcome any help from the IMF membership in the provision of any relevant information for inclusion in the Impact Assessment document.

The list is too lengthy to copy here, but members can received a copy on request from Exeter House.

HSE – Time to clear the air
Thousands of workers become victims of asthma and other lung diseases each year, many die or may become permanently disabled and unable to work. Often the first form of defence is air extraction or local exhaust ventilation (LEV) but this is frequently poorly designed, applied and maintained. Because some sort of LEV is present, people believe they are protected. HSE has carried out groundbreaking research in order to identify why LEV systems fail and how to make them work more efficiently. If the outcome is applied practically, it should dramatically ‘clear the air’ of harmful substances and improve worker protection,.Better-targeted guidance is now available:

Aimed at designers and suppliers of LEV equipment: Controlling airborne contamination at work: A guide to local exhaust ventilation (LEV) HSG258 ISBN 978 0 7178 2 price £12.50 Contact: HSE Books, Sudbury Suffolk CO10 2WA Tel: 01787 881165

Aimed at employers who buy and sell LEV systems: Clearing the air: A simple guide to buying and using local exhaust ventilation (LEV) INDG408 free from HSE Books

Aimed at employees who rely on LEV systems to protect their health: Time to clear the air! A workers guide to local exhaust ventilation INDG409, free publication from HSE Books.

A new website is under development to complement the new guidance and training packages. (visitors can download guidance for employers/employees already)

In Court today

A water company ordered to pay nearly £24,000 after pleading guilty of two pollution charges by allowing sewerage effluent from a pumping station which led to the closure of a nearby shellfishery.

A company was ordered to pay nearly £13,000 for the contamination of land with domestic heating oil, by pouring the oil from a drained tank onto a fire at a building site. A specialist company had to be called in to remove and dispose of the contaminated soil. A local family was advised to move out of their house and neighbouring houses were affected by odour for up to three weeks.

Fly-tippers were ordered to pay £100,000 in fines and costs for permitting the deposit and keeping of waste at an illegal site between 2005 and 2007. EA inspectors revealed that there was mixed waste, including asbestos, even after verbal and written warnings had been given. A food company admitted contaminating a local stream with milk and vegetable waste, killing fish and aquatic animals. Result a fine and costs of £31,700. A member of the public reported that a town drain had turned white and smelt of rotten eggs.

A pool turned red after a company admitted spilling nearly 4000 litres of diesel into a high quality watercourse feeding a number of sensitive fishing pools. The environment was put at risk through lack of care & management of a local brick manufacturer and resulted in a fine and costs totalling £13,300.

Company News & Products

Bodycote Metallurgy Lab
Bodycote Testing Group’s Metallurgy laboratory at Dudley in the West Midlands has received Nadcap approval for a range of tests including tensile, stress rupture, hardness, impact, specimen machining, metallography, Inter-granular Attack (IGA) and Intergranular Oxidation (IGO).

Nadcap is the leading worldwide co-operative of major companies supplying the aerospace industry and was designed to ensure a cost-effective consensus approach to special processes and products. All major aerospace OEMs now stipulate that companies which provide a service in “special processes” must obtain Nadcap approval.

“Nadcap approval is an important achievement for the Dudley laboratory and it will strengthen our position as a provider of metallurgy testing services to the aerospace industry”, comments Ken Lang, Business Development Manager – Metallurgy, Bodycote Testing Group.

Dow/Safechem – chlorinated solvent supply
Dow is the largest world’s supplier of chlorinated organic products and services. Dow is committed to chlorinated solvent manufacture, having production capacity for market demand, and is continuously working on adequate product defence with regulators, local authorities and associations. Products are pre-registered under REACH and included in the future registration process. Dow and Safechem are committed to providing the market with chlorinated solvents in a safe and sustainable way so that customers can benefit long-term. Active risk management is provided, supplying products o legal requirements, the principles of Responsible Care© and in line with EH&S and Product Stewardship guidelines and includes complying with:
• Supply and take back of solvents in the closed loop SAFE-TAINERTM system
• Solvent maintenance stabilisation for a longer lifetime in the cleaning machine
• Consultancy and training on solvent use and process improvement
• ‘Bundled’ expert know-how via our CHEMAWARE TM platform

Balco – amp time control for platers
Facilities include:
4 digit 12mm high display with floating decimal point to 0.1 amp minutes
Set to amp minutes or hours
Shunt value can be programmed from front display
Preset values can be set with a visual ‘process complete’ indicator
Inbuilt relay to switch off rectifier when the pre-set is reached.
Contact: Lisa Hayward – email:

IMF News - Examination Results

Foundation Certificate Adams, Jake * Protech Finishing Ltd
Apps, Martyn * Fuji Seal Europe Ltd
Clement, Laurent * Muirhead Aerospace
Devall, Lea # Protech Finishing Ltd
Duncan-Turnbull, Charles # Hawker Pacific Aero.
Gardiner, Emily # Hawker Pacific Aero.
Hughes, David Tewksbury Diamind Plt
Moth, Jamie * GB Hardchrome
Palazon, Mark XAAR
Skingsley, Wayne # GB Hardchrome
Twardzik, Maciek # Hawker Pacific Aero
Fry, James # Gardiner, Stephen #
Grisley, Carl * Hanson, Marc *
Jones, Michael Lloyd, David *
Noble, Michael # Paull, Stephen *
Thomas, Howard # Worgan, Trevor *
All Royal Mint
General Principles (D.L.) Module
Burt, Andrew * Polestar Varnocoat
Mooney, Alex * MacDermid plc
Plating Practice (D.L.) Module
Holman, Phil # Deutsch UK
Matthews, Christopher # Deutsch UK
Material Science (D.L.) Module
Pritchard, Mark # GKN Aerospace Ltd
Paint & Powder (D.L.) Module
Saunders,Lee BMW
New affiliate members
Hennessay, Julian Robert Stuart plc
Laing, Ian Wellstream Int. Ltd
Reeve, Adam Hi-Rel
Thorne, Shaun Augusta Westland
Hawley, James Holder, Colin
Hughes, Neil Murphy, Iain
Turley, David All Messier-Dowty
Cresswell, Terence McConnell, James
Rhodes, Howard All Precision Aircraft
Broad, Shane Gough, Paul
Hackling, Russell Langley, David
Taylor, Craig Wallace, Daniel
All Poeton Ltd

New Sustaining Member

Dalic UK Ltd South Lodge House, Ickleton
South Cambridge CB10 1SH
Tel: 01799 532 002, Fax: 01799 532 003
Electroplating without immersion of nickel, cadmium, gold, silver, tin etc. Selective CAA, SAA, PAA & hard anodising is also possible. Curb your parts rejection rate and restore original finish in production and maintenance with Dalic Pioneer in UK for equipment and services for selective electroplating.

Greentree – Shercon
Units F1 & F2 Yelverton Business Park
Yelverton, Devon PL20 7PE
Tel: 0800 731 5980, Fax: 0800 731 5981
Greentree – a leading supplier of masking and protection products to all markets/industries with an extensive range in a variety materials, specialising in standard and custom designs.

Mekall Ltd
River Drive, Inchinnan Business Park
Renfrew PA4 9RT
Tel: 0141 568 8185, Fax: 0141 568 8111
An International subcontract manufacturing services organisation, Mekall provide a complete turnkey service from original design to final assembly, and included in their service offered is anodising, Alocrom powder coating and wet paint spraying.

Education & Training

The next enrolment for existing Foundation, Technician and higher level modules and courses will take place in May. Alternatively, if a company requires a ‘tailor-made’ topic to suit local production needs, the IMF can supply – a tutored course or distance learning module. As an example, just commenced is a tutored course on laboratory analysis and testing.
Contact IMF on 0121 622 7387 to obtain information on what opportunities for are available.

Metal Finishing Golf Society
Wednesday 20 May 09
New venue – Harborne Golf Club
40 Tennal Road, Birmingham B32 2JE
Event fee - £30, Light lunch and evening meal - £18 Entries close – 8th May. Further details and entry form from: Chris Bird:
Tel: 0121 353 0291 or 07711430805 or E-mail:

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