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IMFormation April 2008

Institute of Materials Finishing
Tuesday 13 May 2008
at the
Birmingham Medical Institute
36 Harborne Road, Edgbaston
Birmingham B15 3AF

One-day Symposium & Tabletop Exhibition

Application and Curing for Painting & Powder Coating


Third generation powder coating equipment — Dan Cundill (Nordson [UK] Ltd)

Designing the perfect spray gun — Steve Mannouch (ITW Industrial Finishing UK)

Intelligent robot painting — Flemming Jorgensen (Inropa)

Electrophoretic application — Peter Hope (LVH Coatings Ltd)

Current developments in LED UV curing technology — Rob Karsten (Phosean Technology Europe Ltd)

Near infra-red curing ovens — Kai Bar (Adphos [UK] Ltd)

In process oven monitoring — Steve Offley (Datapaq Ltd)

What do I do with my waste after painting? — Malcolm Griffiths (Ad-Qual Castech Ltd)

Health, Safety and Environment

Fake electrical products - real killers
The counterfeiting in consumer industries has been highlighted over many years. Less opaque is that the thing goes on in technical equipment markets.
If a fake Nike shirt fails prematurely it is annoying, but if a circuit breaker fails it could literally kill. Products coming mostly from the Far East, that are seriously and potentially life threatening - even purchasing them in the UK from a legitimate established trader. In a worst example, a so-called Residual Current Circuit Breaker that had no safety components at all within it. A single copper wire breached the two poles — effectively rendering the device as a mere switch.
The call is therefore for everyone to carefully check the origins of any equipment they purchase. Cheap fakes could lead to highest possible price being paid. Abstracted from an open letter from Schneider Electric Building Systems and Solution

Asbestos — the hidden killer
Annual deaths from work-related asbestos diseases are higher than the number of people killed on our roads. Surprised? Asbestos was used extensively as a building material in the UK from the 1950s through to the mid- 80s
Most people know that asbestos is a killer, but not many arc aware that it poses a risk to thousands of workers every single day. HSE is running a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers. Free asbestos information packs are available. Visit the HSE website for more information and free downloads at:

Hazred was a European project undertaken from May 2005 to November 2007 to help small businesses in priority industry sectors save by the prevention and reduction of hazardous wastes. Six sector-specific businesses were chosen, one of which was the Surface Finishing industry. The project has now ended and the report is in the process of being put together, but there is a best-practice catalogue containing case studies and expert advice on reducing hazardous waste on the website at:

Making your working life safer
HSE has just published an updated version of its open learning guidance on the Provision and Use of Working Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER).The regulations deal with the work equipment and same machinery used every day in workplaces: factories, offices, shops, hospitals construction sites, farms --wherever equipment and machinery is used at work.
The guide explains the regulations and is designed to help you learn and understand them. All sections are illustrated with case studies and self-assessment questions to aid the learning process. Priced £16.50 from ISBN 978 07176 6285 2 priced £16.50

Company News and Products

Evonik Degussa GmbH
Please note name change from Degussa GmbH New product release- Dynasylan SIVOR SOL allows coating formulators to develop environmentally novel friendly coating systems for metal protection with:
• Corrosion resistance for a wide range of substrates
• Improved adhesion promotion
• Potential substitution of toxic components
• Cost efficiency due to use of lower film thickness
Details telephone Paul Barnes on 0120439 6898 or E-mail paul.bamesa,

IMF News

Senior Members Meeting
Wednesday 16 April
Assemble around 12.00 at Exeter House; meet old friends followed by a buffet Lunch and then a talk by Dr David Gabe entitled 'A lifetime of Metal Finishers' Please advise EH of your intention to be present.

Christmas Lectures, Luncheon & AGM
Make a note of the date in your diary — Wednesday 10 December at the Birmingham Medical Institute
Further details on the lectures with synopsis and calling notice for AGM will be published later in the year.

New Members

Akerman, Nathan    Brooks, Heather
Catlow, Darren    Davies, Adam
Gardner, Brett    Hill, Liam
Hughes, Ian    Rosana, Gilka
Spanner, John    Thomas, Darren
All at Poeton Industries Ltd

Coyle, John    Doherty, Robert
Ferry, Ronan    Garlick, Noel
Haire, Malcolm    Hale, James
Hynds, Roger    Jackson, Liam
McMonagle, Chris    Moore, Paul
Sweeney, Paul
All at Seagate Technology

Richards, Mark    Messier Services
Sullivan, Mike    Zot Engineering
Zakrai, Makam    Uni of Portsmouth

Stitson, Michael Claverham Ltd

Cree, Alastair    Ministry of Defence
Williams, Hugh    Serfilco Europe Ltd
Yum, Hee Taek    Korean Platers Assoc.

New Sustaining Member Companies

Process Finishing Systems Ltd
26 Shifnal Road, Bridgnorth
Shropshire WV15 5NF
Tel\Fax 01746 767774
PFS provides independent and confidential consultancy and design services which includes, but not limited to: concept proposals and costing, feasibility studies, plant layout and design, audits, environmental advice associated with the Finishing Industry

Precision Micro Ltd
11 Vantage Way, Erdington
Birmingham B24 9GZ
Tel: 0121 380 0100 Fax 0121 359 3313
Activities include: Manufacture of high precision flat or formed components. Manufacturing technologies include: Photo Etching, Laser Cutting, Wire EDM, Electroforming, forming/Finishing & Micro Machine and Manufacture of pre-sensitised PCB base material

Examination Results – January 2008

Foundation Certificate Courses
Westland Transmission Ltd
Antony, Nicholas Card, Andrew *
Grimshaw, Neil Hobbs, Martin #
Lockett, Sarah * O’Shea, Peter #

Seagate Technology
Coyle, John * Doherty, Robert *
Ferry, Ronan * Garlick, Noel *
Haire, Malcolm # Hale, James *
Hynds, Roger * Jackson, Liam *
McMonagle, Chris * Moore, Paul *
Sweeney, Paul # Lincoln, Robin #

Foundation Certificate D.L. Modules
Bloxham, Alan # Dunlop Equipment
Bunting, Amanda IconLive
Burt, Andrew # Polestar Varnicoat
Fisher, Adam DARA
Fotheringham, Caroline IconLive
Hawkins, Richard # DARA
Mackie, Andrew # DARA
Murrell, Lee * Pickersgill Electroplate
Parker, Nick * Filtronic Components
Taylor, Simon # Goodrich Aerospace

General Principles – D.L. Module
Holman, Phillip * Deutsch UK
Matthews, Chris Deutsch UK

* pass with Merit # pass with Distinction

Next Enrollment for Distance Learning

The next induction session for students who have enrolled to study any of the IMF’s Distance Learning modules will take place at Exeter House on Tuesday 20th May. For details of modules available and to enrol see the IMF website or contact David Meacham on 0121 622 7387.

Silver Medal Award

Council at its February meeting sanctioned a new award to be named after Samuel Field, the first President of the Electroplaters and Depositors Society, later The Electroplaters Technical Society – forerunner of the IMF. The award can be made to any member of the IMF who is deemed to have given extraordinary voluntary service to the IMF.
Nominations should be submitted in writing to Exeter House, marked ‘Private & Confidential’ for the personal attention of the President by the end of April.

New President – New Initiatives

Innovation move forward
The President wishes to form a ‘future policy team’ chaired by a volunteer who will act as a driver. It will have a very broad remit and should be representative of all committees, branches and groups and Sustaining Member representatives and it is essential to have both younger members and ‘elder statesmen’ on the team. Contact Exeter House to offer your services.

Out and About

16/17 April 2008 Recycling & Waste Forum.
National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham
Further details Tel: 0207 633 4500

21 – 23 May 2008 4th Dongguan International
Exhibition on Electroplating, Surface Finishing and Coatings at the Dongguan International Exhibition Centre, the manufacturing base of China. Further details email:

Midland Aerospace Alliance (MAA) events
16 April 2008 at the Chase Hotel, Coventry. ‘The Brazillian Aerospace Sector: Specialist Advice on how to access the market’

29 April 2008 at the Oaktree Conference Centre, Coventry ‘How to be a strategic leader’
To find out more about MAA events, view the website at

Call for Papers

Institute for Engineering of Polymer Materials and Dyes, Paint and Plastics Department, Poland Presentations are invited for this conference to be held 25-27 November 2008.
120 words abstract plus biography of presenter to be sent to Ms Anna Pjak Email:

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