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IMFormation April 2007

IMF Distance Learning Modules – the first student to complete the full course and to be awarded LIMF

Congratulations to John Carey, Senior Research Technician employed by Dana Glacier Vandervell, who has successfully, over several years studied his way through the Distance Learning modules. This comprised:

General Principles followed by Plating Practice lead to the award of Technician Certificate.

Electrochemistry, Material Science, Surface Coating and Process Management modules leading to the Advance Technician Certificate.

John then embarked on the route to the Licentiate qualification, first with a project for which he was awarded the Advanced Technician Diploma. This was then followed by an extensive research project agreed between his company and the IMF and culminated in the award of a Research Certificate and further the qualification – Licentiate of the Institute of Materials Finishing - LIMF

Environmental Studies Module
The recently introduced Environmental Studies module which can be can be taken as an optional subject on route to the Technician Certificate and the Advanced Technician Certificate (but only for one of these). To obtain the Certificate it is necessary to sit an examination comprising 25 multi-choice and 2 essay type questions and complete a project based on an environmental subject that has been agreed between the student’s employer, the student and the IMF. Whilst intended for persons within the surface finishing industries it can be taken as a ‘stand alone’ course and could be useful to personnel in other industries.

Change of Date for Annual General Meeting
Please make a note of the revised date for the 2006-07 Annual General Meeting Friday 30 November 2007 at the Birmingham Medical Institute

Health, Safety and Environment

Working with Asbestos
Asbestos is the single biggest cause of work-related deaths in the UK. Asbestos-related diseases such as mesothelioma, asbestosis and lung cancer are thought to be responsible for up to 30,000 deaths each year due to past exposure. Widely used in buildings between 1945 and 1985 and thousands of tons are still present in all types of buildings. That is why it is so important that the correct safety precautions are taken when working n areas where asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) may be encountered. Whilst ACMs remain undisturbed they pose no risk to health. However, they can be fatal is not properly managed.
HSE’ asbestos campaign aims to encourage people to comply with new regulations. A leaflet, Working with asbestos is available which details a wide range of books giving information that aims to help reduce the risks in a wide range of industries. As well as helping those with responsibilities under the Regulations, there is advice for those working on asbestos removal, the area that carries the highest risk of exposure.
Check up which books relate to your specific industry on line at: or ring up HSE on 01787 313995 and request a copy of the leaflet ‘Working with asbestos’.

Legionnaire’s disease at chemical sites
Do you know what’s growing in your wet cooling system? A HSE publication gives information on how to keep your wet cooling system free from legionnaire’s disease.
Outbreaks due to poor management still occur, often leading to prosecutions by HSE, e.g. in the Cumbria and the West Midlands.
August 2006 saw 127 reported cases of legionnaire’s disease, a twofold increase on the figure for August 2005. A copy of the leaflet ‘Legionnaire’s disease at chemical sites’ is available on the HSE website at:

Scottish Executive-Environment Group
Consultation on transposition of the Environmental Liability Directive. Comments are being solicited on the consultation document on transposition into Scots law of the EU Environmental Liability Directive 2004/35/EC. The document includes policy proposals, specific questions and an initial impact assessment Copy of the document can be obtained from:
Environmental Futures, Victoria Quay, Edinburgh EH6 6Q Q or Tel: 0131 244 7357

Health and Safety Commission (HSC)
HSC has published a public consultation document seeking views on the merging of HSC and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) into a single authority. HSC believes a merger will modernise corporate governance and provide a stronger voice for health and safety. The merger will provide:
  • A more accountable structure in line with current best practice;
  • Better decision making and a clearer public and regulatory presence;
  • A balanced structure at arm’s length from Ministers
  • Membership for representatives from employer and employee backgrounds, with a seat for local government and a member designated to maintain links with devolved authorities.
Carcinogens in the Workplace HSE have a remit to actively eliminate or reduce by up to 50%, exposure to known carcinogens used in the workplace which is known as the ‘Disease Reduction Programme’. Dr Paul Lansdell attended a recent meeting where information was tabled and has given permission to include it in total as a separate insert with this edition of IMFormation.

Galvanizers Association
- Zinc Risk Assessment and zinc risk reduction strategy
The final drafts of the zinc (and zinc chemicals - zinc oxide, zinc chloride, zinc sulphate, zinc phosphate, zinc stearate) health and environment risk assessments have been completed by the Netherlands as the Rapporteur for the European Union.
Risk to health from zinc oxide in cutting and welding of galvanised (or otherwise zinc coated) steel arise from the formation of very fine airborne particulate zinc oxide of a size that allows deep lung penetration and provokes ‘metal fume fever’, The risks are readily managed by simple ventilation and extraction. Metal fume fever is an acute effect similar in symptoms to the ‘flu and has no long term adverse effects but should be managed in order to avoid adverse effects on worker.
The drafts have been submitted to the EU Chemicals Bureau and forwarded to the Scientific Committee for Health and Environment Risks (SCHER).

In Court Today
A director of a company was found guilty of not having employers liability compulsory insurance in a case brought by HSE. A mechanic student was injured in an incident with a vehicle. The director claimed that the two students were not workers and were only attending to watch. The students testified that she had carried out a range of mechanical tasks including paint stripping and brake changing. The director was fined £11.500 in fines, costs and compensation. The HSE investigating inspector commented that ‘it is terrible when people get hurt at work, but at least having insurance means the victim can get some compensation to cover losses and help their recovery’.

* * * * *
An illegal waste business in the Black Country has been fined £2,000 with £984 costs after an undercover operation witnessed skips coming and going from the unlicensed site.

* * * * *
Failures in running a landfill site near Peterborough resulted in two companies fined a total of £47,000 for the breaching licence conditions and environmental protection law plus a share of the EA costs of nearly £40,000

* * * * *
A water company fined £50,000 with £25,000 costs after admitting polluting rivers and streams. The Court was told that an error in setting the height of a weir at a sewage treatment works allowed untreated sewage to escape into watercourse.

* * * * *
Water management company fined £54,000 with over £2,500 costs and two directors fined £3,000, for polluting rivers. The company had been hired to dispose of sludge from a treatment works, which had been spread on farmland, but due to poor supervision of the ‘sludge spread’, found its way into nearby rivers.

* * * * *
Four companies ordered to pay a total of more than £750,000 for breaking the rules of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, the first to be imposed by the EA for what is described as failure to account for carbon emissions during the trading schemes’ first year. The businesses penalised (a steel recycling business, a tile manufacturer, a food manufacturer and an adhesive manufacturer) failed to provide information on their emissions, which resulted in an automatic penalty under the scheme rules.

Company News and Products

Tempus - Occupational Health Consultancy
Tempus deliver a range of Occupational Health Services which includes specialist services for Health Professional, Human Resources and Management to enable companies to meet their health and safety and general business needs. Further information tel: 0121 233 3100 or e-mail:

Chemetall PLC
Chemetall PLC has strengthened its presence in Ireland with the appointment of Keith Russell as Surface Treatment Sales Manager. Keith has relocated to the territory and this will provide the opportunity to build up Chemetall’s sales to the Emerald Isle.

Schloetter Company Ltd
Schloetter have released the following new products: SLOTOCOUP CU 140 - a new copper plating process for the PCB Industry, especially developed for the electroplating of blind micro-vias, an ideal process for through-hole plating.
SLOTOCOUP BV 110 - a flexible process for blind vias filling in either pattern or panel plating mode. The process has exceptional levelling and the deposit displays good ductility with low internal stress. Corrector PSV - for the control of Zinc in Cr3+ based passivation baths, resulting in decreased corrosion protection and finally renewal of the bath solution. For further information on the above products contact: Paul Griffiths, Tel: 01386 552331

Chemetall PLC
A new pre-treatment process has enabled a turf maintenance equipment manufacturer to improve corrosion resistance whilst reducing the impact of their paint system on the environment. Replacing their former zinc phosphate pre-treatment process with Chemetall’s new Oxsilan nanoscale technology has made significant gains in paint quality whilst at the same time diminishing the effect on the environment.
The new process operates at ambient temperature, reduced labour costs associated with minimal cleaning and no waste disposal costs, with the added bonus of a significant reduction in water consumption as the rinsing process is much cleaner.
For further information Tel: 01908 361885

Wieländer + Schill UK Ltd
Two painting processes to reduce costs: SIMPLE-PAINT de-ioniser system is for the nonelectrostatic painting of metal, plastics, glass, leather and wood with either high or low pressure spray guns with water or solvent based paints. Fitted between the compressor and the spray area, its purpose is to remove oil, dirt and moisture and the de-ionised ultra clean air neutralises electrostatically charged particles resulting in a working environment where overspray is reduced, quality improves, productivity increases and paint consumption falls.
ATIMIX for powder coating and electrostatic paint use. The ATIMAX system is designed to remove virtually all the electrostatic field currently disrupting the painting process, de-ionise the air used by the spray guns and improve the coverage of the paint whether in liquid or powder form. It is claimed that both systems have been extensively used on production lines in Europe, and in every case the claims have been proved to be true. For more information telephone 01722 422270

Elcometer Instruments Limited
Elcometer launches the first purpose test kit to meet ISO 8502-3, the assessment of dust on steel surfaces prepared for painting (pressure-sensitive tape method). Inadequate preparation of steel substrates prior to applying a coating can lead to premature failures. To ensure a lasting coating performance, it is essential to assess the cleanliness of the surface. ISO 8502-3: 1992 provides pictorial ratings which can be used in the assessment of the average quantity of dust. Based on using a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, ISO 8502-3 can be used as both a ‘pass/fail’ test – by comparison with specific limits – and as a permanent inspection record. The Elecometer 142 Dust Tape Test Kit provides users, for the first time, with a specifically designed inspection kit which can be used for ISO 8502-3, and contains all the components required for accurate testing. For more information visit or e-mail:

ITRI launches Tin Innovations Network (TIN) as a new initiative aimed at bringing together research communities from around the world to focus on tin innovations through communication and co-operation. Using their expertise and knowledge base in tin technologies, ITRI has evaluated key global drivers to create a strategic research agenda with a set of aligned tin innovations. Portfolios include Sustainability, Energy and Functional Materials. A particular focus of TIN will be promotion of research in tin producing countries. Further information from Dr Jeremy Pearce at ITRI tel: 0044 (0) 1344 871 311

Titanium Information Group (TIG)
Titanium offers a combination of lightweight, high strength and corrosion resistance to designers and engineers. TIG is holding a seminar on 2 May at the National Metalforming Centre to bring together speakers from academia and industry to explain the different treatments available for its use. For further details from Neil Lowrie telephone 01709 722 463

TECfin Connect is a new range of gold-based finishes designed to provide optimum durability, reliability and/or solderability dependant on the application. The finishes have been developed to change surface properties for specific electronic applications from consumer electronics products to aerospace, medical and military needs.
Four corrosion resistant finish options are offered allowing the most appropriate to be selected to ensure the best possible performance characteristics for application–specific needs, including properties such as conductivity, connection, solderability and contact resistance. Further information tel: 01305 765432

Autopaint International
Autopaint pledges to support customers through the European Products Directive (EPD) which limits the use of organic solvents in vehicle refinishing paints from January 2007. It is estimated that some 4,000 smaller bodyshops will continue to use non-compliant materials, despite the deadline. They are concerned about the cost of upgrading their mixing, drying and spray equipment and question how the new regulation will be policed in such a diverse trade sector which extends from insurance company repair networks to ‘back garden’ sprayshops. Michael Smith Engineers
Drums and chemical pumps for transfer of hazardous surface finishing chemicals. FTI plastics magnet drive centrifugal pumps deliver flows of up to 40m3/hr and heads up to 30 metres. Available in polypropylene or PVDF their dry run capacity means optimum protection for your system. Further details freephone 0800 316 7891

News Flash - Platers Beware!
We have been advised that there is an increasing problem with burglaries with one company being burgled 5 times in the last 4 months. Over a weekend, over £8,000 worth of Nickel was stolen. Result the company has ceased nickel and chromium plating with the resultant redundancies and disruption to many customers. It is understood that this an endemic industry problem which it is suggested should be co-ordinated by the police for cross county incidents.
If your company has suffered with similar incidents let the IMF know and further bring the problem to the attention of the authorities.

Editor’s comment – The British Metal Recycling Association runs a national register for stolen materials that may turn up in one of the many scrap yards in the UK. The contact is Lindsey Millington – they may help to track the missing metals, worth giving them a call – tel: 01480455249

Organic Finishing Group
Following the very successful Organic Finishing symposium last year and the recent ‘Organic Finishing in the Aerospace Industry’ organised by the then Organic Finishing working party, Council at its recent meeting approved the formation of a Organic Finishing Group. The first requirement is the ‘legalisation’ – election of chairman, secretary, treasurer, committee etc. Unlike a Branch, a Group is not normally regionally based. Any members who would like to be involved in the workings of this new body should contact Exeter House.

Midland Branch
22 May at the Birmingham Medical Institute 1⁄2 day FREE seminar on Water Savings. This event will feature a keynote presentation on behalf of the Water Management Society followed by presentations on the use/savings of water. See enclosed insert or look on the IMF website or contact the Branch Secretary:

New Members and Transfers

Akinci, Beril - Istanbul University
Ebage, Andy - Loughborough University
Ebru, Sam - Istanbul University
Yuksel, Behiye- Istanbul University

Barker, Iain - Firma-Chrome Ltd
Busby, Nigel - Daido Industrial. Bearings
Dehil, Paul - Hawker Pacific Aerospace
Durnin, Paul - S R Technics
Ekless, Philip - Messier Services
Fitzpatrick, Charles - S R Technics
Gormley, Philip - Verichrome Plating Services
Haggett, Anthony - Messier Services
Hare, Mark - BAE Systems
Kernaghan, Gary - Hawker Pacific Aerospace
King, Benjamin - SKF (UK) Ltd
Manning, Ian - Triumph Motorcycles Ltd
Martyak, Nicholas - Atofina Chemicals Inc.
Mayhew, Phillip - Alan Technologies
Mayhew, Stephen - BMW Oxford
Pritchard, Mark - BAE Systems
Poole, Tony - Hawker Pacific Aerospace
Porter, Mark - S R Technics
Saunders, Lee - BMW Oxford
Saxby, Luke - Hawker Pacific Aerospace
Sibson, Jeremy - Honda R & D Europe
Stancu, Rodica - Mech.Eng.Res.Inst, Bucharest
Sverdloff, Neil - Nu-Pro Surface Treatments
Tratt, Carolyn - Daido Industrial Bearings
Watson, Andrew - De La Rue
Yeo, Adrian - AST Ltd
Bobbin, Shaun - Brace, Ross
Butler, Paul - Costelloe, Shaun
Deus, Patrica - Dunn, Simon
Ham, Steven - Hurley, Michael
Hurne, Andrew - Loughlan, Elizabeth
Moorcroft, David - Neath, Christopher
Reynolds, Richard
All above from SFK (UK) Ltd

Cummins, Carl    Davies, Scott
Devine, Michael    Duncan, Melvin
Kirby, Mark    Rich, Daniel
Workman, Laurie
All above from Poetons Industries Limited

Churchil, James * Messier Services

Carey, John ** Dana Glacier Vandervell

Arnold, Clive *

Briggs, Sam # Northern Ireland
Keers, Grant # Atotech Germany
Martyak, Nicholas Arkema Inc. USA

Transfer from *Affiliate, #Member, ** TechIMF

Recent Examination Results

Foundation - January & February 2007
Brodie, Alexander * Doig, Alan *
Gray, John * Lamond, Derek #
McGlasham, Leslie # McLaren, Fraser #
Ward, Colin *
All above from DARA

Barton, David *    Blackmore, Daniel *
Bojkowski, Adan    Champion, Stephen
Cockayne, Allan    Coombes, Tim
Kalnins, Nick *    Mayer, Andrew *
Roka, Rodrick    Sherriff, Mark #
Timmis, Barry #
All above from South West Metal Finishing Ltd

Lawrence, Paul * Ashton & Moore Ltd
Whitehead, Emma * CML Group

Distance Learning - General Principles
Azanu, Robert Private student

Distance Learning - Paint, Lacquer & Varnish
Pritchard, Mark # BAE Systems

Distance Learning - Environment Module
Cromwell, Paul * Stainless Plating Ltd
Yeo, Adrian # AST Ltd
* pass with merit # pass with distinction

Metal Finishing Golf Day

This year the Golf Society will be holding this event on:
Thursday 17 May at Handsworth Golf Club
18 hole competitions for Stableford/Medal will be in the afternoon - tee off 1.30-2.30 pm.
Entry forms available from
Asbury Brodie, 1 Dover Street, Birmingham B18 5HN and J.R.Bate, 21 Sunningdale Close, Birmingham B20 1LH.
Previous entrtrants will receive a Entry Form direct.

History revisited

At the recent Council Meeting, the consideration of a name change was once again under discussion. What was made abundantly clear is that the initials IMF and the logo were not to be surrendered. Whilst a name change can be easily carried out, the cost of changing all the associated paperwork could be very high and should not to taken lightly.
What does the membership think. Send your thoughts to Exeter House.

New Sustaining Member

AlanTechnologies Ltd
Unit 1, 26 Station Road
Coleshill, Birmingham B46 1HT
Tel: 01675 466444, Fax: 01676 530205
Alan Technologies supply all speciality chemicals for surface finishing for electrodeposition of nickel, chromium, zinc, zinc alloy and tin, as well as cleaners, passivates, top coats, waste water treatment materials, mechanical plating, commodities, pH papers etc. WEEE, RoHS and ELV compliant.

Out and About

Environmental Technology/Environmental
Services/Sustainability Live Exhibition

1 - 3 May 2007 at the NEC, Birmingham Information hotline - 01870 443 6089

Institute of Vitreous Enamellers Annual Technical Seminar
8 - 9 May 2007 at the Whitehouse Hotel Telford
Further information Tel: 01543 450596
or E-mail:

Sustainable Development in the Coating Industry
26 June 2007 at Hampton, UK organised by the Paint Research Association. Further details from Janet Sarary, fax 020 8487 0801

13 - 16 August at the Cleveland Convention Centre, Cleveland Ohio.
More information: or contact Cheryl Clarke at: 202 457 8403, e-mail:

Call for Papers

Annual conference showcasing postgraduate and new research into waste minimisation, recovery, reuse and recycling of ‘waste’ materials and novel approaches to waste treatment. 4 - 5 July at the University of Nottingham Jubilee Campus.
Abstracts c 200 words in MS Word format to: or telephone: 01604 892419

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