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IMFormation April 2005

National Health Awareness Day for the

Chromium Plating Industry

Thursday 7 April 2005

National Motorcycle Museum, Solihull, West Midlands

This one-day, free, event is intended to give essential information to employers and employees in the chromium plating industry, health and safety professionals and others associated with the industry. The programme for the day is as follows: 

10.00   Registration, Tea/Coffee 

Session 1        Chairman – Martin Olsen, Surface Engineering Association 

10.30   Chromium and its health hazards – Andrew Cant, Elementis UK

The presentation will briefly consider the different forms of chromium and the hazards associated with each. 

10.50      What I have seen in the plating shops – Anne Gloor, Health & Safety Executive

Results of a project aimed to improve electroplater’s H & S peformance by inspection and the use of  enforcement action will be presented. It will give an inspector’s snap shot view of their H & S performance. 

11.20   Trivalent chromium plating – Paul Lansdell, Kohler Mira Ltd

The presentation is to establish the current position with respect to the trivalent chromium plating solutions commercially available to the decorative industry, with a view to helping people to understand the benefits and pitfalls associated with the use of these solutions. 

11.50      Employee training – Ron Read, Institute of Metal Finishing

This presentation will cover employer’s legal obligations under COSHH, education & training of the workforce for a better technical understanding and ‘Tank side’training.

12.20   Lunch and time to view the exhibitions 

Session 2        Chairman – Ron Read, Institute of Materials Finishing 

13.30   Health surveillance – Joan Blease, Sound Advice Safety & Health Ltd

The presentation will outline what health surveillance your company should be providing for your employees. 

14.00   What HSE expects - Andrew Lake, Health & Safety Executive. Within this presentation will be information on biological monitoring by John Cocker of the Health & Safety Laboratory 

The law (and hence what HSE Inspectors) require of hexavalent chromium users will be explained. The new industry-agreed guidance will be introduced which will form the basis of the Inspectors’ enquires when checking legal compliance, dealing specifically with:

·         Prevention of exposure and control of chromic acid and chromic acid mist

·         Monitoring for electrolytic hexavalent chromium processes; and

·         Health surveillance of hexavalent chromium compounds 

15.15   Tea/Coffee and departure

* * * * *

It is essential that you pre-register for this important event. Please contact -  Zara Arif at the Health & Safety Executive, Tel: 0121 607 6200, Fax: 0121 607 6221,


The National Motorcycle Museum has a large car park and its own local hotels. If you require overnight accommodation please contact the Museum direct – Tel: 01675 444111, Fax: 01675 443310 

Health, Safety and Environment 

Health and Safety Commission 

HSC have issued a consultation Document: Proposals for New Amending Regulations about the Classification, Packaging and Labelling of Chemicals: CHIP 3.1

The Regulations need to be amended for two reasons. Firstly, to implement the 29th Adaptation to Technical Progress of the European Community’s Dangerous Substances Directive as part of the UK’s European treaty obligations; and secondly, a number of changes to the text are desirable. Whilst these changes are largely editorial and will clarify and correct; they will not alter the existing requirements of CHIP3.1

Comments should be received by 8 April and sent to: Jan Harris, Rose Ct, 2 Southwark Bridge, SE1 9HS        The full text of the document can be viewed and downloaded from the HSE website on the Internet: 

Environment Agency 

Following receipt of Ministerial approval, the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has published the ‘Groundwater Protection Code: Solvent Use and Storage’ (The Solvents Code).

All operators of sites in England and Wales where solvents are produced, stored, used, handled or processed must be able to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of the code. 

The Solvents Code has been produced because the inappropriate use and disposal of even small quantities of organic, and particularly chlorinated solvents, can seriously pollute groundwater. The Code is intended to provide operators of such sites with a practical guide on how to protect groundwater from accidental spillage or loss of solvents.

The full document is available free from DEFRA by telephoning – 0845 850 65406 

Language Barriers causing HSE concern 

Concern that migrant workers could be missing out on crucial Health and Safety training, because employers are not providing safety material in any language other than English. This has prompted HSE and the Trades Union Congress (TUC) to produce a new safety leaflet translated into 19 different languages.

Your health, your safety: A guide for workers provides information about safety rights at work, the level of safety training that workers should expect from their employers, and who they should complain to if they believe their safety is being compromised by poor workplace practices. 2004 saw a number of fatalities involving migrant workers employed in the UK. With migrant workers being employed in many UK workplaces, often with only a limited grasp of English, HSE and the TUC were concerned that safety training delivered purely in English was not being understood.

The leaflets can be obtained from the HSE website at:

The leaflet is also available in English at: 

First Aid Rules – stay fit for purpose 

The overall finding of the first full review of the Health and Safety (First Aid) regulations 1981 is that the rules for first aid provision are still fit for purpose.

The review attracted a large number of responses from the first aid community and employers revealing majority support for continuing with the current framework, and are considered a cost-effective way of ensuring delivery of first aid provision.

The HSE website features a section on first aid, for employers, employees, first aiders and training bodies across all industry sectors.

Further details are available on the HSE website at: 

Company News & Products

Schloetter Company Ltd

Schloetter announce a new range of products for the precious metals and PCB industries.

Microincide XP – a new PCB cleaner/microetch        

Miralloy® 2841 – a silver-like decorative bath

Orgasol Select – a novel, multisolderable organic solderability preservative (OSP)     

Palladium 457 – an improved high gloss palladium bath for the decorative and technical industries

Rhodium 272a new rhodium process for the brush plating sector Velvet Etch – an alternative PCB cleaner/microetch    To obtain further information on any of the above products, please contact Paul Griffiths – telephone: 01386 552331 or Email: 

Chemetall adds to ‘Certificate’s Gallery’

Following receipt of ISO 9001:2000 in 2003, they have recently been rewarded with ISO TS 16949:2002, a specification established specifically for suppliers to the automotive industry and replaces QS 9000, for which Chemetall PLC was formally approved. Chemetall PLC, as an ‘Investor in People’ company, is committed to the training of its staff, both for their work and for their personal development. 

IMF News 

Become an EngTech via the IMF 

EngTech is a valuable, Internationally recognised award that can be carried throughout your career, demonstrating your competence and your commitment to a professional approach.

Professional engineering technicians (EngTech) contribute to the design, development, manufacture, commissioning, operation or maintenance of all kinds of products, equipment, processes or services. They: 

·        Use creativity and skills in technology fields

·        Apply proven techniques and procedures to the solution of practical engineering problems

·        Apply safe working systems

·        Carry supervisory or technical responsibility 

Gaining the Institute of Metal Finishing TechIMF qualification enables you to apply for the UK’s Engineering Council award of EngTech. First you need to have been awarded a Technician Certificate and then apply for the IMF’s TechIMF award. To find out more contact Exeter House.  

Recent Examination Successes 
Foundation Certificate
November 2004, Langford Lodge, N.Ireland 

            Bell D #                        Bennett T

            Buckland S #                Cinnamond G #

            Dowling G *                 Lindors G *

            Moss J #                      McGaw P

Parker T                       Smyth P #

Turner J 

January 2005 (by Distance Learning route) 

            Grice J             Hi-Rel Lids Ltd

Kush R             -

Mitchell M                    -

Wilson  *                      - 

January 2005 - South West Metal Finishing 

            Cox L *                       Duffield I *

            Ennis A *                     Harrer J #

            Smith C #                     Wright R  

February 2005 - Schloetter Company Ltd 

            Folkes J *                    Groom J #

            Harber J #                    Harbottle J #

            Prochazkova M *         Williams A #             

 MF2 – Plating Practice - January 2005 

            Still B               Thomas Keating Ltd 

Having previously passed the MF1 examination, this candidate has now also been awarded the Technician Certificate. 

MF2 Paint, Lacquer & Varnish – January 2005 

Abeyrathne R #            Loadstar (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka  

* Pass with Merit          # Pass with Distinction  

New members and transfers  

Affiliate           Azunu R           Luton

Stone D.A        Basingstoke

                        Walsh N           Ireland

 Fellow             Biddle R           Norfolk

                        Capper L.D *   Wolverhampton

                        Jones I **        Birmingham

                        Payne G #        Co Derry, N.Ireland

                        Ryan J  *          Redditch 

            *   transfer from Affiliate

            ** transfer from Licentiate

            #   transfer from Member 

Branch News 

Midland Branch

Tuesday 24 May – CAD for the optimisation of plating processes for complex parts – See insert included with this newsletter. 

Sheffield and North East Branch - Dinner Dance

This year sees a new venue for this popular function: 

Royal Scarborough Hotel

Saturday 16 April 

Tickets cost £35.00 each and can be obtained from D.Riley, James Clifford House, Mossbrook Court, Rotherham Road Eckington S21 4FH.

Further details from John Torr, Tel 07766658401 

New Sustaining Member

PPM Technology Ltd, Unit 34 Cibyn

Caenarfon, Wales LL55 2BD

Tel: 01286 676999, Fax: 01286 671811

Develop and manufacture portable hand held, bench top automated and pc controlled instruments for measuring indoor air quality (IAQ) parameters, environmental and toxic gases. 

British Standards 


BS ISO 4526:2004 Metallic coatings – Electroplated coatings of nickel for engineering purposes 

BS EN ISO 6158:2004 Metallic coatings – Electrodeposited coatings of chromium for engineering purposes


BS1344 Methods of testing vitreous enamel finished

BS 1344 has been superseded by BS EN 14483:2004 parts 1(2), 2(8, 9, 10, &14), 3(5), 4(6, 15, &17) with the BS1344 superseded part number in brackets. 

BS ISO 13806:1999 Vitreous and porcelain enamels. Corrosion tests in closed systems. Superseded by BS EN 14483-5:2004 


BS 4292:- Methods for specifying electroplated coatings of gold and gold alloys

BS 4292-1:1989 Gold and gold alloys for engineering purposes 

Out and About 

‘Alternatives to Hard Chrome Plating’ - Spring conference of the Thermal Spraying Association

 20 April 2005 at the Himley Hall, Dudley. Details from Secretary Tel: 08707605203 

Safety & Health Expo 2005

16 – 19 May, NEC, Birmingham. Details: 

ET 2005 (Environmental Technology)

24 –26 May, NEC, Birmingham. Details: 

Subcon 2005. 24 – 26 May, NEC, Birmingham. Details: 

2nd International Conference on Electrophoretic Deposition. 29 May – 3 June, Barga, Italy.


Institute of Vitreous Enamellers

 ‘Basic Approach to Vitreous Enamelling’

Residential Course at Warrington

11 – 14 April 2005

An intensive introduction for anyone who wishes to learn the basic technology and techniques of vitreous enamelling

Contact: IVE, 39 Sweetbriar Way, Heath Hayes, Staffordshire WS12 2US Tel: 01543 450596

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