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IMFormation April 2004

All change at Exeter House

In the February edition of IMFormation, members were advised of the impending departure of Peter Griffin. We wish Peter well in his new employment and thank him for his services to the Institute over the last 5 years

The Institute is pleased to announce that new members of staff have been recruited and took up office on 1 March. We look forward to the new team leading the Institute forward to achieve financial stability as well as a strong membership both individual and sustaining companies, and to develop education and training programmes

Ken Hoare - Development Manager
Ken commenced his career as a manufacturing engineer with Triplex Safety Glass. Later he changed direction and the latter part of his career has been spent as a consultant finding jobs for engineers from graduate to senior management level, for most of the blue chip engineering companies.

His position at the IMF is to develop, both within the UK and overseas, the activities of the Institute, to increase its profile and to provide development opportunities for the Institute. Maintenance of member services, training development, liaison with other organisations and recruitment of individual and sustaining members companies are part of his remit.

David Meacham - Administrative Secretary
David has worked previously for a trade Association - the Hardware Federation, and more recently for Birmingham City Council.

In his position at the Institute, David will take over the general day to day duties and the services to the membership. He will be responsible for servicing Standing Committees especially the Education and Training Committee and the Examination and Qualifications Board.

Jean Sturch - Financial Secretary
Jean has been a devoted member of staff for 21 years and has helped steer the Institute through it education and training programmes, and more recently the examination board, as well as looking after the financial affairs with diligence. She has now elected to transfer to part-time employment and concentrate solely on the financial aspects of the Institute.

Corporate Sustaining Membership - MacDermid joins

MacDermid are delighted to announce their participation in this recent initiative and through their global business groups, will ensure the IMF's activities and journals are made available to their employees. In particular, MacDermid's innovation teams, research groups and environmental awareness staff will be encouraged to play an active part in presenting scientific papers and technical papers to a wider audience and thus further the technical capabilities of the surface finishing industry.

In offering this new grade of membership, the Institute is presenting International companies, such as MacDermid, with the ability to engage their staff on a global basis and the opportunity that this brings to utilise and further the knowledge of the membership. By supporting this initiative the International companies in the surface finishing industry by recognising the importance of engaging in a truly 'world-wide 'scientific community.

Health, Safety and Environment

Scottish Executive Environment Group

The Solvent Emissions (Scotland) Regulations 2004 (SSI 2004 No.26) came into force on 28 January 2004. The regulations transpose EC Directive 1999/13EC on the 'limitations of emissions of volatile organic compounds due to the use of organic solvents in certain activities and installations'. The new controls, which will be implemented through the established PPC regime, will be enforced by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA). A copy of the regulations can be viewed on the HMSO's website at
The Scottish Executive, in liaison with SEPA is preparing guidance for operators who may be affected by the new regulations, a copy of which can be obtained from the Scottish Executive and SEPA website at or

Protecting People (Defra)

'Protecting people and the environment from hazardous chemicals' is a consultative document and partial regulatory impact assessment on the review of the UK Chemicals Stakeholders Forum and options for national action on chemicals. The consultation period will end on 4 May 2004. The document can be viewed on the Defra wedsite at

Chemicals Essentials

There are many legal requirements facing small businesses using chemicals in the workplace and can be very confusing for industry. The development of the Chemicals Essentials concept is a joint venture by the HSE, EA and SEPA working together to meld their respective legal requirements into a unified system of rules to integrate H,S & E guidance. Chemicals Essentials builds on practical advice in a user-friendly format and is an excellent example of government agencies working together to produce practical help for industry. A demonstration CD-ROM sets out how the system could operate and provides specimen guidance for selected chemicals and tasks.

For further information look at the EA, HSE or SEPA websites.

Action on hazardous waste

The Hazardous Waste Forum has published four key recommendations as part of its action plan to reduce hazardous waste and encourage more effective environment management. There should be:

clarity and firm and fair enforcement of regulatory and legislative requirements, in particular with respect to the Landfill Directive;
greater awareness raised among business and industry to promote waste minimisation and environmentally sound management of hazardous wastes;
clear information on the likely capacity requirements for the treatment and disposal of hazardous waste, and a task force should be set up to review progress on the provision of this capacity; and
. work put in hand to build on the Waste Strategy 2000 to develop policy instruments to encourage waste minimisation and environmentally sound management, to develop better data on hazardous waste, to develop targets for waste reduction and address the issue of household hazardous waste.

Packaging Waste Recovery Notes

Defra are investigating allegations of inappropriate issuing of Packaging Recovery Notes and Packaging Waste Export Recovery Notes (PERN's). The investigation hopes to identify weaknesses in existing arrangements by examining robustness of recording and monitoring systems and audit trails adopted by the packaging reprocessors.

European Polluting Emission Register

EPER was launched on 23 February at the European Environment Agency in Copenhagen. The register includes all 56 industry sectors covered by the IPPC Directive. It is a joint initiative between the EEA and the EC and will report data on the emissions of 50 specified pollutants covering the 15 member states and Norway. Data from the 10 accession states will be added at a later date. It is hoped that the data obtained will capture 90% of EU emissions.

Amended rules on major accident hazards

Amendment to the Seveso Directive has entered into force following the publication in the EU's Official Journal. The new directive extends the scope of activities covered by the COMAH directive to include chemical and thermal processing operations in mining and operational tailings management facilities containing dangerous substances. Industrial operators are required to put into effect management systems, including risk assessment of possible accident scenarios and an obligation to provide to the public information on industrial risks what to do in an emergency. Other provisions include staff training and the production of risk maps. Member states have to comply by 1 July 2005.

COSHH Essentials

HSE has now published a paper version of COSHH Essentials: Easy steps to control chemicals. It has been issued to complement the Internet version and help employers, particularly those in smaller businesses, control exposure from the use of hazardous substances at work. The 72 sheets give guidance on industry specific activities and preparations.
HSE recognises the need to give people a choice of format. There is a checklist for doing your own assessment. Priced 30 from HSE Books

Recent Prosecutions

First prosecution under IPPC regime was successful when an engineering contractor was fined 6,000 with 2,947 costs for breaching a condition of an IPPC permit requiring that the plant be kept in good operating condition. The prosecution was against the contractor not the permit holder. The contractor was employed to design, construct, commission and performance test a heat and power plant on behalf of the permit holder. Under Regulation 32(6) a person other than the holder of an IPPC permit can be charged where the breach is attributed to an act or omission on their part, regardless of whether the permit holder is prosecuted for the same offence.
The fact of the case concerns the release of sodium hydroxide from a split in a bunded tank used to store the material and a failure to properly secure a hatch in the bunding. No risk assessment had been undertaken before electrical work had been carried out to the tank and no procedures had been followed to check the integrity of the tank and bunding before the deliveries of materials were received at the plant.

Detergent used to clean an airport runway started to foam and could have endangered the safety of aircraft was washed into a gully. Staff were unaware that the gully connected to a brook and a river. The detergent had a direct effect, killing several thousand fish.
The operator was fined 30,000 with 3,458 in costs.

For dumping four bulk containers of hazardous waste on a pathway, a man was jailed for 2 months. The incident was so severe that more than 30,000 was spent by emergency services to clean up the site.

A skip hire company was fined 1,700 with 1,300 costs, and its director fined 800 with 700 costs for dumping asbestos in a residential area of a town.

A total of 13 charges were brought under Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations 1997 against a company including failing to register under the regulations, failure to take reasonable steps to recover and recycle waste and for failure to supply the Environment Agency with certification showing compliance with the regulations
The company was fined 19,000 with 1,206 costs.

Editor's Note. Whilst the above offences were not by surface finishing companies, the message is clear -
Break the regulations - expect to be prosecuted.

Company News and Products

Sheen Instruments

Sheen Instruments a leading specialist in quality control, measurement and testing instrumentation and systems for the surface coatings industry has recently been approved by Lloyd's Register for the award of BS EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems standard. Sheen have been supplying testing instruments 50 years and this latest approval demonstrates continuing commitment to maintaining the highest standard of product quality and technical support for customers. Details - tel: 020 8541 4333


IMF News & Events


25 May 2004 - Seminar on the Nickel Risk Assessment. Joint event with the Nickel Development Institute.

Presentations include:
The Nickel Risk Assessment Process - an update
Reducing nickel losses to the environment
Implications of BREF/IPPC for nickel platers, followed by a forum and question time.

No charge for attendance but please advise Secretary of your intention to attend via -
Tel\fax 0121 308 0777 or e-mail to:


Recent Examination Successes

Tutored Foundation Course - January 2004

# Parker G South West Metal Finishing Distance Learning Foundation - February 2004
# Buchanan D HBC Engineering Solutions Ltd
# Edwards K Fuji Seal Europe
* Fuller T HBC Engineering Solution Ltd MF1 - General Principles - January 2004
Adams S MP (Eastern) Ltd
Still B Thomas Keating Ltd MF3a - Electrochemistry - January 2004
# Shute E

* with merit # with distinction

New members and transfers

Student                                    Tuawere T.J      Loughborough

Young Affiliate                          Dalton S.L. Solihull.
                                                 Handy S.L. Stourbridge

Affiliate                                     Musto G.R. Tewkesbury

Fellow                                      Chaplin D.P. Co. Dublin
                                                Crichton T.J. Chesham
                                                Taylor C Warrington


Metal Finishing Golf Society

The Society will be holding their annual competition for members of the IMF and associated parties on Thursday 20 May 2004 at Handsworth Golf Club, Birmingham. competitions will be 18 Hole Stableford/Medal in the afternoon. Entry forms are available from Asbury Brodie & Co Ltd, 1 Dover St, Birmingham B18 5HN or Hon.Sec.J.R.Bate 21 Sunningdale Close, Birmingham B20 1LH.

British Standards


03/321256 DC
ISO/DIS 2082 Metallic Coatings. Electroplated coatings of cadmium with supplementary treatments on iron and steel

03/321258 DC
prEN 12472 Method for the simulation of wear and corrosion for the detection of nickel release from coated items

03/32321260 DC
prEN 14863 Vitreous and porcelain enamels. Determination of the edge covering on enamelled steel plate to be used in heat exchangers

03/321261 DC
prEN 14864 Vitreous and porcelain enamels. Enamel coatings applied to steel for writing surfaces.

04/30085780 DC
BS 6001-7 Sampling procedures for inspection by attributes. Accept-zero sampling system based on credit principle for controlling outgoing quality (ISO/DIS 18414)

04/30107827 DC
ISO 17925 Zinc and/or aluminium based coatings of steel. Determination of mass per unit area and chemical composition. Gravimetry, inductively
coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry and flame atomic absorption spectrometry


BS EN ISO 2360:2003 Non-conductive coatings on non-magnetic electrically conductive basis materials.
Measurement of coating thickness. Amplitude-sensitive eddy current method.
(Supersedes BS EN 2360:1995)


ISO 16701:2003 Corrosion of metals and alloys. Corrosion in artificial atmospheres. Accelerated corrosion test involving exposure under controlled conditions of humidity cycling and intermittent spraying of a salt solution
(No current standard superseded)

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