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Application for Sustaining Membership

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We wish to become a Sustaining Member of the Institute of Materials Finishing and submit this application. We agree to be bound by the provisions of the Memorandum and Articles of Association and the Bye-laws of the Institute.
Our Grade of Membership will be:

Grade A - 90 words £610.00 + VAT - Total: £732.00
Grade B - 60 words £450.00 + VAT - Total: £540.00
Grade C - 30 words £275.00 + VAT - Total: £330.00


Give details of your products and services to be included in the sustaining member directory – the number of words to be in accordance with grade:



  1. Full membership benefits for one nominated member of staff. The member will receive copies of Transactions, IMFormation and all other communications from The Institute on behalf of the Company. The member shall also be entitled to vote on the Company’s behalf, subject to completion of the appropriate proxy. The nominated member may delegate a member of the Company to attend at The Institute’s meetings etc, but is required to notify The Institute of his/her name and position.

  2. All Company Staff will qualify for attendance at Conferences, Symposia and all events organised by The Institute and its Branches and Groups, at member rates which are normally substantially less than those for non-members.

  3. The Company’s name, address and details of products and services provided will be included in The Institute’s Directory of Sustaining Members. The details of member companies are printed in alphabetical order and the length of each entry is governed by the grade of membership held. Current rates for the various grades are:-

    1 July 2017 - 30 June 2018
    Grade A 90 words £610.00 + VAT Total: £732.00
    Grade B 60 words £450.00 + VAT Total: £540.00
    Grade C 30 words £275.00 + VAT Total: £330.00

  4. The Company’s name and telephone number will be included in The Institute pocket diary which is despatched to all members each year. The diary contains standard diary pages and information on the Aims and Objectives of The Institute. If the Company desires it can purchase copies of The Institute diary for its own use. The Company may pay for its logo to be printed on the front cover below The Institute Logo if desired. As The Institute purchases the diaries in bulk they are available at a very attractive price.

  5. The Company may place advertisements of their products and services at reduced rate in Transactions, IMFormation, Sustaining Member Directory etc and may also receive a discount on inserts (such as Situations Vacant, Company promotional leaflets etc) sent out with member and non-member mailshots – normally once a month.

  6. The Company shall be entitled to display The IMF Sustaining Member Logo on their stationery and in their literature. However it is important to note that the sustaining member logo must never be used in a manner which implies The Institutes endorsement, approval or support for any product, service or event without the prior written consent of the Institute and must always be accompanied by the words ‘Sustaining Member’ beneath the logo.

  7. Although all staff of a member Company will be eligible to enjoy member rates and benefits as outlined above if they are already professional members of The Institute in their own right and resign their individual membership they shall be no longer entitled to use the relevant insignia after their name. Likewise, to stand for the Management Board election or sit on a Group or Branch Committee, they must be members of The Institute in their own right.

If not applying online, the application should be forwarded to:
Helen Wood
Exeter House, 48 Holloway Head
Birmingham B1 1NQ, UK
Telephone: 0121 622 7387

Exeter House • 48 Holloway Head • Birmingham • B1 1NQ
Tel: 0121 622 7387 • Please refer to contact list for email addresses
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